or is a Christian holiday where Christians from all over the world celebrate Christ’s birth at a festive festival a week ago with lit fir trees, shopping feasts, local markets offering gifts and everything around a festive and fun atmosphere.

Add snow to it,  combined with Christmas flights to for those who book in advance – and you already have a great reason to book a Christmas holiday in advance and enjoy attractive prices!

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We have compiled for you a list of for Christmas in Europe at affordable prices:

Christmas in Berlin – for Christmas in Berlin

December and Christmas, in particular, is a great time to visit Berlin.
You can enjoy a holiday light everywhere, Christmas markets, illuminated fir trees and other cool things the city has to offer.

Snow on Christmas in Berlin

There is not always snow in Berlin at Christmas. Sometimes in December, there will be soft snow showers for short periods, but the weather is cold and cold so it is best to dress accordingly in warm clothes.

The Christmas Market in Berlin

The Berliner Weinzseit market in Rotten Rousseau is one of the active, old and famous markets in Berlin that you should not miss and it is recommended to go to markets in the Mitte area as well.

  Recommended Christmas Markets in Berlin:

  • Winter World on Potsdamer Platz (Tiergarten)
  • Alexanderplatz Christmas Market (Mitte)
  • Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt (Mitte)
  • Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus (Mitte)
  • Winter Dream in Alexa (Mitte)
  • Christmas market at Charlottenburg Palace (Charlottenburg)
  • Spandau Christmas market (Spandau)

Christmas in Krakow – Deals for Christmas in Krakow

Krakow in Poland is a lovely city with lots of places to see and things to do.
Snow at Christmas in Krakow – In December, the tempura in Krakow moved around 0, so there is a high chance of snow showers that will make the holiday atmosphere more magical and special.
We recommend going to the Wieliczka salt mines and of course to the main square in Krakow.

Christmas markets in Krakow

Krakow’s Christmas Market is located in the city’s main square – Rynek Glowny, which is in downtown Krakow’s Old Town.
The market centers on tradition and history. You’ll find local merchants offering Christmas trees and decorations for sale alongside a variety of traditional dishes and local produce with fine Polish food, handmade clothing, fur products, and more.

Christmas in Sofia Bulgaria – Christmas deals in Sofia

Bulgaria celebrates Christmas Eve with plenty of activities – more than the holiday itself.
You should arrive at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant for the 7-9-course holiday meal.
At midnight you can go to midnight mass and hear the church members singing in traditional clothes and walking around the city streets filled with lit fir trees everywhere.
Snow in Sofia Bulgaria in Chrismas – Bulgaria’s temperature drops below zero in December so there is a high chance of snow in the city during the Chrismas period.

The Christmas market in Sofia Bulgaria

The Christmas Market, first of all, offers local food stalls with special and festive dishes as the best Bulgarian tradition is influenced by a number of peoples – Greeks, Slavs, Turks and more. In the market, you will find a little bit of everything – food, holiday decorations, gifts, photos, Santa Claus, street theater shows and more.

Christmas in Budapest Hungary – Deals for Christmas in Budapest

The Hungarians celebrate Christmas twice a year.
For the first time – on December 6 – St. Nicholas Day, which has a variety of good foods and gifts to share.
The second time is December 25, as is happening in the rest of the world and is one of the most important days of the year.
Hungarians spend Christmas with family members and decorate fir trees with street displays and magical holiday atmosphere along with the snow.

Snow in Budapest at Christmas

The temperature in Budapest is moving around 0 and there are usually gentle snow showers during the day.

The Christmas markets in Budapest

If you’re in Budapest in December, you really have to reach the holiday market that offers a variety of gifts, drinks, and fine traditional Hungarian food stalls. The Chrismas Market is located in Vorosmarti Square and is active throughout the month.

Christmas in Bucharest Romania – Deals for Christmas in Bucharest

On the eve of the holiday, you will find groups of children singing church songs and drumming bands walking the streets in combination with sax and violin.

The main city streets are covered with illuminated displays and lamps that create a festive and unique atmosphere.

Bucharest Snow in Chrismas

The weather in Romania in December is pretty cold and there is a high probability of delicate snowflakes during the Christmas period.

The Christmas Market in Bucharest

On December 1, the Christmas Market opens in Constitution Square with a huge 30-foot fir tree, ice skating complex, street theater performances, and family concerts.
You will find over 100 stalls of farmers and residents from all over Romania offering their products for sale with Romanian products – toys, clothes and food with traditional dishes.
At the center of the market is Santa Claus’s cabin with elves and mouths for the children’s enjoyment alongside a large carousel.

