Ovulation Calculator – Calculating the days of fertility and ovulation

An ovulation calculator will help you find the estimated ovulation time assuming your menstrual cycle is regular.

Please enter into your ovulation calculator your last menstrual period.

Enter into your ovulation calculator into your ovulation calculator.

If the menstrual cycle is irregular, an ovulation calculator cannot give you an ovulation date.

You can use other methods such as measuring the dawn heat, body fertility signs and more.

what is ovulation?

Ovulation happens when certainly one of your ovaries releases a mature egg ovum with the intention to wait for fertilization.

The egg is then obtainable for fertilization.

The fertilizable lifespan of an ovum is approximately 24 hours.

The fertilizable lifespan of a sperm is 48 hours.

The most fertile days of the menstrual cycle are 12 to sixteen days earlier than the initiate of the subsequent period.