So it take a little too long since your last flight abroad and all the low cost ads around you just call you to pack a suitcase, take your passport, run to the nearest Airport and escape to the cool that summer is much more attractive with the heat of July and August, & The exorbitant of the hotels.

Whether you are planning a couple romantic vacation or a holiday with children, here are some tips you should consider to lower your airfare.

First, before you start, note that your passport is valid for at least six months.

Please note that you have not been hospitalized in the past six months, otherwise it will be difficult for you to find an insurance company that will agree to insure you.

Low Cost Flights to Europe – How to Book Low Cost Flights to Europe at Low pricing

Especially when it comes to destinations in Europe – these are relatively flights and today you can find flights from $ 50 per person in certain companies if you book well in advance.

However, at the las

t minute deals, you can find cheap flights to Amsterdam or cheap flights to Berlin and a variety of destinations ranging from 100-350 Dollar per person per direction.

The only disadvantage of low cost flights is that in most cases it is an air bus, so comfortable conditions will not be there and any extra – from choosing a seat, food or drink on the flight, an additional bag or suitcase that goes through the tiny and ridiculous dimensions they offer will be charged for extra dollars or euros .

It is important in advance to prepare for all of these things and check the company’s website carefully with the terms of the card what the size of the bag is allowed to take with you.

Until recently, the Low Cost companies made it possible to arrive with a bag from the Duty Free to fly.

Today, at least on 2 flights, I have already encountered companies that will charge you for excess baggage even if it is “just an innocent bag of sweets.”

If you see that you are going to exceed the size by even one centimeter, the Europeans are not considering, and they are very strict, so pay a little more in advance for the ticket and you will come with a big suitcase.

This is especially if you are flying in the winter, whether you are flying with children (gifts) or without children (gifts for compensation for your guilt as parents, I’m talking from my experience).

In general, it is an average 4-5 hours flight to a variety of destinations in Europe,from the middle east or 7-8 hours from America, so it is not that bad, but if you have small children, it is recommended to prepare in advance with tablets, cell phones, booklets or games that will occupy them during the flight.

And of course – to book in advance seats adjacent to each other.

The Europeans will not be interested in you sitting away from your children and if you arrive late for a check-in or a full flight, you will not be able to sit next to them or your partner.

However, if you order in time you will find deals for flights at attractive prices and save tens to hundreds of dollars.

For booking flights you may want to check out Skyscanner – there is a mechanism to search for flights on nearby days, hotels or packages. Very convenient interface!

Booking a holiday as a flight Package deal with hotel

In most cases, such a deal unless it is a last-minute deal at a low price, will cost you more than ordering a flight alone and a hotel.

If you are planning to fly to a place where the hotel is an hour or so away from the destination and you do not want to waste time and there is also a shuttle service, check in advance how much you will get a taxi from the field or UBER and make the consideration after checking both flights and hotels separately.

If you are traveling without children, for example Amsterdam, there is excellent public transport and there is a train that takes you from the field to the city center and from there to another tram, at a cost of about 8 Euros, compared to 40 Euros per taxi. In most popular destinations in Europe you will find convenient transportation services,

So you can save a lot on the commuter and the trip itself.

Please note – public transport in Europe

It is important to arrive with a credit card and PIN CODE that most places will not allow you to pay in cash, and you will need to buy a ticket at the airport or the central train station.

In addition, if you book a hotel and flight deal, if you need to cancel or change, it is usually impossible to book separately because most hotels will allow you to cancel a few days in advance at no cost or with a fine and some airlines will allow you to change the flight time.

But I’m in favor of checking to the two ways.

Cancellation of the Low Cost / Change Flight

Keep in mind that Low Cost flights are usually very restrictive conditions – that is, you can not cancel, you can not move and can not

be transferred to someone else ..

There are companies such as EasyJet who can transfer the flight to someone else at a cost of $ 25 for a change of name or a change in the cost of 30-50 $, but read the terms of the card carefully before you order!

Date of flight

One of the best ways to save is simply to enter the search engine of flights and start moving dates back or forward day.

If you are flexible and have a few days to play with, sometimes going out early or later, can offer a larger selection of flights, sometimes even regular flights, which may cost you less money. If on a particular day there are fewer flights and more demand – such as flights on Thursday and Sunday – there is a chance that on other days of the week or on Friday and Saturday, you will find significantly cheaper flights.

