How to open an online store with Dropshipping with AliExpress and plugins you know – Oberlo for website and Alidropship for WordPress Woo commerce

If you’ve also learned a bit about trading on eBay or Amazon and understanding that the big money is in DROPSHIPPING, it means that you sell suppliers’ in your store without messing with the merchandise and without having to stock.

You publish the products on your site, and when you place an order, you transfer it to a supplier who takes care of all the logistics of the shipment to the customer, to update you, and all you have to do is follow up and cut a coupon for the price difference.

That’s what most eBay and Amazon traders do today, and if you’re paying high fees and meeting the very tough rules of eBay and Amazon, and you have some experience in the field, all you need is an active PayPal account, basic technical knowledge and you can quickly start your own business with Dropshipping website of your own.

I’m going to cover and compare in the continuation of the difference between a store in Shopify and a store in WordPress, so you should continue all the way.

My history with eBay trading and Amazon trading

3 years of trading eBay and Amazon with my own store that was closed due to delays in the orders because the Chinese supplier I worked with forgot to update that it is going to 3 weeks of vacation and , so shipments will be off.

Until I realized that I had dozens of late orders that resulted in negative feedback that led to the closure of my store on eBay.

The shop that  I had on Amazon was closed because of all kinds of other shop owners who claimed rights to unbranded products sold and too many complaints led to the closure of this store also.

I realized that I had the knowledge and abilities and I set up a shop for clothing with SHOPIFY.

Since I did not have programming knowledge, I realized that I could open my own website at a cost of about $ 30 a month for the basic package, and I was surprised that it was so easy on a technical and that no programming knowledge was required.

The SHOPIFY platform supports Hebrew so there is no problem with an Israeli store. Most of the plugins are also designed to support Right To Left, so you do not have to deal with programming, which is great if you only have basic technical knowledge.

To open a 30-day free website at SHOPIFY click here

Since I already knew a thing or two about DROPSHIPPING, I started uploading products I sold on eBay and Amazon and one day I came across one of their plugins called Oberlo that connects to ALIEXPRESS products.

Oberlo – Click for details on the plugin

What Oberlo adds to do is actually import lists of products directly into your store, update prices, inventory, items and a variety of images of variations and it works perfectly and so simple!

The Oberlo plug-in costs around $ 30 a month, but if you understand how to do the job, it pays because you can import up to 5,000 products to the store and if you know how to market and how to distribute and work correctly, you can make a lot of money with it.

Once you receive an order on your site you receive an update in the control panel and you have an Overload button of the order handling and then you click on it and automatically the order goes to the express supplier, with the details of the customer and everything typed on your own without doing anything, you only have to confirm the order at the end of the process and click ” Send “button.

It is to make sure that your shopping cart is empty so that you will not accidentally send products that you put in the shopping basket for you.

Of course you have to go over the details of the order, make sure there are no mistakes and that’s it. You’re done.

From now on all you need to do is follow the order and make sure it was sent to the customer, send him a tracking number and finished the treatment.

Shopify integrates with PayPal and a number of payment options.

It’s true that PayPal charges about 3 percent of each transaction, but it’s very convenient if you have transaction cancellations, reports, and the speed with which your money is in addition to the fact that the purchase is secure for both parties and it also increases your ratings against the customer who feels safer to book your way.

There are, of course, all kinds of plugins that can be added to the SHOPIFY website, but it is important to emphasize that your store will be in English unless you want to go through each product and translate the text.
This is an excellent international store.

On your Shopify website, you can also create a blog with articles and content so that they will be promoted better on Google.

One of the advantages of Shopify is that the store gives you a 30-day free trial, so you can try, start, see if it’s for you and if so, continue. If not, simply as friends and that’s it.

Oberlo – Click for details on the plugin

To open a 30-day free website at Shopify click here

Setting up a Dropshipping site on the WordPress site – opening the WordPress site

It is important to remember that unlike eBay and Amazon you start marketing your store from nothing, so you may need to invest a bit in SEO and promoting on Facebook or Google in order to produce traffic at the beginning.

