It’s November again – that shopping time of the year and we’re all excited and preparing our credit card balance in advance, and refresh our shopping list in order to make the right shopping choices.

Most American people think of sales as a stressful time, a waste of time, endless lines on the stores and sometimes, a waste of for impulsive shopping for things you don’t really need.

Black Friday shopping guide

If you want to enjoy your next Black Friday and go through it in a smart way, just sit back, relax, and read the following tips!

1. Stay at home!
The reason that a lot of people hate American shopping events, is because they go out to the stores to shop. As the years go by, the deals offers on the stores are more and more insane and attract sometimes hundreds and thousands of people coming to grab the best deals.
Just give up on that pleasure and get familiar with the world of online shopping – where the stores come to your living room or your smartphone.

2. Make a list!!
Yea, you heard me, don’t be lazy on that.
Take your time to think about the necessary things you or your family members need, especially if you got kids – they always need clothes and shoes because they keep growing.
Prepare a list with levels of importance – Must have, Could have, Only if the price is extremely low.
In that way, you will be less tempted to endless browsing on websites and you can buy first the things you really need and save, and then decide more wisely if you should buy the things you want.

3. Decide on a budget
If you don’t want to spend more than you can handle, you should decide on a budget for shopping and even get a prepaid card and recharge it with the amount of money you can spend, so there won’t be any surprises on the next month bill. Browsing on the internet on Black Friday can be very tempting with some amazing offers that you won’t be able to resist..

4. Don’t waste your time on many websites – Shop online at Groupon!
One of the reasons people are getting stressed and tired from shopping online on Sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the fact that there are too many deals on too many websites and you can get lost easily.
Groupon is the best place to find the best deals from the best suppliers and most wanted stores with hundreds of exclusive deals, all in one place, so you can shop wisely and get the most beneficial discounts!
Another benefit that Groupon has is coupons for many stores with deals and discounts which will save you a lot of money, and in most cases, you will receive a double discount!

I love shopping in Groupon because the website is very friendly, easy to use and you can shop by-products, and by categories – Arts & Crafts, Electronics & Apps, Health & Beauty, Travel, Clothing & Apparel, Electric, Computers, Restaurants and many more!
Another great thing is that you can see most of the offers before the deal starts, so you can save links to your shopping list in advance and just wait for the price to go down.

5. The Clearance
If you’re going to other websites – Go straight to the Clearance section!!
Ignore all the sales add at the homepage and go to the clearance. That’s where you will find the best deals!

6. Search for promo codes
One of the most important things about shopping on sale events such as Black Friday is to look for promo codes that can save you sometimes a lot of money!
You can find them on Groupon or Just Google for “Store name promo code” and you will get the best deals and codes ready to be copied and save you more money!

7. Go first
Unlike shopping on stores, when it comes to online shopping, there are no lines, and all you need to do is check when the sale starts from the comfort of your sofa and just buy with few clicks and be the first to grab the best deals – without sweating, pushing or suffering. Few hours, and the shipment is on the way!

8. Check the sale date and time on your favorites websites
Though Black Friday happens on Friday, November 29, some of the sales start a day earlier, so make sure to save the time with a reminder on your phone to catch first all the best deals!

9.Plan your next vacation
Black Friday is the best time of the year to order your next travel – flights, hotels, and attractions!
You can find amazing deals from airline companies, hotel chains, and travel booking websites and also special deals on Groupon, made up just for you to save money! Don’t miss that opportunity to save.

We still got a few more days to go till the Black Friday sales, and you really should consider to have the experience of online shopping and enjoy the best deals in front of you!