, my favorite mall, celebrates a birthday on 28.3.18, and we are all able to enjoy plenty of promotions and on all categories up to 90% discount.

Like every year in the seasonal spikes of AliExpress, you can enjoy a few days before exposing the offers to various products to add them to your shopping cart.

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In most cases, the size of the discounts is around 30 percent, but there are also quite a few special deals that need to look a more patiently with tweezers and then you can get equal deals.

There are also many store owners who are advertising from now on in order to “catch” the impatient buyers and you can definitely find quite a few offers and discounts for a variety of products.

What should I buy for Aliexpress Anniversary sale?

First of all, let’s with the fact that we are now in early spring, and it’s and it’s time to buy clothes for you and your children, swimwear, and baby clothes.

Because in Europe it is still winter, most of the summer clothing prices are suitable for the winter, and it is the best time to enjoy dozens of discounts and find items on the order of $ 3-5 per item.

Yes, it is .

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The Mobile App of ALIEXPRESS

One small important point – you SHOULD ALWAYS prefer to purchase through the site, there are many more deals, although there are items cheaper in the app.

The AliExpress application simply tempts you with a smaller and smaller selection of products, which will usually look like you have a discount, but from experience, the site can find better deals in most cases.

Aliexpress Anniversary sale

Here is a small glimpse of some of the promotions in the different categories of the special sale of AllExpress. As we have said, you can now fill your shopping cart, move leisurely on the various items and once you start the Sale, you will get a significant discount:

Women’s fashion category – up to 60% discount

A selection of fashionable women’s clothing, this year it turns out that the long sleeves and dresses are to dominate again.

There are quite a few beautiful models for women at reasonable prices and sane prices ranging from $ 3 to an average of $ 10 per item, which in stores in the mall will cost you at least 5 or 10 times.

Women’s swimwear ALIEXPRESS:

Swimwear is one of the most rewarding things for women to purchase at Elyaspress. Starting from $ 5 per item, there are also flattering sections in the category of swimsuits that fit both large sizes and .

You will also find a variety of sportswear and accessories at super-paying prices:

Bicycle accessories, Accessories for sport

Also in the category of sports equipment, you can find a variety of items that will save you hundreds of dollars.

The same products that are sold in stores for hundreds of shekels, cost a few dollars or tens of dollars. If you can save on import costs then why not?

kids. baby & Baby Products:

In the category of babies, you will find a huge selection of clothes, textiles, bedding and other products at prices that are at least 50% less than stores in the country if not more.

Also, children’s clothing, it’s the most fun for this season because you can order items for summer and fill the coffins with chalks:

Cell Phones & Gadgets:

This is one of the most cost-effective categories. Also, on smartphones of Chinese brands, such as Xumi, you will find a lot of discounts and deals.

If you need a glass screen protector for your devices, this is the place to buy $ 2-3 for a screen protector that sells in stores in between 50 and 200 NIS, on the same product exactly!

So why pay more?

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