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“The Legend of King Solomon,” a humorous cinematic adaptation of the stories of Haim Nachman Bialik and legends based on the Biblical story, a fun but legendary film about a legendary king during his first reign as a young boy receiving the monarchy from his father, King David.

Shocked by the beauty of the queen of Sheba, who comes to Jerusalem to try him out in riddles, Shlomo falls in love with her at first sight.

In his eagerness to impress him, he violates his father’s command and liberates the terrible demon Ashdai from the depths of the earth.

Asmodai takes control of Solomon’s kingdom and sends Solomon to the desert together with his good friend, the best of the fox.

There he meets Princess Naama, who falls in love with him and helps him find the Shamir, the miraculous production that can be carved in stone and bring Ashmodai back to the belly of the earth and thereby end his tyranny and lust for power.

The Legends of King Solomon Trailer in Hebrew:


The director’s opinion:

I chose to illuminate the extraordinary figure of Shlomo through an exciting adventure story, but at the same time full of humor and amusing.
It was important for me to focus on the special spirit that prevailed over Solomon’s reign throughout his reign, a remarkable and extraordinary period in the history of our people, characterized by peaceful and brotherly relations between the peoples of the region and the close between the various cultures that flourished there.

In light of the difficult reality we are experiencing today, the possibility of telling a story in which good prevails over evil, wisdom and humility triumph over evil and compassion, friendship and loyalty come to their wages, this is the greatest challenge I have had in all my years of work.

Hanan Kaminski.

The characters in the story of king Solomon:

The king Solomon – Shlomo

Only 17 years old, already known as a wise man, speaks the language of animals, solves sophisticated but arrogant and heart-wrenching riddles and thus loses his throne.

He is thrown into the desert and there, weak and destitute, he is employed as a dishwasher in the kitchen of the king of Ammon.

His power and kingdom are restored to him only after he has learned the lesson of the sin of arrogance and understands that the greatest wisdom of all is the wisdom of humility and compassion.

Princess Naama

16, the beautiful daughter of Salim, king of Ammon. She is courageous, independent and righteous.

Abhorred violence, enjoyed simplicity and rich princes bore her.

When her father forces her to marry a wealthy suitor, she chooses to follow her heart and flees with Shlomo.

Bilquis Queen of Sheba

16 years old, an African queen, beautiful and exotic, impressed by its power and money.

She comes to Jerusalem on Phil’s back to try Solomon in riddles and thus to wonder about his wisdom.

She is looking for a worthy partner to join him in a marriage covenant that will strengthen her kingdom.

In order to be convinced that Shlomo is endowed not only with wisdom but also with the appropriate force, she asks him to capture for her the terrible demon Asmodai.


A terrible demon, the king of all evil. Wise, cunning and manipulative.

He has powers over, but King David, Solomon’s father, imprisoned him in the depths of the earth.

He gave up his desire to take over Jerusalem and he took advantage of Shlomo’s innocence in order to realize his plan.


Chief Advisor to Shlomo. Unanimously loyal, whoever served in this position is still under Shlomo’s father, the powerful King David.

He relates to Shlomo with a fatherly concern and wants to marry him to the queen of Sheba in an attempt to lead Shlomo to responsible and mature conduct.

Most of his time he had to pass on to Shlomo not to do anything foolish, afraid of his dangerous behavior.


The nun of Bilquis, Queen of Sheba, and the one who raised her since she was born.

She accompanies Bilquis to Jerusalem in search of the husband to suit her. She is a warm and caring man, always protecting her young protege.


King of Ammon, which is Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan. Salim is a loving and hedonistic king, impulsive and innocent, a loving father to Na’ama.

He is eager to marry her as soon as because he is convinced that this will her dignity and status and fall into the trap that Asmodei has in for him.


Son of the king of Edom, who aspires to avenge the death of his father from King David, Solomon’s father.

His anger and Mr. Libo push him to cooperate with the demon Asmodai.

He does not dislike violence and cruelty, but when he realizes that Asmodai has used it for his own purposes, he changes his preferences.


The kitchen manager of King Salim.

Evil and cruel, not seeing anyone from a shower.
Is conducted as someone who detests both the people who work under it and the animals that are around it.

Toby the fox

Shlomo’s good friend. Funny and clever, is always at Shlomo’s side, he is his partner in all his exploits and adventures.

He is also the only one who, in times of , daring to look at Shlomo and tell him what he really thinks of him.

Ha Shamir

The production of filai, born in the twilight, has the ability to stone and crush rocks.

He can change his shape to disguise himself and hide in Petra, disguised as an old beggar.

Hanan Kaminsky’s film

Release: 22.3.18

The length of the film is 80 minutes