You have reached the 39th , you are already feeling heavy, every movement causes you pain and difficulty, you just want to sleep and all the weight in your stomach and the pressure in the groin will disappear and the baby is already out.

There are now several that can help and speed up labor.

These methods will not necessarily cause you to give birth within a few hours and they do not always cause contractions to , but they can definitely cause uterine activity that will help to initiate the effective contractions that will result in deletion and opening.

In any case you not see this as a recommendation and also ask your doctor!

The following are some natural ways to induce birth:


This procedure is usually performed by the doctor, and the doctor inserts a finger into the vagina it has been erased, and in a circular motion of the fingers, it separates the membranes of the placenta from the walls of the uterus.

If you are about to go to a regular checkup for a week and have a routine checkup with your doctor, most doctors will take advantage of this test in order to perform a bowel movement without asking if you want to do it or not.

Walking barefoot on sand

Walking on the beach when barefoot, on the sand, can help speed up the progress of birth.
Walking on the sand causes pelvic movements that help the baby to break in, and walking on sand with various bumps performs a deep reflexology massage to the feet that causes an increased flow of blood in the body and pressure on the feet on points that stimulate uterine activity that can cause the opening of the axes.

Intercourse – having sex

Despite the difficulty, now is the time for the last sex before birth.

The man’s sperm has a substance called prostaglandins, which is known to speed up the contractions, and the tablets that give the woman to the vagina for in the hospital contain the prostaglandin hormone.

There are many cases of women who have come straight from the bed to the delivery room. Female orgasm also causes uterine activity that can cause contractions and promote labor.

Nettle tea and raspberry leaves

Tea from nettles and raspberry leaves contains components that cause uterine activity and can cause effective contractions to help the uterus cope more effectively with labor and promote labor more easily.

Going up and down the stairs, strenuous activity

Many women came to the delivery room after working hard, after a day of activity, or after a lot of cleaning.

The descent and rise of the stairs also have a good effect on the interbreeding of the fetus in the pelvic region and the initiation of uterine activity.

Many women feel cramps after straining and working hard or not resting enough. Even a two-and-a-half-hour walk can lead to stress on the cervix and, as a result, effective contractions that promote labor.

Reflexology Massage

The foot has a number of points that, if dealt with, cause the onset of uterine activity. Contact a professional who specializes in treating women so as not to cause harm and make effective.

Movement and rocking of the basin

The movement of the pelvis and the movements of the pelvis, such as belly dance, dancing, walking, sitting on a physiotherapy ball with a slight movement and a lot of movement will cause the fetus to enter the pelvis, exert pressure on the pelvic bones and cause the body to secrete oxytocin.

Massage nipples

Nipple massage is another way, less common, but it certainly causes a reaction of the body.
The message is supposed to last for about 15-20 minutes.
It is not very , but it causes the oxytocin secretion in the body, which causes severe contractions of the uterus that cause the contractions.

If all of this has not helped, it is probably necessary to let nature do its part and let the baby arrive at the right time and when it needs to get out.

It is to pay attention to the movements of the fetus, to maintain proper nutrition and to be attentive to the body, to be relaxed.

It is recommended to do meditations of guided imagery, to visualize the course of birth, to imagine an easy birth, to imagine the cervix gently opening and this can be very useful for the birth process.