Congratulations! You’re !

You went to see a pulse and waited for you two knocks.


what do we do with it?

First of all breathe.

There are a lot of articles on the Net that the first thing they do is to get the parents into fears and anxieties so let’s get some order in things.

twin – two embryos in a single bag – week 7

If you find out that you are pregnant with twins, it is likely that in most cases your doctor will not be the happiest in the world, especially if you have a history of medical history with a risk pregnancy or coagulation problems and often if you have identical twins (mono bi or mono-mono) Will take all the wind out of the sails and so any doctor or technician you meet the first trimester and sometimes later.

But the fact is that there are a lot of identical twins hanging out and a lot of mothers who survived to tell, so let’s take things in proportion.


Week 8 + 5 identical twins

Let’s start by saying that are indeed a pregnancy at risk, but just as there are risks, there are also good percentages.

The fact that I managed to survive identical twins until 35 + with coagulation problems of Apla and lupus, which are two diseases that really do not like pregnancy, only attests that when something has to happen, it happens and that there is still some force majeure that decides …

and I am secular in my view but still believe that everything There was a reason and everything was good (and for those who did not follow me, six months before that pregnancy I had an abortion at week 11 because of a fetus that did not develop and a month earlier a chemical pregnancy that fell after two weeks).

Then you will find an interesting and challenging way, but at the end, there is great happiness and a magical and amazing parenting experience.

If you have identical twins, consider that in most cases a partition is observed only for the 10-13 week, which is very much dependent on the doctor’s ultrasound device.

And even if there is no barrier in most cases the pregnancy passes peacefully.

I recommend that you book in advance a queue for back-end transparency test.

It is worthwhile for the hospitals, I did in the field with the participation of the HMO and they were very professional.


Amniotic fluid test – very dependent on whether doctors recommend but wait for the results of the reviews and then decide.

Fetal protein test – There is often no need and no point in having twins.

Rest – required. Turn off gear. Even if you’re used to being a Superwoman, take into account that your body is now strengthening 3 life systems. It is not easy. Pregnant girls at rest My pulse was about 120 from about 10 weeks old. In an effort I would have reached 160.

Later in the pregnancy, my doctor was afraid that my heart would collapse at this rate.

So, give the body the rest it needs. If it’s hard for you at work, take out protection vacation.

Complications in a twin pregnancy

Complications in a twin pregnancy start earlier than normal pregnancy although it can pass safely it is better to be on the safe side and not to adopt the body.

At around 25 weeks the uterus is the size of a normal pregnancy at week 40.

It has been getting tough and heavy and it is highly recommended to rest so as not to create pressure on the cervix that will cause contractions.

About weight gain – do not be under pressure.

As much as you seem to eat a lot, somewhere in the 20th week, the babies will already crush your stomach and barely eat anything.

Every meal will feel very heavy and your stomach will shrink over time.

Iron – It is important to eat foods rich in iron to anemia and take supplements.
I highly recommend Floridix, which is a supplement and greatly strengthens the body.

Omega 3 – very desirable to take, contributes to the development of the fetal brain although I did not take and they went out in order J

It is true that the HMOs have HiRisks but are often not stressed enough and are very busy to deal with the required form of twins.

Pregnant woman with identical twins should be aware of one of the risks in identical twins pregnancy – TTTS

transferring blood from one fetus to another due to a complication of blood vessels that are on one common placenta.

The risk of TTTS is higher between 14-24 weeks and during these weeks of pregnancy it is strongly recommended to be monitored weekly for growth and Doppler and most often in the HMO will try to wave you but simply insist that if there is a difference that begins between the embryos, And solves the problem arises.

This procedure is very complicated and complicated, but I know about the number of twins who have successfully completed the operation after the surgery.

I have a girlfriend who has identical twins and between 18-20 she had a TTTS that got on its own. Today the girls are one year old.

Especially in last months of the pregnancy, a lot of help is needed.

If you have kids, make sure you got a babysitter, parents or someone who will be with you because everything becomes heavy and painful and hard and there are edema and a higher risk of poisoning.

It is therefore important to be monitored weekly and pay attention.

We have two daughters.

At the same time, there are many magical things in a twin pregnancy – to feel two babies together, to feel a different character already from the stomach.

One of my daughters was constantly banging her head at the opening of the cervix and had more massive movements and the second was jumping and raging and today she is more active.

The other is trampling on …

but they are really sweet and have a magical and amazing relationship.

They keep kissing and hugging and kissing each other and then caressing and demanding their place and this is an amazing experience.

Especially in the early stages, they began to communicate and respond. They were just looking for each other.

So take a deep breath, you have 9 months to digest if you have any you are welcome to comment here or write to me: and I will be happy to help.

Good luck,