For those of you who know the series of blockbusters of recent years in the category of children’s movies, , with Hotel transylvania 1 and Hotel transylvania 2, you will surely be pleased to discover that now there is also the Hotel transylvania 3!

I admit that as a mother of three, this is one of the few films I enjoyed watching with the children because of the plot that is interesting, the jokes that go over the children’s head (and the English version are much better), and the fact that there is some magic in the vampires.










In the Hotel Transylvania 3, Mavis, the home of Dracula who is now the mother of Dennis and Johnny’s wife, begins to realize that her father needs some happy moments in his life and after taking care of the whole family and hotel guests all the time, he deserves to have some fun back.

At the same time, Dracula, a widower, starts looking for a couple in the Monster’s Tenderer with a few amusing bits that only the older ones will understand.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Trailer


The plot of the Movie Hotel Transylvania 3

Mavis decides to order a family cruise in a special cruise that suits the monsters and invite all the monsters that are close to them, so that the whole group goes on a pleasure cruise to the Bermuda Triangle and search for the lost city of Atlantis.

On the luxury ship we meet a variety of funny and frightening characters, and the beautiful captain of the ship – Captain Erica, who belongs to her family, the Van Halen family, and her old grandfather who lives secretly in the basement of the ship, half a man – half a machine and together they plan to drown and kill the monsters during this voyage.

Once Dracula meets Captain Erica he falls in love and does everything in his power to conquer her heart while she does everything in her power to kill him including giving him a respectable dish of garlic in food, that myth can kill vampires, but she soon discovers that Dracula is hard to kill .

The film is amusing and rich in adventures, and even I, who usually take advantage of the children’s films to doze off, was very alert and enjoyed it all along.

At some point Captain Erika tries to wake up a mythical monster with magical music to destroy all the monsters on board, but it does not work that well and viewers learn the power of positive thinking.

To summarize, Hotel Transylvania 3 is one of the fun films of 2018, and you want to see, and if you really want to laugh and the kids are interested, go to the English version of the movie dubbed by Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and many more.

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