The low cost of to various airlines around the world due to the competition generated by low cost has led to the fact that trips abroad, whether for a short to Europe or a long trip to America, or a long to the East, have become more available and realistic in terms of prices.

If you are planning to fly a long transatlantic flight, I have prepared a list of tips to help you get through the plane more easily and quickly.

The price of  nonstop flights

If up to a few years ago a trip to the United States from Europe or the middle east could have  cost an average of $ 1500 to $ 2000 per ticket, now you can find flights to New York in amounts ranging from $ 400-1000 with direct flights or connecting flight through Europe.

If you have booked enough time in advance and taken a deal that is usually reasonable within two to three hours, you will save significantly at the airfare.

If you are flying to the East, you should check out Royal Jordanian – Jordan Airlines, with a small stop in Amman, low prices, direct flights to the East and excellent service.

The more time you book in advance, the better you will be able to enjoy a better price.

It’s a good idea to choose a date range where you can fly, check multiple sites at once, various different flight dates – if you can be flexible for two to three days back and forth, there is a chance that you can find meaningful flights on a specific date or day.

If you have not found an attractive price, check out a flight with a call in Europe in the main cities of Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich – countries that usually have reasonable prices for North or South America. , Compared to a flight booking at the same company.

Take a safety span of 2.5-3 hours of connection waiting on the airport and no less, since especially during peak seasons – holidays and summer, there is a load of flights and delays.

If you have booked a flight with the same company as a single card, the company is responsible for ensuring that you reach the final destination, even if it is on the next flight, in the event of a delay in the first flight. But still, it’s better to always take a safety range of at least two and a half hours.

Deals for transatlantic flights abroad – flights to America, flights to Asia, flights to the Middle East, flights to Europe



If you have time to plan your flight, especially if you are flying with , you may want to check when there are excels and holidays in the United States. For example, in Black Friday or the Christmas Sale in the United States, you can find discounts of 20-50% in airfare prices, and you have to prepare in advance, switch between the comparison sites and find the deal that suits you best.

I ordered a $ 1400 flight to Central America from Israel through United Airlines at the Black Friday sale, at $ 1,000! $ 400 discount. significant!

In any case, I recommend you compare prices at several sand sites before you book a flight.

Flight hours – a night flight or a day flight

Whether you are flying or flying with children, it is always better to choose a night flight. Especially when it comes to flights to America or flights over 6-7 hours, especially when it comes to flying with children.

In this way it will be easier for you to get to the airport at night, and to spend most of the flight in sleep, so that it will pass to you more easily and especially if you have children, it is best to pull them out and then as soon as the plane takes off, they will fall into a deep sleep. More sane.

If you take a day flight, it will be harder for you to sleep. If it’s a morning flight, it means you have to get to the airport in the morning, do not sleep well at night, spend a lot of time flying during the day, when your body is used to being awake, and then reach another destination when you are tired, With a significant difference in hours, take into account two to three days of jet lag until you get used to the hours.

In most cases ,night flights will be a bit more expensive, but believe me from experience – it’s worth the price and will save you days of fatigue and exhaustion upon arrival at the destination.

Flights with connection with kids

If you have a long flight of 10-15 hours to the destination (North / South America), it is recommended to take only one connection, although sometimes two calls can save you a few hundred dollars per ticket.

Keep in mind that each call has a waiting period of at least two hours and sometimes more, and you will arrive at an exhausted and exhausted destination after running around at airports.

Long lines for immigration at the airport

When flying with children, keep in mind that a long flight of several hours at the airport can be a nightmare for you and them.

Therefore, if you are traveling on a long trip and have not found a short deal at a reasonable price, sometimes it is best to take a night at the first destination, sleep well with the children, let them rest, even find a hotel in the airport compound, and then go on the next flight.

I flew a total of 15 hours, with 2 calls, including an hour and a half flight, a 9 hour flight and a four-hour flight. It was a nightmare compared to a 10-hour flight and a five-hour flight with a two-hour call.

If you are traveling on a long trip and you are adventurous, you can take a day’s deal at one of the destinations, travel around the place, and then continue in the evening or the next morning to the next destination, with accommodation in the airport area that will usually cost you around $ 50 per night at a nice and reasonable hotel.

Again, the sooner you book a flight, the more options you will have in terms of low airfare prices, allowing you to choose the best option for you.

Seats in flight – Important!

