If you are looking for a permanent hair removal device in a gradual, economical and painless process, this article is for you. And for you.
Two ago, I realized that it was absurd that I spent so much time shaving and dealing with excess hair. I have quite sensitive skin.

After years of suffering from wax, I decided that it was enough.

Since I am a of three children, a divorcee, a business manager and a full-time employee, the option of to do hair removal treatments in an external place is not an option because I do not have the time and with us, it also costs quite a lot and I am less enthusiastic about the matter of sitting and letting someone else mess around I have intimate areas in hair removal treatments.

Then I realized that the option for me was a home appliance and at the same time I began to do a survey of home appliances for hair removal abroad. I read dozens of comments on Amazon and other shopping sites until I came to the conclusion that the device that gives most of the recommendations the best result in exchange for the most suitable price, Silk n and go from Silk epil.

How does  flash and go works?

Silk n flash and go device operates with the technology of HPL flashes with a wide wave of light that burns the follicles of the hair.
He knows how to burn the dark follicles of his hair.

Before treatment, shave the hair in the desired area.

Then move with the device that flashes on the skin and they burn the hair follicles, which causes a large part of them to be destroyed, and those that have not been destroyed – the growth becomes very slow and over time, if you persevere, most of your hair will not return.

There are several levels of intensity of light flashes depending on the thickness of the hair and the intimate areas feel a bit more heat or a kind of tingling, but not at a painful or unbearable level.

You can do it with your face without a problem, just close your eyes. For those who have sensitive eyes, you can buy glasses for protection from laser radiation for $ 10 from Amazon, but I get along well with it without.

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Test result after two years of use with Silk n flash and go

Well, for those who are looking for quick and immediate results – this is not the device for you!

It may be that in laser hair removal treatments you can achieve more impressive results in 2-3 treatments per area, which are usually painful and waste your time to go to the clinic, but it depends on you, because for me, my time is worth money, and when you add to the comfort and privacy of your home, there is no comparison.

So I started working with the device in August 2016, in the first three months I was doing treatment once every two weeks on average after shaving all over my body.

I come with fine Iraqi roots that include a respectable body rate in the face, hands and especially in the legs.

What I would do was move with a razor all over my body and then sit for an hour in front of the TV with a ribbon or a series and do patiently with the device.

In an hour or so I would have finished my whole body.

After two months I felt a marked improvement in the level of the lesson especially in the face, hands and feet.

The hair thinned and became soft, thinner and thinner, and in areas of the hands and feet began to appear bald.

But the biggest change was with the facial hair that disappeared almost completely, except for occasional hairs that underwent additional treatments.

After a year, you can say that about 70 percent of my body hair in my hands, face, belly and legs disappeared almost completely and then I took a break for the period.

Even when I was shaving my hair, my growth rate was rather slow and my hair was thin and even if I did not remove my hair, I could not see it.

In the intimate areas – armpit and groin – growth has significantly diminished and has become slower but hair has not completely disappeared.

In the picture: Underarms After two weeks without shaving from the last treatment, it just grows, little, thin and very slowly.

After a few months of break and hormonal imbalance in the body, the hair in the face especially returned to grow (because of clotting problems I am prevented from taking pills with hormones that are usually meant to balance body levels)


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Facial Hair After two weeks of the last treatment:

The hands after two weeks since the last treatment: The picture was taken with a flash to emphasize the thin and small hairs, but in normal appearance, they look perfectly smooth.


My hip in natural growth of hair after two weeks of the last treatment:

I went back to doing treatment once a month on average and it helped to restore the hair to a slow growth rate and thin it back.

Today, two years after I do treatment once a month, almost no hair left, but it makes me forget almost completely from the razor blade and it’s just a pleasure.

Last summer I went almost every day with the children to the pool and I did not have to deal with the hairs at all … I mean, maybe it was very close to you to see small thorns in some areas, but with a little tan, I can just walk as I like and unless someone passes the hand, You can not tell.

Attached is a video review of the device with a demonstration of how a Silk N Flash Flash & Go works that I uploaded a year ago:

Who is suitable for hair removal treatment with Silk N Flash & go ?

The treatment is suitable for people with fair skin with dark hair, and from what I have read to people with fair hair or dark skin, the treatment is a little less effective but there are all sorts of reactions.

I can testify personally that my skin has a light dark pigment and black hair and it works fine on me.

Treatment requires perseverance over time.

In the initial period, you will need to do treatments more frequently – once every week or two, depending on the level of the rate and the rate of growth, but as time passes, you will see that the rate of growth is decreasing and the frequency of shave between treatment and treatment decreases with time.

As I mentioned for a few months I did not take care at all and my lesson is quite high level but once I got back to the treatments, the rate of growth dropped significantly and now I go all over the body with the device once a month which is enough.

I think Silk An Flash’s device provides an improvement in the quality of life for hairy people like me.

By the time I bought it, in the summer I would have shaved my legs every two or three days when in a few hours bad, unpleasant thorns grew.

Now even if I do not shave my legs for a week they are still pleasant and fairly smooth.

If you are like me, on the level of shave and shaving from adulthood for 20 years, then you will love this device that will separate you from the razor blade and it’s just fun not to mess with your hair all the time especially in summer.

In my hands there is really a thin, thin hair compared to the long hairs I once had.

The price Silk epil silk n flash and go

You can buy the Silk n flash n go on Amazon   for $ 250-200 shipping

here at this link –

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The device comes with 5,000 flashes. It’s like a kind of battery. For me, it was enough for the entire body to be treated in the first 3 months every one and a half weeks, and then every other week or month, depending on the need, but every time this is for the entire body from head to toe.

After a year the flashes ran out and I bought a filling for around 100$ for 10,000 flashes, and now, a year and a little after less intensive use, there is still a decent inventory.

The device is a little noisy, but I think there is no price for the privacy of sitting comfortably in your home, going through the whole body and the intimate areas without feeling uncomfortable from anyone and without getting scratched, leaving the house, looking for parking, being uncomfortable and feeling exposed, You fall on a technician who is not skilled enough and experienced and then may get burned or it hurts.

Over time, the investment is definitely worth the cost!

DISCLIMER – I wrote this review on my own initiative and on my own and I have no contacts with Silkepil, I’m just very pleased.

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*pics credit – Amazon