Christmas in Warsaw Poland – Deals for Christmas in Warsaw

Warsaw is one of the best destinations to visit at Christmas.
Flights and hotels are relatively inexpensive and it offers traditional European holiday and shopping atmosphere, only much cheaper than most European destinations.
You can do some shopping there and enjoy cheap prices and pre-holiday prices especially for perfect clothes and gifts for the whole family.
It is also recommended to visit the 20-mile Old City Light Festival to create a magical atmosphere with a variety of illuminated displays. You can also ice skate in a variety of places in the city.
You should visit local restaurants and taste the variety of traditional Polish dishes with special holiday dishes.

Snow at Christmas Warsaw

In Warsaw, you have a pretty low chance of snow in Chrismas since temperatures do not reach 0 often during the Chrismas period.

Christmas Markets in Warsaw

Warsaw offers a highly respected Christmas market located in Warsaw’s plaza and many more markets that flood the Old City with a variety of booths selling everything you want and at an equal price per pocket!

Christmas in Belgrade – Deals for Christmas in Belgrade

With Christmas festivities through January 7, high chances of snow and the best Christmas markets in Europe, Belgrade is a great place to enjoy the magic of the holiday season!

When does Christmas celebrate in Belgrade?

It is important to note that Belgrade celebrates the Christmas season according to the Julian calendar, according to which the Christmas season is celebrated on January 7 and not December 25 like the rest of the world, but even those who come during December will not miss the festivities that begin early and receive a perfect holiday atmosphere.

Preparations for Christmas will begin on November 28th.
Belgrade’s main square, Republic Square, becomes a festive square and rich in activities during the holiday season.
You’ll find dozens of coloring booths featuring local foods, wine and hot punch with a huge fair offering everything you want to buy.
There is also an ice skating arena, an amusement park, concerts and shows, a beer festival and a celebration of shopping excursions.

Santa Claus Race at Christmas in Belgrade

Every year thousands of people dress in Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and run around town for charity.

New Year’s Eve in Belgrade:

New Year’s Eve is celebrated twice in Belgrade – on January 1st like the whole world, and then on January 13, with lots of fireworks, parties and a fun and fun atmosphere!

Christmas in Prague – Deals for Christmas in Prague

Prague is one of the most worthwhile places to spend Christmas for, thanks to the festivities and markets that open on both the holiday and the holiday itself.
On Christmas Eve, the Christmas market closes early, but is open the next day. Public transport works very well, but you can certainly get by.
The official Christmas festivities in Prague begin on St. Nicholas Day on December 5 and it is the most active national holiday in Prague.
The city is bright and sparkling and festive every December with in-store salesmen and events.

Snow in Prague at Christmas

The city of Prague boasts temperatures that move around 0 during December so you have a high chance of enjoying snow during your visit to Christmas.

The Christmas market in Prague

The Christmas market in Prague begins on November 30 and continues until January 6, 2020.
The Christmas Market’s main market is in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square with colorful lights, festive atmosphere and all the goodies on sale at the booths.

Christmas in Vienna – Deals for Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna is a magical and wonderful experience for a short and fun weekend in a city that is particularly beautifully decorated before Christmas.
People come from all over the world to enjoy the Christmas market in Vienna and watch spectacular lighting displays.

The Christmas markets in Vienna

The Christmas market in Vienna starts in mid-November and you can find it in Partist Square and other places, but the most famous Christmas market in the city is the Vienna Magic of Advent, which transforms the central city square into a magical land of fairytale land with beautiful and unique lighting displays.

Snow in Christmas in Vienna

The December temperature in Vienna moves around 0, very cold and there is only an hour or two of sunshine a day. However, the chance of snow is quite low as there are few days with weak snow showers in the city during the month.

Christmas in London – Deals for Christmas in London

The Christmas season in London is a time that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who come to see the city, which is decorated with lights and festive atmosphere every December and gets busy.
You can go ice skating, enjoy shows and events at Hyde Park, enjoy the Christmas Market in the South Bank, buy presents and enjoy strolls on Illuminated Oxford Street and not miss the great shows in London’s theaters.

Winter Wonderland London

During December, Hyde Park in London becomes a magical land with a snowy holiday atmosphere and plenty of attractions and events. Some are free and some are paid for, with an exhibition of ice sculptures, a circus, an ice bar, standup shows, ice skating and more.

The Christmas markets in London

London offers a variety of markets for Christmas across the city, from Winter Wonderland, the Southbank Winter Market, the London Market Christmas Market, the Leicester Square Christmas Market, the Greenwich Christmas Market, the Kingston Chrismas Market and all, London is filled with pre-holiday soldier celebrations. What you can buy ..
Pre-order tickets are recommended online.

Christmas in London

Is London open at Christmas?

