In – Thousands of women are diagnosed with each year.

Asthma pregnancy can be life-threatening and may harm the health and of the mother-to-be because asthma creates a state of shortness of breath, you can not breathe and then a situation where the mother does not have enough oxygen and consequently your baby will not get enough oxygen.


asthma medication during pregnancy

Many women are afraid to take asthma medication during pregnancy for fear of harming the .
However, the of not taking asthma medication during pregnancy far outweigh any possible to the baby.

It is important to keep your breathing under control during pregnancy.
Deficiencies in the mother’s oxygen supply can affect the fetus in several ways. When pregnancy asthma is not controlled during pregnancy, it can lead to premature birth, low birth weight, and changes in the mother’s blood pressure.

Some women will find that their asthma is actually improving during pregnancy.

In fact, one out of three asthmatic women will notice an improvement in asthma symptoms while an equal number may notice that asthma is worsening. Most asthma medications are safe to use during pregnancy.

Is it permissible to use Ventolin inhaler during pregnancy?

The answer is yes.

Research has shown that the use of inhaled corticosteroids does not have a special effect on fetal development and is safe to use.

However, it is important to know that the use of Ventolin causes increased heart rate and can cause rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, so it is important to be monitored and of course, always consult with a doctor before and whether this weekend or call the maternity ward and consult according to your medical condition.

Is it permissible to do inhalation during pregnancy?

Treatment of inhalation with saline and a small amount of Ventolin can help during pregnancy to calm an asthma attack.

In addition, a trip to the beach in the evening with salt in the air can always help and relieve a severe asthma attack, just important to dress well.

There are a number of things that pregnant women can do to reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack apart from taking drugs on a regular basis, :

  • Avoidance of allergenic factors known to be sensitive to them (such as animals, dust, food).
  • Maintaining quality sleep and adequate sleep.
  • Easy exercise exercises supervised and approved by a doctor
  • Avoidance of overexertion due to exercise.
  • Avoid smoking or staying near smokers and smoke.
  • Reducing stress from your life as much as possible and avoiding stressful situations.

Acupuncture treatments may be of great benefit to asthmatics. It is important to contact a specialist who specializes in treating pregnant women.

To the extent that it is asthmatic, it is important to inform your gynecologist early in pregnancy to ensure that you get the best treatment possible given your condition. It is important to maintain normal pulmonary function during pregnancy.

In some cases, an asthma attack in pregnancy may cause a decrease in fetal movements and be checked immediately if a condition is created that you feel a few movements.

With proper care, most women will continue to undergo the pregnancy without any complications. During childbirth, you will be monitored for your baby.

Asthma women are at risk for a seizure during and after childbirth and it is recommended to use painkillers to stay as relaxed as possible and reduce the risk of an attack.