How do computers calculate an estimated date of ? This is one of the most common questions that every woman for the first time asks.

Here is a short guide to explain about and calculator.

So first of all, congratulations, if you came here you probably got pregnant and started the most magical journey of your life – to be a mother.

This is to be a way of ups and downs, and sometimes there will be difficult moments, but in the end, you will realize that your life did not mean anything before you became a mother.

How do you test pregnancy?

There are several ways to know that you are pregnant:

  • Pregnancy test – a positive home test
  • Blood test for beta-HCG – When the beta is above 15, it means that there is a very adolescent pregnancy that has been absorbed in the body and to the extent that up to 15 days it is a standard result. But only time can tell whether the pregnancy has worked or not.
  • Ultrasound examination (week 5 and above) – After five weeks of pregnancy, you can already see a pregnancy bag in an ultrasound test that confirms that the pregnancy started.
  • A delay of more than two weeks in the cycle if it is regular may indicate a fear of pregnancy

As you will discover, pregnancy is a sensitive and new thing for your body, and it is to be monitored and to make sure that the body has everything it needs.

How do computers calculate an estimated ?

If you are interested in knowing the week of pregnancy, you are in or your estimated date of birth, you should use an extension called pregnancy calculator.

In the pregnancy calculator, you choose your last menstrual period, choose the date and wait for the processing of the information.

This allows you to know which week you are pregnant if your cycle is about 30 days long, more or less regular.

If your cycles are longer, about 40-50 days, you should reduce the number of days beyond 30 and set this date as the last menstrual period.

Do this to know which week you are pregnant and when you are expected to give birth despite the “deviation” of the length of the cycle.

It is important to emphasize that use with a pregnancy calculator is based on an algorithm that is not always accurate with reality so that even if your cycles are regular, ovulation can occur 10 or 20 days after the onset of bleeding and not necessarily after 14 days according to the common definition.

Also, the length of your luteal phase – the number of days from ovulation to menstruation and the onset of bleeding – may be shorter or longer.

How to determine the age of the fetus

Accurate pregnancy age and estimated date of birth can be determined by ultrasound examination around week 8.

Sometimes even a before, you can determine the age of the fetus according to its size and also according to the size of the pregnancy bag that usually corresponds to fixed parameters.

These parameters make it possible to know for sure the age of pregnancy regardless of the last menstrual period or the estimated date of ovulation.

Therefore, it is essential to take into account that there may be deviations in calculating the estimated gestational age.

When you perform an ultrasound, you will receive data on the estimated date of birth and the last menstrual period. They will be determined according to the calculation of the computer in which the ultrasound was performed.

This time should be used to check the follow-up of the fetus in the calculator of .