Most of London’s attractions are closed on Christmas Day itself, December 25th but there are some attractions that are open with all of London’s parks so you can take advantage of the day to stroll around the city.
Take the London tourist bus and take a tour of all the major sites on Christmas Day. Public transport services including the London Underground operate in a limited fashion at Christmas.

Snow in London at Christmas

During December there is a high probability of snow especially in January, so there is a good chance you can enjoy snow showers, so come with comfortable shoes and leave your heels at home!

Christmas in Paris – Deals for Christmas in Paris

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and recommended times to visit Paris with the best Christmas markets in Europe.
The Christmas markets in Paris start as late as November and, together with illumination, are invested throughout the city and on historic sites and church lighting, on the bridges and everywhere and the city becomes a magical place with a festive and unique atmosphere.
The Parisian restaurants prepare a variety of traditional dishes and special and upgraded holiday menus (with an upgraded price!) In honor of the holiday.

Snow in Paris at Christmas

The December weather in Paris is usually rainy and cold and there is very little chance of snow in Christmas, and if so, these will be gentle snow showers from time to time.

Christmas markets in Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Chrismas you will find in Paris a variety of complexes with Christmas markets offering for sale, including:

Christmas Market near Notre Dame Cathedral
The Christmas Market in Les Hells
Christmas Market in Montmartre
The Christmas Market at Champ de Mars
The Christmas Market in La Defens
The Christmas Market in Gardels
The Christmas Market in St. Germain
Japanese Christmas Market
The Christmas market in Champs Elysees

Is Paris Open at Christmas?

On Holiday Day (December 25) most of Paris is closed, but there are enough open spaces for you to walk around the city and enjoy.

For example, the Eiffel Tower is open all year, you can take a cruise on the Seine River for Christmas or Day, visit the Louvre Museum which opens on Christmas Eve and the day after the Hajj to visit Disneyland, ice skate, stroll around the city and enjoy spectacular sights!

Christmas in Rome – Deals for Christmas in Rome

The Chrismas in Rome is a beautiful time for a romantic vacation with lighting and lights displays that adorn the city streets and archaeological sites along with the plazas and central areas.
Christmas Day in Rome – Most attractions and museums in Rome are closed on Christmas Day and Christmas Day but are open every other day except New Year’s Eve – December 31st. However, you can wander around the city among the various sites and enjoy the spectacular sights combined with the festive holiday lighting.

Snow in Rome at Christmas

The temperature in Rome in December is around 5-10 degrees, so the chance of snow in Christmas is extremely small with cold and sometimes rainy weather.

Christmas markets in Rome

The Roman Christmas market in Piazza Navona is one of Rome’s most famous Christmas markets.
It is open from December 8th to January 6th and you can buy a variety of local specialty products, great foods and more.
Other markets worth visiting are the Christmas Market at the Auditorium, Market Monti, Piazza Mazini, and basically all the major degrees offer events and booths with various gifts and cuisines.

Christmas in Barcelona – Deals for Christmas in Barcelona

The Spaniards and deadly people in Barcelona celebrate Christmas with their special costumes and customs, until January 6th.
Barcelona and Spain celebrate Christmas Day on December 25 as in the whole world with a lunchtime dinner.

Snow in Barcelona in Christmas – Weather in Christmas in Barcelona

The weather in Barcelona in December ranges from 6-10 degrees so there is a low chance of snow on the holiday.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

The main Christmas market in Barcelona is Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas which is one of the famous classic markets that the city offers in a traditional Spanish atmosphere and is definitely a special experience to be missed.
However, you can find a variety of stalls in the city’s main squares offering local produce for sale, traditional foods and gifts along with shop stewards.

Christmas in Athens – Deals for Christmas in Athens

Athens celebrates the Christmas season every year with the main festivities in Syntagma Square with the ice skating complex, children’s activities, spectacular lights, and holiday performances.
Athens is definitely a great place to celebrate Christmas on a low budget.

Snow in Athens at Christmas

In Athens, the temperature reaches December 0 rarely, although the mountain peaks and high areas can sometimes see some snow but there is little chance of snow in Athens in Christmas big.

The Christmas markets in Athens

The Christmas market in Athens is open throughout December every day throughout the city.
The Christmas plant in Technopolis is popular with children and adults.
The Christmas markets are in the main squares of the city with plenty of booths offering local produce for sale.
You will also find an indoor Christmas market at M.E.C Paiania which also offers a host of attractions and activities for children.
And in all the malls in Athens, there are a variety of celebrations of promotions and discounts from mid-December.
In addition, it is worth moving away from cities near Athens, such as the Piraeus port, which offers a holiday atmosphere and activities in the city’s main square.

Christmas in Amsterdam – Deals for Christmas in Amsterdam

Amsterdam celebrates the Christmas season with a festive and unique atmosphere with lighting decorations and fir trees throughout the city combined with delicate snow showers that create a magical and unique atmosphere.