Please note that when you book a flight – short or long, except for Ryan Air, most airlines will allow you, after booking your flight, to choose your flight seat at no additional cost!

Many flight booking sites in Israel and abroad will charge you a fee of $ 10-30 per seat on each flight, and sometimes even more.I n personal experience, on every flight I chose, I chose places on the flight without charge before or at check-in airline.

If you are flying with RYAN AIR and you do not fly alone, it is recommended to pay a flight location when booking.

In the case of low cost flights, it is recommended to arrive in advance if you do not have a choice of places so you can ask the staff to seat you with the children.

In most cases, the flight attendants at the counters will allow you to sit next to the children, but in case of a busy flight that all the places have been booked in advance, you may find yourself in trouble, so you should not take a risk and take care of the places together.

Front or rear seat on an airplane – seat by the window or in the aisle

If you are flying short flights, you can take a seat by a window.

Keep in mind that the place near the window is the loudest even though it has the most equal view.

Also, another disadvantage of a seat next to a window is that you may sit next to two people who sleep most of the flight and you will be a little unpleasant if you want to get up and you have to wake them up.

I prefer the middle column, which has 4 seats on long flights, and then I can get up whenever I want – to the bathroom or move my legs and stretch, to allow the body to function better on the flight. In this way, even if you fall asleep and sleep, the people with you in line have another option to get up from the other side.

Keep in mind that the front is generally quieter, the wing area and rear louder, and still, the center of the plane quieter.

Also, if you have a short-distance flight, you may want to choose more places close to the front if possible, so if you have a delay in flight, you can get out of the plane faster to get to your concrete in time.

Please note – there are seats that have more room for the feet usually near the toilet. Keep in mind that usually these are the areas of the people with the babies, and in some of these seats the seat can not be put down.

It is therefore recommended to use the SEAT GURU, which gives you the model of the plane for each flight and recommendations where to sit and where not.

Be careful not to choose a seat on the exits – these seats will usually be vacant, usually, these seats can not lean!

If you are seated at the airport near the exit, check-in at the airport will tell you that you are sitting at the exit, but make sure in advance at check-in. You can refuse by the way.

Luggage in flight – Carry on suitcase

If you are flying alone and know how to fly with little clothes and equipment, you should not pay for a suitcase, if you are sure you are getting along with a backpack or a small trolley bag and do not exceed the weight limit.

There are airlines that will allow you only a suitcase or one bag of certain sizes, and there are airlines that will allow you an old suitcase without charge. Some airlines have a total weight of up to 10-12 kilos, and there are airlines that will allow you to weigh up to 23 kg per passenger depending on the load on the flight and in some cases insist on sending the suitcase to the trunk.

If you are flying with children or for a long period, it is recommended to book a ticket that includes one large suitcase and send it with the luggage to the belly of the plane.

Be sure to lock your suitcase and put a clear and readable name tag with your phone in English.

It is important :

Whether you take your suitcase or not, always make sure you have a backpack with basic clothing and equipment for at least one day, since cases of luggage loss are unfortunately quite common, especially on connecting flights!

So if you’re flying alone or with children, make sure that the important equipment is with you in the stomach of the plane – drugs, toys, electronics – a tablet, laptop, toiletries and basic clothing.

As far as packaging is concerned, it is recommended to pack the clothes in a very small way and are folded into ziplock bags so that you can put 3-4 small items into each bag and create lots of space in the suitcase. Just pay attention to your weight!

Another thing – you may want to buy a colorful suitcase or put some sort of scarf or colored cloth on the handle so that it will be easier to locate it when the cargo arrives. Do not buy a black suitcase !!!

Travel insurance

It is recommended to take your passport, money and medical documents in a small pouch bag:

A moment after booking your flight ticket, it is important to book travel insurance, the most comprehensive, and do not spare the loss of a suitcase, compensation for baggage, insurance for phone and laptop if there is and also insurance for cancellation of travel – because ATMs happen!

Even if your flight is six months or two months away, it is recommended to book travel insurance after booking your flight. In cases where everything is normal from a health point of view, travel insurance can be made through insurance companies or the credit card company. If there are medical problems, it is recommended to do the insurance through the HMO.


So if something happens that will prevent you from flying for a family member’s medical reasons, you may be able to get a refund for your flight expenses and a hotel if there is one.

