Guide to capturing to owners and increasing conversion from site traffic.

Those who understand little about digital marketing know that today, in a world where social networks are full of stimulations for surfers, to lead the market –

We need to take care of the production of leads on an ongoing basis in order to bring new customers into the business.

What is a Business lead?

A business lead, is actually a preparation for sale – a prospective customer who left his details or expressed interest in getting more details about your product or service or someone else’s and wants to purchase or consider purchasing what you offer.

Once you have a lead, usually the sales process should be much easier.

This is because you have details of a potential customer who has already met your product or service or who you know belongs to a specific target audience that may be right for you.

In this way, converting percentages will often be significantly higher than that for new customers with no idea what their status is and whether your product is relevant to them at all.

It’s like trying to fish one fish out of 100 in a pond the size of a meter by one meter, or one fish out of 100, in a pool of 100 meters by 100 meters.

Therefore, if you want to buy leads, you may be required to invest a certain amount on any lead that can range from single dollars into hundreds of dollars and even thousands, depending on what field, what kind of lead, what the product, what its cost.

However, if the cost of a lead comes to cost in the worst case between 10-50 percent of the profit you have on your product or service.

It still pays, because you have a certain delta of profit between the cost of the lead and the profit from selling the product.

So, you’re still making money.

ROI – Return of investment

Let’s take for example a company that produces disposable diapers for babies.

The profit they have on every diaper package probably comes down to an amount ranging from a few dollars to a few dozen dollars.

It is said that the cost of a pregnant woman’s advanced or fresh mother moves around $ 30 per lead, it still pays them to spend that amount on any potential uses.

This is because an average baby uses the package up to two diapers packages a week.

In the case of twins it doubles and multiplies it by two years and sometimes even three years of average monthly expenses for a family of $ 200-300 each month,when the diaper company makes monthly net money in its pocket for a relatively small investment.

How to Get Leads – Buying Leads

Today there are several ways to get leads.

Pop up form on your website

Pop-up on your site is one of the best ways to get leads.

The customer is already on your site, he met the company, the products or the service, and he understands what it is about, and probably came because he was looking for your products or something similar on Google or encountered content that interested him and connects to the business of your business.

All you have to do is “capture” it before it leaves or after it enters your site.

Leads to Businesses – How do you capture customers?
In order to capture customers, some kind of action is needed.

You can do this through a free tips guide, an invitation to join a customer club with benefits, a discount voucher or a special offer that will be sent by email only to the company’s customers.

Try to be creative and think of an incentive that will make them leave details on the pop-up form on your site and join the mailing list.

If you’re not sure how to do this – go to your competitors’ websites.

However, consider that it is worth your while to invest effort since the leads that come through your site will be most accurate.

Lead buying – Lead campaign

Another way to reach accurate customers is by purchasing leads from different companies.

Usually, site owners who created landing page references from content relevant to the target audience and where visitors will leave details.

The cost of a lead can range from a few dollars and dozens of dollars.

Instead of buying leads, you should invest the money in a content infrastructure that will traffic for your site, which you can convert from revenue to revenue.

In the long run, think that you spend about $1,000, for example, on a few hundred leads each month.

For $ 1,000 you can buy about 30 to 50 articles from students or make a deal with bloggers who write them easily.

Of course, the more expensive the article is, the better it is, but if your writing skills are good, you should take basic articles or even read and translate dance articles and create a site with a lot of content.

You should create a few dozens or even a few hundred articles on topics that relate to the niches of your business.

This will make it easier for you to attract your potential clientele, place leads and pop-up banners with a registration form and capture leads with minimal investment.

Yes, there is an investment here of time and planning and energy and writing, but in the long term, it’s much more profitable!

Another way to collect leads is through Webinar

You can record a lecture or hold a lecture in the heart and gather individuals to register for registration.

The Webinar – an Internet lecture, you can hold and transfer to your audience, subscribers.

So you can pick up a few to hundreds of leads of people interested in your content and what you have to sell.

Of course, it is important to choose a hot topic that you have professional knowledge about and think ahead of time about what you can talk to.

A theme that will give value to surfers with a presentation of 30-60 minutes at the end of which will be a sale and recommendation for your product.

In conclusion,

You’ve got a few ideas for picking leads or leads for your business.

All you have to do is start embedding a pop up on your site and get creative!