Most of the city’s attractions are closed during the holiday itself, but there are a number of places that also open during Christmas: the Anne Frank House, the Reich Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, or the Eye. If you are traveling in Amsterdam in Christmas, you can take advantage of the holiday day on the city streets, enjoy the bridges, alleys and walks along the rivers, just be sure to dress well because it is cold.

Snow in Christmas in Amsterdam

Normally, the temperature in Amsterdam in December moves around 0 degrees, especially at night, so there is a high chance of enjoying snow in the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas markets in Amsterdam

You can spend in a variety of markets for Christmas in Amsterdam including:

Westergasfabriek Sunday Market that gets a cooler vibe with a variety of special gifts and handmade crafts and items.
The Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt market in the Amsterdam North region, located in a huge industrial building, offers a wealth of holiday products and gifts with beer complexes, drinks and live performances with children’s activities.
Ice * Village Amsterdam – Each year the Amsterdam Museum complex becomes a magical Christmas village, with the ice skating scene, live performances, stalls with gifts, food and drink.
Winter Village Stadshart Amstelveen – In the Amstelveen area of ​​the south of the city, you can visit a particularly worthy Christmas market which turns into a winter village with snow games for children, dozens of stalls for parents and family events.
Amsterdam Winter Paradise – Enjoy the Christmas season with a huge wheel, events, restaurants, and booths for the whole family in the Rey area of ​​Amsterdam

Christmas in Istanbul – Deals for Christmas in Istanbul

Although Turkey is a Muslim state and most residents do not celebrate Christmas but only the New Year on December 31, it is still decorated with a holiday atmosphere during December due to the diverse citizens of this huge city.

The Turks believe that Santa Claus was born in Istanbul, so you can see everywhere lit decorations, fir trees, and shop stewards.
In the Beyoğlu area, you can find parties in local bars and clubs with a bouncy and fun atmosphere.
Also in the Nişantası area, you will find the mass and fun street parties during the holiday season.

Christmas in Istanbul

On the Christmas holiday, most of the places in the city are open, which makes it particularly attractive to tourists.
You can spend an evening in Hammam or Turkish baths, go boating in the Bosphorus River, go to a local tailor and order tailor-made garments, or stroll through the streets of the old town that is fascinated with all the festive holiday lighting.

Of course, you should not miss the great local restaurants featuring a wealth of excellent oriental cuisine.

Snow in Istanbul at Christmas

The weather in Turkey in December usually does not fall below 0, but averages 10 degrees, and usually only has 2 snowy days in December each year, so the chance of snow is slim in Istanbul during the Christmas season, but you can enjoy a temperature that allows you to hike and enjoy Illustrated holiday at super attractive prices.

The Christmas market in Istanbul

One of the most worthwhile places to visit is Istanbul’s Great Bazaar in Christmas. Even on regular days, you can do cheap shopping there with a complex of 60 rich alleys and booths and visitors, with everything you can buy and cheap. Just beware of pickpockets and bargain well, otherwise, you will miss the experience.


Christmas in Moscow – Deals for Christmas in Moscow

Russia usually celebrates Christmas on January 7, but already in mid-December, you can enjoy a festive atmosphere on the city streets.
Moscow is one of the most popular Christmas destinations with a variety of lighting displays scattered throughout the city’s main streets and alongside the main places such as the Kremlin Building, Tverskaya Boulevard, and Tverskaya Olice.
The city becomes colorful and bright and receives a magical and unique holiday atmosphere alongside the cheapest shopping in the shops and Christmas markets.
If you are looking for a cheap, snowy Christmas holiday with shopping and lots of fun – Moscow is a great option for you!


Christmas in the Kremlin

Snow in Christmas in Moscow

During the Christmas season, Moscow is usually snowy and cold with temperatures below zero, making the city festive with the white snow and sparkling and colorful lights on every side. It is important to dress appropriately with thermal clothing so you can stroll around the city and have fun.

What to do in Moscow in Moscow and where there are Christmas markets in Moscow

The main Christmas festival in Moscow
Theater on the ice in Novopushkinsky Public Garden
The Christmas Market in the Kremlin
Moscow Fair in Tverskaya Ploshchad
Holiday tree in Moscow Square
Moscow restaurants offering special menus for Christmas
The Christmas market in Dorogomilovsky
Ded Moroz parade in Moscow
The White Christmas in Moscow
The magical forest in Manezhnaya Square

Christmas Market Europe

In conclusion, the Christmas season is a very enjoyable experience for the Israelis visiting Europe.

This is a great time for shopping and upgrading every European winter break when you will find sailors, Christmas markets and even snow in December.