In anticipation of the upcoming season and the beginning of summer, we have prepared a for ordering a wedding .

Wedding Dress.
The fantasy object of 95% of women.

Who among us did not dream as a child how she would see her wedding dress on the day she decided to get married?

The only day in her life where she would look and feel like a princess?

True, in reality, with all the organizations and the arrangements it seems a little less like fantasy,

but will you agree with me that what is most important at the wedding is the wedding dress?

All the fun should cost between $ 100-1000 for a gorgeous and quality dress that will eventually stay yours! And you can sell it or choose a dress that is not too swollen and then take a seamstress, shorten it and make it an evening dress for events with all sorts of extras and accessories, or simply sell it and earn back some of the cost.

What’s for sure is much more lucrative!

Luxurious wedding dress with embroidered and embossed stones – $ 89 in AMAZON, customized: Link to dress

Another example of a gorgeous wedding dress for $ 80

Link to the dress >>

Look at this gorgeous dress for $ 140:

Link to the dress >>

In short, you understand the principle? And that’s just a taste of the dress collection you can find online.

Here is a search for Amazon bridal gowns to wash your eyes and also search for bridal gowns in Macy’s, for those who love simple and chic wedding dresses, and of course – bridal gowns from Aliexpress that some suppliers will allow personalization and Fedex delivery.

Most bridal gown suppliers allow for fast delivery at a pedal costing between $ 30-100 and I think it’s worth it because the dress will arrive relatively quickly.

Some things to pay attention to when ordering a wedding dress online:

A bridal dress for the religious sector or Orthodocs people – here too there is certainly a respectable response.
You can find lots of wedding dresses on the net with a lace sleeve, or dresses that are more modest in terms of cleavage and appearance. And it is also always possible to take the dress to a seamstress and add a transparent or opaque tulle to her and to embellish her.

Feedbacks – It is important to read at least 10 feedback about the supplier and the product – 5 negative and 5 positive. If the complaints are on the delivery time or quality of the fabric or if there are too many bad complaints stay away.

Measurements – It is recommended to take an extra 4-45 cm to get a maximum of a seamstress to fit the figure to your body and choose a corset with tying back laces or elastic fabric so you can fit if you happen to Therese or get 2 kilos.
The same goes for the length of the dress, shortening is always possible.

Most suppliers will give you A form to fill the measurements should look like this (or copy it and send it to the supplier):

Please tell us following information at least:

For Example:           Size unit: inches.

1.Bust =___ inches

2.Waist =____ inches

3.Hips= ____inches

4.Shoulder to Shoulder= ____ inches

5.Shoulder to waist = ____ inches

6.Waist to floor (without shoes) =____ inches

7.Shoulder to floor (without shoes)____ inches

8.Height =_____ inches (from the top of head to floor without shoes)

9.Height of Heels _____inches

10.Dress color =______(as picture show color or Any color choose ,Reference our Color Chart)

11.Dress back : zipper or lace-up back ? _____ (Suggest use lace-up)

12.Your Contact Telephone Number : (it is necessary) _____( Please tell me your phone number . The postman need it when the dress arrival . )

Note: if you have any dress specific requirements , please tell me again when you send me measurements . Please fill in above size to send out me .STANDARD SIZE CHART (inches)

13.The date you need =__ (optional)

Few more important things:

Cut – you should walk around in bridal salons in your city, measure dresses, see what sat on you best and flattering. Take 2-3 good friends with a sense of fashion to help you decide what is most flattering for you.

Accessories – It’s important to remember that when you a bloated wedding dress, it usually comes without an inner skirt that gives volume so you will usually need to an inner skirt, with or without a hoop.

When you order a wedding dress online, it is recommended to order at least two months before,
so that if the dress will not suit you – and yes, there are sometimes falls,
but for a quarter of the price for the dress you want to rent in local stores for one evening –  it’s worth the risk.
Where there’s a big collection In hundreds of wedding dresses in the price of $100-200, fancy dresses that in local bridal stores – dresses in the same style cost about 1000-2000$ and sometimes its only for rent!

Therefore, you need patience to search the net and you can even order 2 dresses in case one of them won’t fit, and sell them on Ebay after the wedding in much higher price.

A bride dress for pregnant woman or a large size wedding dress

ou can find a variety of wedding dresses suitable for pregnancy, or for large sizes. Here too it is very important to measure dresses to make sure you are comfortable with the abdomen and that the cut is flattering.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women from Aliexpress

Link for the category>>

Communication with the supplier – Before ordering, read all the details carefully. Most of the bride dresses at CUSTOM MADE need 21 business days to prepare + delivery time.

You should send an email with the details before placing the order, send the measurements, ask if possible to produce for you the dress, within how long it should be ready and within a while shipping.

You may want to limit them to a month, say you need the dress urgently for another 40 day event, and check if it is possible.

 very important!!!!

Of course you have come to understand that his English is good and that he answers you in a matter-of-fact and serious way.

Most of the Chinese suppliers with bad English, barely understand and only write YES WILL PROVIDE NO PROBLEM.

Therefore, you may want to ask a few questions to make sure that you have fallen into serious doubt that your invitation will be taken seriously.

It is best to take an advantage of at least two months for any malfunction.

Should I Order a wedding dress from China or from United States?

It is better to order from American websites if you find a dress that meets your requirements on a good price, there are a lot of gorgeous dresses on eBay and Amazon and dozens of dresses sites in the United States and Europe.

All you need is to search.
In my opinion it is sometimes better to pay a little more and order from an English speaking provider safely.

One advantage of ordering from Amazon or eBay is the use of PayPal and Amazon payment.

In addition, vendors working with Amazon and eBay are required to meet high standards of service and there is no room for games or lack of credibility, otherwise they are blocked.
Beyond that you will usually find the most suitable deals there.

Second-hand wedding dress?
You should also go for this option.
You can find hundreds of bridal gowns that were worn only once (and sometimes not), and save tens and hundreds of dollars if the dress is suitable and in good condition. You should ask the seller for real-time pictures and ask if there are any dots in the dress or stains and make sure there is an option to return and receive money if the dress is not as described or not to taste.

You can send the dress to dry cleaning and it will be like new.

The great thing is that you can find ruinous wedding dresses up to $ 100.

And for the fact that someone wore it once, what do you care? You’ll wear it too once.

That’s all for now, you can leave your comments on the comments section and we will be glad for your sharing!

Good luck!