If one of the family members has a medical condition or another – chronic illness, pregnancy, health problems – you must obtain medical approval and medication in advance for the duration of the trip + a few more days for any case.

Drinking – an external plastic bottle

You must have followed the strict procedures of airports in Israel and around the world, which require you to throw any bottle with liquids over 100 ml, whether it is cream, water or any other liquid product.

Therefore, it is recommended to obtain in advance a large water bottle the size of a liter or a liter and a half and empty it before reaching the security check point.

After moving to a position, you can fill it with water in the collars at the airport at no cost, since bottled water is an item that is sold at inflated amounts at airports.

If you want to buy a bottle of water or drink, look for the automatic machines that are usually at the side corners of terminals, offering drinks and snacks at sane prices.

Drinking during the flight

If you have a low cost flight, you will not usually get a glass of drinking water and anything you want to buy will be overpriced. Therefore, it is recommended to fill your bottle of water before the flight and make sure to drink at least a liter so you can prevent dehydration of the body.

If you are on a long flight or an airline flight, it is recommended to ask the flight attendants at the beginning of the flight to fill the water bottle for you, so you will not be dependent on anyone and can drink whenever you wish and fill the bottle during the flight.

Long flights usually offer a selection of soft drinks, hot and even red or white wine and there is an open position for passengers who can take alone drinks and sometimes light snacks.

If you are going to drink alcohol, consider that the body reacts as if it has received twice as much pressure as the airplane has in the air. So it is best to avoid consulting a doctor if you are taking medication.

Pressure Socks for flight

Long flights can increase the risk of blood clots and the body swells during flight.

When you put pressure socks on your legs and calves, they prevent your legs from swollen and contribute to preventing the formation of blood clots, and you will feel better on long flights.

Wet towel for dry nose

Due to the dry air in the airplane, it causes dehydration of the nose and capillaries, so that in most cases you will feel dryness in the nose you have inhaled and sometimes this can last for days.

The best solution is saline spray after arrival at the airport but since you can not insert a spray bottle into the plane, you will need to purchase one at the destination.

Especially if you are flying with children.

If you want to make it easier during the flight, you should bring a small cotton towel from the house and immerse it in warm water on the plane (usually in the bathroom) and place it on your nose and face and breathe through it.

This will give you significant breathing relief and prevent dryness after the flight.

If you forget a towel, you can use some paper napkins from the toilet, wet them well, squeeze and put on your face.

Food in flights

If you fly a Low Cost flight, you will not usually get food. Sometimes you may get crackers or cookies at best.

If you are flying a regular airline flight, you will get a light meal.

If you are on a long flight of 7 hours or more, you will usually get at least one meal and sometimes a sandwich and some snack.

Food on flights – kosher food on board

If you keep kosher, keep in mind that most foreign airlines offer meat and dairy dishes, which means that you may also use milk, cheese, or even a cheese sandwich.

Usually, the full meal includes chicken, pasta, potatoes, rice, meat and sometimes fish.

If the subject of kashrut is important to you – it is very worthwhile when you check in or after booking your flight ticket, enter the airline website, fill in your details and choose kosher meals.
After quite a few flights that I had in the last two years – short and long, I learned one important thing:
Do not get hungry for the flight!

If you have time to prepare at least one sandwich at home, take care of snacks, sweets or cookies that you will have to backup during the flight.

You can go through the bakery and buy some pastries that are nice for you to eat or buy a salad that you will have – in the field or in the aroma.

I try to eat well at home and if I do not, then make sure to eat a good meal with carbohydrates before boarding, so that during the flight the food will digest and it will be easier to sleep and fall asleep on the flight.

Especially when flying with children, it is recommended to take care of food before the flight and not rely on the food served on the flight. You should have a snack bar that they love and give them less flight limits, you want to get through it safely!

On Low Cost flights, you can buy children’s meals or regular food at an exorbitant price, and usually, it will not be very good, so you should avoid it.

I always make sure that I have food with me, even in case the flight is delayed or I fall asleep and miss the meal, and then I’m not under pressure.

If you have a connecting flight in Europe, it is not always easy to find reasonable food because some ports have specific terminals that have very expensive restaurants or complex and non-kosher sandwiches that contain meat and milk at exorbitant prices of about 10-15 Euros per sandwich! (Paris, for example)

In addition, when the stomach is relaxed, you are more relaxed, and then there is not the pressure of when the food will arrive on the flight and on transatlantic flights there are sometimes whirlpools for a long time and then the flight attendants can not serve and the meal is delayed. Therefore, I love when I have control of my hands at least about food. It relaxes me.

