The mucous cork is a kind of sticky membrane used as a cervical cork and is at the beginning of the cervix.
Its function is to seal the cervix from conception to .
Sometimes the mucous cork is released near the time of birth and sometimes a week or two before, so it is a bit difficult to use as a predictor of birth.

I know personally about cases when the mucus cork came out and pretty soon the began and the cases it took a week or two.

There are cases the mucous cork out as a large lump and cases it comes out a , in stages.

I have often read about descriptions of the mucous cork as a “snail without a house” or “clogged viscous lump” and sometimes some of the described the appearance of blood clots or pink discharge along with this tire lump.

So when I get it myself, all the descriptions I had read about it, there was no doubt.
It happened exactly 36 weeks, four days before I was operated on C section.
I asked my husband to take me home for a few hours to take a breath of air after being hospitalised for 3 weeks, to feel at home and have my bed before I go back to the hospital, knowing that the next time I come home is with A cute little baby.

I did not leave my husband with many choices, and we went home.

The first thing we did was to have sex, I already had to, and I did not care anymore if contraction will start because of it.

I arrived at week 36 and I’m scheduled for surgery in two days. So what will happen?

An hour later, I go to the bathroom, wipe, (excuse me for the descriptions, but I know that’s why you came in here), and I get out of this sticky affair like a crust with red blood clots inside it, and then drops of pink matter.
I was a little nervous and then when I returned to the maternity ward at risk, I told the nurse and she asked me to pay to pains or unusual feelings.

I had no doubt that it was this .. It was not like any affair I had until now .

The mucous cork can occur at any stage in the advanced weeks, but as we have noted, it does not necessarily indicate the beginning of birth.

In my case, three days later, I was operated on by Caesarean section, without any unusual birth or contractions.