sex and the city 2
I was invited to the premiere of Sex and the City 2 by the public relations firm of HP, which is promoting its new laptop in the special design of Vivian Tam.

I got a couple of tickets.

The first thought was to take advantage of the opportunity to take my husband to the in light of the fact that we hardly leave the house alone in the evenings and enjoy quality time.

The second thought took me off and it was clear to me that a film like that was taking a girlfriend.

In hindsight, it turned out that this was a wise decision!

This is a girls movie for everything! Although there were quite a few men in the audience but my recommendation, it is better to go to a movie with girlfriends unless you are still in the first phase.

Two years have passed since the previous film – Sex and the city 1, the girls have grown up, the film touches on the of married life the wedding when all the glamor and enthusiasm of the wedding fade into a life that includes work, home and sometimes family. that will identify us all.

In this film, too, the four girls travel together for a in an exotic place, with many surprises and amusing incidents.

One of the pieces that really touched my heart and made me connect very much with the film is a scene of a conversation between Miranda and Charlotte in which they suddenly admit how difficult it is to be a , how easy it is, how much guilt accompanies the matter and the conversation was accompanied by all kinds of sentences that touched the soft underbelly, And my girlfriend who sat with me and she was also a and I suppose all the in the hall.

The film raises the issue that mothers are also allowed to enjoy and that you do not mean that your mother is out of life, especially if you live in the most glamorous place in Manhattan and can be enjoyed from both worlds and must know how to maneuver and learn to release.

Sex And The City 2 movie trailer

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, it was amusing, Kim Ketrel (Samantha) destroys with laughter and just jumps the film up.

I have to admit that there were several kitsch scenes at difficult levels (see Warned), but between us the entire series suffered from endless kitsch and many ’s thoughts.

The film talks about the conflicts of single women, married women, marital conflicts, family conflicts, how much to release, how much to strangle, how much I deserve as a woman, and the understanding that it is okay even if my life does not revolve around the child for 24 hours.

However, in my opinion, watching the film over the age of 18 be limited because there is a somewhat too blunt and touching point in my opinion about sex that young viewers do not need to be exposed to so in life.