On one of my flights from abroad, a 10-hour flight back, I bought two pastries at Starbucks that I had planned to bring to my sister’s country, and I fell on a flight with shocking food, and these pastries saved me when I was hungry.

Sample meal on United Airlines flight – vegetable salad, chicken in meat sauce, pesto pasta with cheese, butter, roll and chocolate mousse.


On flights with children – make sure they eat before the flight and take care of food as a backup throughout the flight.

Snacks, sweets and chocolates in duty free

Take it legally for every flight – once, on my first flights, I would be excited to buy the free fruit chocolates and snacks and perfumes. Then I started to go into supermarkets in Europe and elsewhere, and understand that the same products can be bought at a quarter of the price from Israel almost everywhere. Duty Free – sorry to disappoint – is not cheap!

Therefore, gifts for children or friends, do yourself a favor and buy abroad.

Make sure to buy snacks and things that will help you pass the flight. Do not buy anything at duty free!

If you, like me, fly without the children and find yourself coming back with a suitcase full of guilt on the edge of the overweight, here is a little tip that will save you money and time.

A few days before the flight, go to the stores of every product in the dollar, or from 1 dollar store, arrange for each child a bag of presents that will cost you a penny, keep it in a cupboard in the house, and when you return you will go with the suitcase to the room.

Your children will not feel the difference, you will save (because let’s face it, in most of Europe and the US everything is expensive!), And avoid weight loss in a suitcase and a fine that can reach tens of dollars at the airport.

Entertainment  in flight for children

If you are flying a transatlantic flight, it is usually in large new airplanes equipped with a VOD multimedia system in each session, which includes music, movies and series to watch during the flight.

There are some airlines that also offer a variety of games on the screen on the back of the seat in front of you.

If you’re flying with children – some airlines offer Hebrew dubbing movies, so check out the airline’s website in advance if they offer Hebrew dubbed movies to children. If not, it is advisable to prepare in advance with a laptop, tablet or movies on a cell phone in Hebrew, at least 3 in each direction, so that the children will have employment during the flight. Otherwise, in a state of flight with whirlpools, it is not easy for the children to sit for an hour or two without taking a walk in an airplane.

I always prefer to back up my phone and laptop with 2-3 movies that I downloaded in advance so that I will have employment on the flight.

Also, I love downloading podcasts and EBOOKS on Amazon – as AUDIO BOOKS and then I hear content during the flight.

Short flights – Some airlines offer short flights of content, content via an application on your mobile phone for free or offer nothing.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare in advance with reading material, a loaded smartphone, and employment for flight time.

Especially when flying with children, you should stock up on coloring pages, work pages, small and non-noisy games that employ them, and try to be creative to keep your children busy during the flight and waiting at the airport.


Toilet during flight

Usually, on long flights, there are 200-300 people aboard the plane and about 10 toilets.

My recommendation – go empty when boarding the plane and take the children with you, because after taking off as soon as you can get up, everyone gets up to the bathroom and then there is a long line. On short flights sometimes the flight attendants create a traffic jam with the service cart and then it is impossible to pass.

If you have small children after weaning or in the process, do not take a risk and pre-order polyps in case there is a delay.

Another thing you can do – if really urgent for a child – is to go to the front of the plane, usually, the first business and first class services are available, and the flight attendants will not object if you take your child away. And even in your urgent cases, I already have.

Also, about half an hour before landing, it is recommended to go to the bathroom and evacuate, so you do not have to waste time after leaving the plane.

Charger for smartphone

It is recommended to arrive at the airport when your smartphone is full, to bring two chargers in advance, and if you are flying to a country in Europe or the United States, you should have pre-installed a set of power adapters in Israel.

It’s also a good idea to come with a mobile battery charger for your smartphone or tablet so you can charge it if the plane does not have a charging socket.

On long flights, you will usually find electrical outlets or a USB charging socket, although in rare cases in old airplanes it will not be. So do not trust the airline and the lucky ones and get prearranged.

Electronic devices should be put in your bag for you to fly in case the suitcase is lost or delayed.