So, try to get out of the box for your vacation days and always check for two to three days back and forth in different combinations.

When it comes to Europe, you need at least 50 euros a day, sometimes for spending and traveling, and very much depends on where you are staying. So I’m in favor of saving as much as possible.

Reservation at the last minute for flights or pre-order?

When it comes to flights in general, it is always advisable to book in advance so there is much more availability of places on flights at cheap prices, especially in destinations as far away as flights to South America or flights to the United States, even though flights to Europe will cost you much less if you know in advance the times that you are available On vacation.

However, there are many times last-minute deals from airlines that failed to fill flights and then you can find prices at a discount, but it is recommended to make the reservation as much as possible in advance.

Booking a hotel in Europe

When you plan to book a hotel in Europe, it is recommended to go through the hotel sites, compare the prices, read reviews and go to TRIP ADVISOR and see real photos of the surfers and honest reviews to help you decide how much the hotel actually resembles what you saw on the hotel’s website.


Also, pay careful attention to the composition of the rooms.

In Europe there are lots of motels that offer a bed in a room of 2, 6, 10 and even 12 people, so if it’s cheap, it’s suspicious and you should check it out well and read the fine print.

If you plan to travel and return two to three times a day, it may just cost you less to find a room in the city center.

To BOOKING to compare hotel prices>>

Air BNB in Europe

One of the ways to save on a trip to Europe is staying at Air BNB, which is actually people who rent their homes to foreigners for a night’s fee, which usually amounts to 50% of the cost of a hotel.

Usually you will get an apartment neat, clean and well maintained, it is quite common abroad and you can read reviews about the hosts.

It is recommended to have a Skype conversation with them beforehand, to make sure that there is a connection and adjustment, both on their part and on your part. Some people are too pedantic or nervous and anxious for their home.

At the same time, there are a lot of people who rent a room in their home or the whole house and the experience is very pleasant and pleasant and this allows you to experience another trip and save costs. I also have friends who do it and it works great for them.

To the AIRBNB International website>>

Travel insurance

One of the most important things.

From the moment you booked your flight, you should make a travel insurance reservation.

After 7 years as a travel agent, I can tell you that this is the most important thing and that travel insurance does not save you!

Even if you’re just traveling to a back-end backyard in Europe or anywhere else, anything can happen before, during, or after a flight.

Unfortunately the issue of luggage loss is very common, as well as thefts from hotels and when you have travel insurance extended to the sand you are covered.

I see so many people who save on insurance, order the basic package of credit card and sick fund and then pay for it dearly.

It is important :

Surely the cell phone
Update your health status – pregnancy / hospitalization for the past six months \ chronic diseases – if you do not report something expensive you will not be insured!
Make travel insurance for reimbursement of expenses
Surely a laptop if you have
If you are planning a challenging activity, pay extra for it.

It’s true that it causes a free policy to turn into an expensive policy that sometimes amounts to $ 20-30, but believe me, if something happens overseas, God forbid, $ 20-30 will be pinning the expenses.

It is also important to make travel cancellation insurance, since if, God forbid, you are sick or a family member is hospitalized, you can get a full refund on the card in most cases.

In one of my cases as a travel agent, I took care of a client who ordered a flight from today to another month to the United States. I offered him a travel insurance that cost him something like $ 50 when the ticket cost $ 1,500.

He insisted not to do insurance.

Two days before the flight he called and said that a dog had attacked him in the leg and that he was not in a position to walk and that he had to cancel the flight after hospitalization. Unfortunately two days before the flight took effect full cancellation fees and since he insisted not to make travel insurance to the sand, he lost all his money.

I also had another customer who ordered a flight to one of the destinations in Europe two and a half weeks ahead of time, paid insurance in advance and called me 3 days before the flight to say that she broke her leg and could not travel, she received a full refund of the cost of the flight and the vacation that cost about $ 1000.

No matter where you do insurance, do not squander on these few dollars, anyway.

In conclusion,

A short vacation in Europe can be cheap and worthwhile, just read the fine print, pay attention to details, compare prices and save.

Change the attitude in the head and enjoy every moment, even if there are delays in flight or mishaps, you are here to enjoy!

If you have additional questions or tips, you are welcome to comment on the comments and share the article.

Main Image Credit – Amador