The great advantage of your WordPress site is that if you are on a relatively small site, you can only pay an initial amount to purchase the domain – about 3-50$ per year and storage fees around 15-30 dollars a month in a package on a shared server, Time supplement of the Dumpsping plugin, and that’s it.

You have your own website.

You can also open a site on the platform. But then you are more limited in terms of design and functionality, and on the technical level, it is more cumbersome than your own site.

There are also storage and management costs that make the story more attractive if you have a site that starts to grow up with thousands of products. So if already WordPress is better than a standalone WordPress site.

The Oberlo plug-in is only suitable for a store in SHOPIFY, and if you work with WordPress there is a plugin for Dropshipping with ALIEXPRESS called Alidropship.

AliDropship – Click for details on the plugin

It costs a one-time fee of about $ 90, but it’s indefinite and you enjoy updates to the plugin.

There is a plugin for a regular site and an add-on to the Woo Commerce site of WordPress, which is a site that supports all the features of a store on the net.

There are now a lot of templates that support the establishment of a store in WordPress, there are many free templates in a basic design that you can start with and then upgrade to something more designed and professional.

The ALIDROPSHIP plugin works on the same principle as Oberlo and if you look at the long term it is also much more profitable because you do not have a monthly subscription fee.

AliDropship – Click for details on the plugin

Of course, the establishment of WordPress is a bit more complex, but if you have a basic knowledge of WordPress technical level, you can open your own WordPress site using the servers of storage companies which in addition to storage services, the possibility to open your own website click on the server.

You can also ask someone on Fiverr to create a WordPress platform for you in a good pricing, it’s quite cheap there.

Comparison – Establishment of a website for Dropshipping –
Shop in Shopify vs. a store in WordPress – SHOPIFY store or WordPress store




Shopify Store  A variety of molded templates, The basic templates are free, The designed templates are with extra payment.

WordPress Store A variety of templates designed for the store, Optimization, and adaptation will usually be required, At a basic technical level or through pages builder to assemble the structure and The pillars and the shop.



Extension options

Shopify Shop Shopify has a variety of add-ons, some paid and some free, but a smaller selection than WordPress And more limited editing options but enough for a basic-medium user

WordPress Store A variety of add-ons that increase the functionality and options of the site. Most of the plugins are free, with some upgrade options for some.



 The costs

Shopify Shop The cost of a $ 30 per month basic store includes storage + $ 30 per month for the Oberlo add-on And sometimes additional add-ons are required to pay for higher functionality. But for starters, you can get along with a basic package.

WordPress Store Storage cost per month starting from $ 15 + one-time cost of purchasing the Alidropship plug-in. If you know how to set up a WordPress site alone or with easy technical knowledge and experience with WordPress, There will be no additional costs to the site, except for domain purchase.

Setting up a basic site with a store will cost between $ 50-100 per fiber (for a basic level, including settings and store structure design)



Domain – Store name

Shopify store You can open a temporary shop with the name of and change to your own domain At any time.

WordPress Store To open a website in with the prefix of and then change, but The costs of adding a store and extensions and updates and storing through WordPress with limited control over site management are different from an independent, less convenient and cost-effective site.



Payment options

PayPal, Amazon, a variety of options on both platforms of your choice





Importing products from existing store

You can import products from Shopify, WordPress, Amazon or eBay with a plugin for both platforms



Ease of use

Shopify Shop For beginning to intermediate site users. Very user-friendly and there are lots of guides on YouTube and also on the site with an explanation of how to do anything. They also have a great support team that responds relatively quickly. Also saves technical engagement in most cases.

WordPress Store More suitable for advanced users with experience working in WordPress, since it must be installed and downloaded Plugins, update versions, set and make adjustments. If someone else installs your site at the beginning, it will be easy and convenient for you to operate it because WordPress also has a variety of tutorials and videos that will make it easier for you to work with and explain everything, but you should have someone who understands and can help away from a phone call or you will have to spend money on programmers.

Also, it is important to note that whether you chose a WordPress site or a website, it is highly recommended to install SEO plugins in order to improve visibility in Google search engines and to achieve more quickly.

With the persistence of several months and hundreds of content pages, you can start generating traffic volume of several thousand hits per month and generate revenue.

It is important to emphasize that this requires long-term perseverance.

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