Hot socks for flying

When I go on a long flight, after taking off, I like to take off my shoes and put on thick socks that will serve me during the flight. Because of the changes in the air pressure, the legs are a bit inflated and especially if I want to sleep, it is more comfortable without shoes.

 flight kit on long flights – a blanket, headphones, some of which also provide eye coverings.


Flying Eye Cover

Eye cover for flights

One of the sane ways to transfer flights is the ability to disengage from the environment and sink into a good and deep sleep. Once you have darkness, it is easier to do this, and I made sure to purchase quality eyeglasses for myself.

Protective neck cution for flight

If you have long flights, a quality neck shield from a memory foam is a life saver!

You can fold it into a small fold with a rubber band or stick it in the handle of the backpack or suitcase. There are also inflatable neck protectors but they are less comfortable. If you intend to sleep on a flight, a neck brace will help you and prevent your neck from getting caught or hurt by an incorrect sleeping position, which is supposed to be done in a sitting position.

The neck shield – buy in stores like 1 dollar store or Amazon.

Do not buy at that airport where expensive!

Headphones for Flight

One of the essential items for flying is quality headphones.

Until my last flight, I used ordinary small smartphones that were great, but after two or three hours they hurt a little in my ears, and I had to take breaks. They also do not completely prevent plane noises or background noises.

On my last long flight, I purchased high-quality headphones from SONY in Paris.

They cost me about $ 30, but they have a nice padded earphone, an impressive noise filtering capability and it was just a quality of life to fly with them on flights since.

If I had the sense, I would buy in advance in Israel, but I went out with a pretty good price for a quality product.

My recommendation – be sure to buy at least a pair of extra headphones to have a spare. Especially with children!

Some of the planes give you headphones for the flight, but most of them are bad quality headphones and some say the crew recycles the headphones to re-pack them, and simply transfer them to the customers. I prefer to come with my own headphones.

If you get stuck at the airport, they will cost you quite a lot, so it’s better to have a pair of headsets or two in the bag in advance, even if it’s a simple headset on 10 NIS you can buy at the supermarket.

Flight clothing – what to wear for a long flight

On the issue of flight clothing, you may want to choose long, warm and comfortable clothes.

Usually, after take-off, the temperature in the plane drops, especially on very cold transatlantic flights at night.

I always make sure to bring me a Pashmina warmer in the bag, because the airline blankets are not always clean and are just re-bundled.

It is recommended to dress in layers – a thin vest down, a long thin shirt, knit (if you suffer from cold) and a brass jacket.

In terms of pants – a little thick lycra pants, or elastic jeans, any pants that you can sleep with.

Avoid skirts, light pants, too thin fabrics, short dresses.

Women – bras – In some airports, the iron of the bra is made of twitter, and in the case of long flights, I prefer to fly with bras without iron, it makes the flight much more pleasant and comfortable, with less pressure on the body.

Long flights – It is recommended to wear comfortable cotton underpants and to have a change of pants during the flight.

Makeup and grooming in flight

I customarily put on light makeup with moisturizer for long flights and make a lint and then the hair stays in better condition throughout the flight, even after 10-20 hours.

I carry in my bag makeup and wipes. About an hour before landing at the final destination after the skin is dry and the body is tired, I go into the bathroom with a change of clothes, clean myself up a bit, freshen up, change my shirt, wash my face, brush my teeth, make up, and in a few minutes I feel like new even if I do not sleep very well .

On the first flights I was a regular makeup, and then with the fatigue and the long hours the makeup would be smeared, and then I would look and feel bad.

Flight Shoes – What To wear For Flight?

Comfort, comfort, comfort!

Especially if you have a connection abroad, make sure to come with flat, comfortable shoes, preferably with sneakers or flat sneakers, and I have already gone to a distance of 2-4 kilometers in large airports in the concrete and another kilometer – two here in Israel, You will want to do this distance with an uncomfortable shoe or high heels.

If you are really insisting on leaving the field on heels or festive shoes – put them in a bag or suitcase and lock them after you arrive at your destination.

Try to avoid sandals or shoes that are open because the flight is very cold, as are the airports.

Conducting flight and airport

Before leaving home, make sure your passport is valid, and you should take a small pouch or a side bag that you will need at the airport, with your passport and wallet available instead of opening and closing the case at a time.

