Are you wondering if you should fly because you are ?
There are some important things to know about flights before you make a decision.
If you are interested in flying pregnancy but are afraid, you should read the following article to know more and reconsider the decision.

Many women today stick their heads about flying pregnant.
“It’s just a few hours’ flight,” “It’s a deal that’s a shame to miss,” “It’s a two-hour flight,” “We will not have another chance in the coming months.”
These are some of the arguments I encounter on pregnancy and childbirth forums.

In my past, I worked as a travel agent for a number of years and came across cases of complications related to insurance and medical problems even in pregnant women.
Here are some important facts to know before making a flight decision during pregnancy.

When is it forbidden to fly during pregnancy?

Pregnancy at risk: Pregnancy at risk is not a simple pregnancy that requires many medical tests and close supervision of a doctor or therapist, so flights during pregnancy at risk are dangerous flights and not recommended at all.

It is best to postpone the flight to a later date or straight after the end of pregnancy.
Under the definition of pregnancy at risk are the following cases:

Multiple pregnancies, pregnancy due to IVF or treatments, when the pregnant woman was screened once during pregnancy due to pregnancy if the woman had coagulation problems, a woman who had had a miscarriage in the past, a woman who had undergone surgery or had a surgical procedure during pregnancy.

If one of these cases is with you, take into account that most insurance companies will probably refuse to give you insurance for flights and sand.

It is important to clarify the issue well since the agents at the call center will usually say that there is no problem in insurance you and that the insurance is confirmed.

If you ask for written permission to agree to ensure you in the light of this history, chances are you will be refused and then if you claim, it turns out you are not insured.

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If you had a vein plugged in, a vein in which blood can not continue flowing, you must not fly during pregnancy because it can come back again and endanger you and the fetus.

Over the seventh month – many airlines do not permit flight during pregnancy over a seventh or eighth month unless there is a medical certificate that allows it.

How to get on the flight while pregnant safely?

  • You have to drink plenty of water, make sure you have plenty of water on your side according to the estimated flight time.
  • You need to move your arms and legs many times with exercises or any other way to the formation of blood clots in the body as a result of the slow flow of blood.
  • You must not sit still for the of the flight.
  • It is recommended that you check with the doctor on the Internet, which exercises you should do during your pregnancy, and sit in a comfortable place where you can do these exercises.
  • Also, it is advisable every half hour to make a round in an airplane to ensure proper blood flow.
  • Do not sleep throughout the flight, preferably you will be awake to drink, eat and do exercises that will preserve your and fetal .

Before you buy a flight ticket, consult your doctor about flight during pregnancy and of course, listen to his opinion.

If he does not allow you to fly, you must understand that he has no interest in saying so and it is said out of concern.

Flight during pregnancy requires eating and .

pregnancy flight restrictions

Do not fly while nearing or if any complications are known during pregnancy.

It is also recommended that you do not fly beyond week 28-30 because changes in air pressure can cause contractions and speed up labor.

For your safety, buy airline tickets from known and well-known airlines.

Just as you are attached to your pregnancy documents from your doctor, make sure to be attached to them abroad in English as well, in any case.

Make sure to write to your doctor in  English in advance that the pregnancy is normal and that it allows you to fly.

It is also very desirable to attach the of the last ultrasound examination together with a photograph if there is an ultrasound.

When I flew in the second month of pregnancy with a big belly, the flight crew refused to believe that I was only in the second month and demanded documents confirming the health of my pregnancy (at 3 am in the airport in Italy).

From my experience as a travel agent, I prepared the documents in advance and did not have any problems.

Take into account that if you are pregnant and the flight crew is afraid for some reason, the airline may require that you undergo an ultrasound examination at a gynecologist at your expense as a condition for boarding the flight and there is a chance you may miss it or if the flight on the overbooking may cause problems for advanced pregnant women.

Prepare in advance to avoid any unpleasantness.

If you are at the beginning of your pregnancy and suffer from severe nausea or vomiting, take into account that this can impair your enjoyment of the trip.

If you are one of those who wakes up and vomit every day, I recommend giving up the trip because changes in air pressure can adversely affect vomiting and nausea.

If you fly during pregnancy, it is recommended to fly to destinations with good quality hospitals and advanced medical equipment in a sterile environment in case there are any complications associated with pregnancy.

Stay away during pregnancy on exotic destinations or on third world countries or remote islands.

Be sure to locate the nearest hospital or a clinic specializing in pregnancy in the areas you visit and near your hotel.

When flying – forget about an intense trip to complete destinations on the map.

You are going to go for a relaxed, effortless walk, even if your partner really wants to do a trip to the mountain and of course, without jeep tours or foot trips or motorized.

You are not in normal condition and even if you are in excellent shape, you should not challenge your body which is in a different environment and different conditions and without your gynecologist attached.

Travel insurance for pregnant women

You must take care of the appropriate insurance before purchasing a flight during pregnancy.
It is recommended to make the insurance through the travel company and take the most expensive and expensive insurance there is, including medical flight and expired flight.

Although the price of insurance costs a bit more, it is better to spend a few dollars a day on insurance more comprehensive than God forbid to give birth abroad and fall with hospitalization costs of several thousand dollars a day and several tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for hospitalization expired abroad.

Even if you have found the perfect deal at an attractive price and you have some history of hinges from Or premature birth, it is recommended not to risk and remember that fetal health and pregnancy health are more important, nothing will happen if you postpone the trip by several months and fly after the baby is born with or without him.

Have a pleasant flight and continue a light and proper pregnancy!