Here comes the is one of the fun and entertaining movies of 2018 for the whole family.

In the film, we meet Terry, who as a child used to spend his vacation in his grandmother’s amusement park.

The summer vacation in his grandmother’s amusement park was an extraordinary pleasure for a child as timid as Terry.

With his rich imagination overtime, he dreamed of visits to magical countries, colorful figures, walking trees, talking balloons, whispering orchids and clumsy dragons (and maybe even one or two princesses).

Now that his grandmother is gone and the theme park is about to close, Terry desperately tries to cling to the memories and stories his grandmother told him.

When suddenly a piece of magic that remained in one of the facilities flings him into a magical kingdom, he finds himself alone in a magical land he remembers from Granny’s charming and happy stories.

But when Wizard Gramp casts a spell of gloom and sadness on the land of Grubinham, such smiles and laughter are memories of the past.

Terry must travel the length and breadth of the kingdom in search of a spell that will abolish the curse and restore to the inhabitants of the land the joy of life.

On the way, he meets wonderful and strange creatures alike and helps the princess find the power to save her kingdom …

Here Comes The Grump Trailer 2018:

The characters  of the  Here came the Grump:

The Grump

the Grump is a bad-tempered, half-crazy magician, a bit of a jerk who is determined to take revenge on the Grubinham kingdom.

There will be no more love and peace in this place, the Grump wants to turn everyone’s smile into a design.

Grump has magic powers, he can destroy the day for everyone, rain down the procession and make the most beautiful flowers wither. Nervous and impatient, is a terrible boss for his employees and owner much more so for his pet dragon dingo.

But even if he knows it or not, deep down there is a , kind, kind heart that only yearns to love again.


Terry always loved his grandmother’s stories until he found himself right inside them!

Now he must accept the unexpected and rely on his inner power to get home – an inner strength that he did not know he had.

Always sociable and charming, fresh as straight as a ruler.

He has a heart of gold, but his real character has been expressed until now.

Along the journey, Terry learns that wit, a speed of thought and even a strange little thing called “courage” can accidentally turn a clumsy boy into a prince among people or rather … among creatures.

Princess Don 

Don is the perfect princess of their groves – and she knows it. She has blond hair, perfect skin, and charming blue eyes.

As you may have suspected, Princess Don is also a spoiled and naive drop.

Protected in the great castle of the kingdom, she prefers to give up her upcoming coronation and wait for the prince of her dreams to come. Because, seriously, why would a perfect princess want to take care of herself?

Luckily, the arrival of the impotent Terry puts Princess Don in an unusual position. To save her kingdom, she would have to be a bit more feminist and would have to save her “prince” herself!

When she does, Don finds out she has what it takes to wear the queen’s crown, with or without a handsome prince.


Dingo is a pretty lazy dragon, full of love and too naive to believe that its owner is the terrible gramp.

When the rump was still green, he found an abandoned dingo in the nest and adopted it. Always grateful, dingo stayed with the wizard, even when he became not so nice.

Over the years, dingo has grown and became clumsy, huge and almost allergic to everything. When Dingo sneezes, he scatters fireballs in all directions – usually hurting his owner and, miraculously, his tail.


Beep is the magical pet and regular companion of Princess Don.

This colorful energy ball is faithful, sociable and intelligent.

When he smells trouble, he actually puts his nose into work … lets him jump out of his cute face and sniff right on his own – escape plan.


In conclusion, here comes the Grump is a movie that be watched with the whole family, March 22, 2018 at the theaters.

Director: Andrés Couturier
Writer: Jim Hecht
Stars: Lily Collins, Toby Kebbell, Ian McShane