Upon arrival at the flight – as noted at the beginning of the article – it is recommended to organize your corner to accompany you for the next few hours. Here are my recommendations:

A bottle of water – fill a bottle of water and put it in the back of the seat in front of you.
It’s a good idea to put some kind of bracelet with your name and phone in case they get lost. Of course, keep an eye on them all the time!
If you have children with ADHD – Hypers or Attention Deficit Disorder – give them Ritalin and make for yourself and have an easy life.
Remove the blindfold and pillowcase from the bag and place them in your pocket on the back of the seat in front of you. If small, you can leave the pillow under your seat.
On long flights – it is recommended to place the pillow on the seat, in your lower back so that you have comfortable support throughout the flight.
Arrange for you a scarf and the clothes you will need to fly, on your seat.
Place your cell phone with a charging cable in the back seat pocket.
It is recommended to organize the snacks and food you brought to the flight in a small bag in the bag, and when you get to the plane, remove it from the bag and place it under the seat so that the food is accessible and you will not have to disturb any of your neighbors.

Before starting the flight – take care of the toilet.

After the start of the flight, usually up to one hour from the start of the flight there will be a distribution of food and drink by the stewardesses, except for low-cost flights. It is recommended to wait after eating to sleep.

After you have eaten, I recommend seeing a little TV on a long flight to get tired, and then try to sleep a bit.

Before you go to sleep, you will take a 5 minute round in an airplane with stretching to move your muscles and blood flow a bit.

Try to sleep as much as possible, take the time to rest.

You can see movies, read, or do anything else. I try to sleep as much as possible, it makes the flight pass faster.

It is important to drink an hour or two of water, as much as possible, to keep the body from drying out, and then feel better and less tired after the flight.

After you have reached your final destination, you may want to buy a drink with electrolytes and vitamins that will help the body to balance quickly and improve jet lag.

Jet Lag – Jet lag tips – How to avoid Jet lag

When you fly to a country with a difference of more than 5-6 hours for more than two or three hours, it is recommended to prepare for this in advance.

In the two days before the flight, try to get organized for the hours of the place you are going to – that is to try to get up earlier, sleep earlier, eat breakfast or lunch during the local time at the destination.

Try to pull your sleep on the day of the flight and adjust it to the night time of the place you are going to be, even if it means pulling your tiredness to 24 hours, and then it will be easier for you to sleep at night when you are tired. In a day or two your body should balance.

On the first day, try not to set too intense a program because you will be tired after the flight and after jet lag.

Try to let the body rest at night according to local time, in the hope that in the morning you will be synchronized.

In order to accustom the body to the inverse clock, during the day, try to be in the sun a little, so that the body will be confused and interpret the time today and not at night.

All of this may not work and you will find yourself after a few days with tired falls at night, which will be an afternoon abroad, but within a few days it will work out.

Medications for international flights

As you have already understood, I am from the ultra-Orthodox.

I prefer to have everything close to me, because you never know what will happen when and where and I feel safer when I’m in control.

There are countries where you can not buy anything at a pharmacy without a prescription and to get a prescription you will need to see a doctor privately that can cost tens or hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is best to bring you medicines that you know and your body is used to them at home.

You do not want to risk coming to a doctor with bad English who will not understand you, and will give you the wrong diagnosis and the wrong medicine, or be in the field or in nature without an accessible pharmacy.

Here is a list of the medications I take with me every time for flights abroad:

Norophan or ibuprofen – a package – effective even in the case of inflammation, fever, pain
Lipstick – for flight, moisture for lips that dry.
Strepsils throat sucking balls
Antihistamines – Antihistamines
Magnesium balls – for the easier balance of body after a flight
Antibiotics tablets
Life Citronella Gel – Natural-based gel for removal of mosquitoes and insects (obtained at Super-Pharm)
A small first aid kit that includes: 3 gauze pads, 3 large plasters, 3 small bandages, medical sticky tape tape
If you travel to an area with forests and mosquitoes like East or South America, you may also want to take a penile gel to soothe the area.
If you have a sensitive stomach – pills to prevent diarrhea.
Bandages / pads in case of expected cycle
Deodorant Stick

Yes, I know, this list is very long, but read it, understand, I write from the experience of three flights to South America in the last six months, and on the third flight with the recommendations I wrote, the flight went much more easily and comfortably.

I have not flown with my children for long distances yet, but I expect it will happen soon, and when it does, I’ll be ready.

You are invited to share, save and apply, and if you have additional tips, you are welcome to write them in comments!