Independence Day, July , is already here.

For those who follow the pilots in the sand, it’s clear that it’s to be a crazy shopping celebration, because all Americans are free and what they like most about holidays and vacations is shopping!

As in every year, the large retail chains run special offers that come with huge discounts of 30-80%. If you plan to upgrade your family’s wardrobe, buy sports shoes or brand shoes, purchase computers or electronic equipment, sports equipment, replenish your swimwear And for the women, ’s and of leading brands or just to do shopping at super-paying prices, this holiday is also for people from all over the world.

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When is the July 4 sale happens?

The July 4th launch takes place on the official date of Wednesday, July 4th, but it is reasonable to assume that on the weekend of July 1st you will find a variety of offers and discounts for purchases of a variety of products.
In general, you should take advantage of the coming week, go through the various sites, see what you want to buy, house some products, add to the shopping basket, wait for the start of the sale, check coupons and then purchase tens of percent less.

I know it sounds complicated but that’s why we’re here!
Next Tuesday, we’ll list a list of the top links and sales with promo codes, a list that will be updated the weekend of 4-6 July, which is likely to last for a whole week.

Clothing and Fashion – July 4th sale for the whole family

In the field of fashion you can find lots of summer clothing for women, men and children with discounts between 30-80%, stores such as:

Banana Republic
Victoria’s secret
Nordstrom’s Rack
American Eagle
Under Armour
The children’s place
Old navy
Forever 21
Mod cloth

Shoe Sale 4th of July  :

In the field of footwear, too, you can find lots of special offers for the summer for a variety of items – sneakers, running shoes, women’s shoes or children’s shoes.

The sites you should visit from now on are:


Laptops and electronics

The month of July happens at the beginning of the summer vacation and therefore you will find a variety of specials on laptops.
Before you order a laptop, it is recommended to compare the prices in Israel and compare the different sites in the sand so you can know that you have the best deal worth having.
Sometimes you can find 30-50% discount deals on laptops.

Where should I check out deals for laptops?

New Egg
Best Buy
Gear Best

July 4th travel deals

Most tour operators also offer discounts of 10-20 percent sometimes on flights, hotels or booking vacation packages.

So if you are planning flights to the sand sometime soon, the following sites are likely to find deals that are really worthwhile:
Other sites to book flights that you should check:

Big shopping market websites

At major shopping sites you will also find promotions Chinese websites.

It is therefore recommended to visit the following sites in the category of the 4 July Sale:


Gear Best


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Happy 4th of July!