You buy a new outfit, wear it in front of the mirror in your home and suddenly notice something in your skin that you have not noticed before – .

Or if you are a woman at the beginning of pregnancy, you notice that along with the stomach that starts to grow and fill, the skin begins to scratch and begin to be streaked – stretch marks.

The same red or white purple stripes may appear during life and cause a uneven, non-aesthetic skin appearance, which causes discomfort for some people.

Signs of stretching are caused by a number of reasons and although they look like scars that can not be eliminated, this does not mean that they can not be treated and even them.

What are stretch marks and how do they appear?

Our skin consists of several layers, with two proteins called elastin and collagen providing a kind of support system designed to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

When these proteins are damaged, what happens during pregnancy, loss or weight gain, during strength training and muscle development and other causes, stretch marks are created.

Stretch marks can appear in various parts of the body – stretch marks in the chest, stretch marks in the thighs, stretch marks in the abdomen, stretch marks in the hands, and more.

Happily, you can avoid these signs and also treat them if they appear using some simple tips.

Stretch marks during pregnancy and

Especially during pregnancy, the skin is in a more “predisposing condition” due to the intense stretch of the skin, especially in cases where women do not have too much fat at the beginning of pregnancy and the skin is not flexible enough.

If you are at the beginning of pregnancy it is recommended to start and apply oil to prevent stretch marks or preparations to prevent stretch marks to increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent it from rupture.

Think pantyhose that suddenly stretches them all at once and surprisingly and how they are torn and trains are formed – on the same principle the skin is stretched and torn, especially when there is a very large belly.

When the skin is regularly lubricated daily from the early stages with a modified stretch mark, there is a high chance of decreasing the frequency and amount of stretch marks on the abdomen and chest.

Stretch marks after twins pregnancy

There are women who during pregnancy and before the birth their chest grows by 2 or 3 sizes quickly, causing skin tears, especially if you are blessed with dry skin.

Therefore, it is recommended not to neglect.

You may have heard of a prenum massage for natural birth, which significantly reduces the chances of skin ruptures at birth, so why not give the stomach skin the nutrition it needs?

How To Prevent Stretch Marks – 10 Tips – Cut And Save!

Preventing stretch marks is certainly possible, and the tips below rely on keeping those essential proteins responsible for skin elasticity:

  1. Drink Water – No matter how many times you hear this health tip and turn your eyes to its meaning, it will still be true.
    Water helps keep your skin healthy and taut, so you should drink at least 8 glasses a day to prevent stretch marks.
  2. Combine gelatin in your diet – The collagen protein is produced less and less in our body as time passes, so it is to encourage increased production over the years that pass.
    You can do this by combining foods that include gelatin like various delicacies, soup containing bones, fish patties and more.
  3. Apply Coconut Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks – Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks in Pregnancy – Apply coconut oil to the skin helps keep it soft and supple due to the medium fatty acids found in it.
    This wonderful oil can be applied to your body without fear because it is natural and especially effective in preventing stretch marks and is also good for application during pregnancy.
  4. Consume more zinc – zinc is an essential mineral that participates, among other things in the production of collagen.
    In order for the levels of this protein in your body to be normal and thus maintain flexible skin, it is important to incorporate zinc-rich foods such as chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts and whole grains to provide your body with the necessary amounts.
  5. Vitamin C for stretch marks – This unique vitamin, rich in citrus fruits and green vegetables with leaves, is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage in the body, such as those that cause stretch marks.
    Consuming vitamin C as a dietary supplement or in your daily diet will help keep your skin smooth over time.
  6. Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks – or Shea Butter Stretch Marks – These two types of natural compliments are excellent in maintaining skin moisture, and it is recommended to apply them on the body to prevent stretch marks even in pregnancy.
  7. Maintain a healthy weight – weight gain causes stretch marks because of the fat that makes the skin over-stretched, so it’s important to maintain proper weight to prevent it.
  8. Eat healthy fats – Healthy fats found in avocados, nuts and olive oil do wonders for the skin and prevent stretch marks, so it’s important to incorporate them in your daily diet.
  9. Apply Stretch Marks creams and oil – If you have tried everything and the stretch marks still appear, you can use special preparations sold in the pharma stores to blur the stretch marks and restore the elasticity to the skin.
  10. Stretch marks laser treatment – sometimes stretch marks do not disappear in natural treatment at home, and happily you can take advantage of the laser technology in these cases.
    Advanced laser treatments make it possible to spot and stretch marks in a way that makes the skin look like new. This is the most effective method for treating stretch marks, and you can also enjoy it in mild and severe stretch marks.

Stretch marks are definitely not pleasant to the eye, but they can be prevented altogether by observing a number of general health rules.