When you know you have free time to burn and you want to free your mind with some that will clear your head and keep you busy without thinking too much, you turn to your Smartphone or your computer, right?

Today there are a variety of leading online gaming sites on the web such as https://www.freeonlinegames.com/ or https://www.agame.com/ which offer a large selection of free online games.

One of the hardest challenges when it comes to simple online games is that usually,
these sites are full of advertisements and ads that pop up everywhere with buttons that the surfer accidentally presses and then he moves to other sites without wanting to.

Where can you find good online games without interruptions?

You must know that there is a new site that has dozens of online games for children and adults, in a simple and convenient style of play, including some cool retro games.

The PLAYS.org website emphasizes the user experience and therefore does not ]have advertisements and even when they will in the future, they guarantee that they will not harm the gaming experience of the site’s users, so you can enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted game.

On the site, you will find a wide variety of games for all ages with all kinds of difficulties levels so this is the perfect place for clearing your head and pure enjoyment.

 They work great on both smartphones and desktops, but it’s way more fun on the big screen if you have the option.

We have reviewed for you 10 games that we liked that are suitable for both young and old users with some free time to burn:

  1. Connect the dots    

Link for the game: https://plays.org/connect-the-dots/

The popular childhood game in an upgraded version with several difficulty levels that both children and adults will love.

It sounds easy and simple, but when you have a time limit of 15-20 seconds, the game becomes a challenge!

All you have to do is connect the dots according to the numbers by clicking the mouse or with your finger on the smartphone, and then complete the drawing before the time runs out. Addictive and fun game for all ages.

  1. Popcorn\ Break bubble

Link for the game: https://plays.org/break-bubble/

For those of you who belong to the 80s-90s generation, you probably remember the timeless popcorn game that was on Nintendo, Sega, or Atari, long before the age of computer screens.

You have a kind of bottom that you move and have to hit with a ball of bricks while maintaining a high level of accuracy and alertness, so as not to miss the ball while falling bricks with all kinds of functions such as widening or reducing the surface on which the ball falls, a fireball that crushes all bricks or Sticky surface and more.

Fun and addictive game!

  1. Escape Masters: Prison Escape Sand Dig Game

Link for the game: https://plays.org/escape-masters/

A cute and fun game when it comes to burning free time or a boring hour in the .

In the game, there is a prisoner who escapes from a policeman, in the graphics of the 90s, for lovers of retro games, when the prisoner tries to escape and you click on the places on the ground to which he will flee and advance to the getaway car.

Do not expect sophistication here but sometimes even the simple games are the winners.



 4. Waffle word search game online

Link for the game: https://plays.org/waffle/

A fun and fascinating word game where you have a board with letters and you have to find words in it.

Words can be found by connecting the letters vertically or horizontally and you can even jump with the mouse in all directions as long as they are cubes close to the cube with the letter.

You have around 2 minutes to find as many words as possible and surprisingly he is one of the good ones!

5.Retro style mini golf game

Link for the game: https://plays.org/rolling-the-ball/

Another retro-style game that looks simple and easy at first glance but is totally fun and challenging with a degree of difficulty that goes up from stage to stage.

The game is a kind of green mini-golf course and you have to aim the ball for a hit with the maximum chance that will make it go into the hole to win the stage.

 You only have one shot so you should be the most accurate there is and calculate the most successful shot angle.


6.How fast are you typing? Type Furious: Online Student Typing Practice Game

Link for the game: https://plays.org/type-furious/

An educational and challenging game that allows you to test how fast you type and practice your typing ability in English.

English words appear on the screen and you need to be able to type correctly and accurately with uppercase or lowercase letters, as many words as possible before they leave the screen. It starts easy and rises in difficulty.

If you are already burning time then it is better to improve your typing ability. No?



7. Find the Pug

Link for the game: https://plays.org/find-the-pug/

For those who remember the game where is Waldo, here too you have a large drawing with lots of elements and items and you have to identify the premature dog inside the picture in a short period of a few seconds.

The game is light, fun, and passes a great time and its advantage that causes excitement is that each stage is short and if you fail – start from the beginning!

Let your brain go back to action and exertion!

  1. Pipe mania

Link for the game: https://plays.org/pipe-mania/

Another cool retro-style game where you have a board with pipe parts and you have to turn them in the right direction so that the water flows from the beginning to the end smoothly and without interruptions when you have a timed and short time clock to manage and fix the pipe.

The game increases in difficulty with each of the stages so there is a challenge and thinking to the mind here


  1.   Frog jumper game

Link for the game: https://plays.org/jumper-frog/

Retro game from the classics of the 90s with upgraded graphics.

You must help the little frog cross a road laden with vehicles and then cross a river using moving logs until you reach the bank without being run over, drowned, or crushed in the middle of the road.

A game that will give you hours of fun.

 10.  Duck shoot

Link for the game: https://plays.org/duck-shoot/

Finally – one of the most fun, addictive and fun games there is – from a shooting range to ducks.

The game’s design and graphics are very beautiful and the level goes up as you shoot more ducks.

A game that can have fun helping you burn hours and develop coordination.

In conclusion,

This is just a small taste of the huge collection of games that you can find on Plays.org with a unique user experience and different from the other online gaming sites there are.

Feel free to share and test for yourself the games in the different categories.