When Yuval, my son started to crawl around the , from time to time I could catch him looking at the closets that he is not supposed to open.

We made sure to lock the dangerous closets, but somehow always when the coffin had to be opened, the key ring disappeared … Sometimes I think Murphy sits up and laughs at all of us. Recently, I received a package that is no better to call it than a “ package” from Baby and you can find their great products for baby safety on Amazon –Amazon Dream Baby products.
The package contains many parts which can be used to make the home safer for the child, and even easily without screws and tools.
So I recruited my husband and asked him to install the accessories throughout the house.
The husband was as excited as if I bought him a new computer game and started working. Of course he was asked after the work to give his opinion on the products, he is much more pedant than me and pay attention to the small details.
Since a third of his life he is a debugger in his work and his profession, sometimes he takes this role at home, so he seems to me as the perfect partner to share a common opinion on A package of safety products to bring you this .
The package has more or less all the safety aids needed to create a safe environment for the toddler:
  • Baby door defenders (there were plenty). A shield that is mounted on the door so it will not slam on the fingers (until now we had a turtle full of sawdust that filled the above role).
  • Soft plastic shields for the corners of the table – very useful, especially since we have a table in the dining area that can get stuck in the toddler’s head.
  • Various closures for cabinet doors – such as a corner cabinet, a two-door cabinet with handles and a two-door cabinet without handles. And two more shutters in the drawers.
    All the parts can be assembled easily, the assembly of some of the accessories is through stickers – as I said before without screws !!
    (this saves a lot of mess and headache).
So this estimate will not cover you all the closets and all the doors in the house, nor all the sharp corners (if you also have a buffet or other furniture) but it is definitely a good basic kit at least for a start.
Moreover, there is usually no need to block more than 4 cabinets and two drawers in the house.
As for the durability of the parts, the adhesive is strong and high quality,  and the pieces that have been affixed to the cabinet do not come out easily (certainly not in normal use).
Please note, of course, it is highly recommended to clean the doors of the cabinets before bonding the stickers (this is also indicated in the installation instructions, which for some reason appeared only in English).
The use of sphincters is easy and does not make life too difficult for us, but it certainly makes it harder or harder for two-year-olds to open the closets/drawers.
The socket guards entered easily, and in order to retrieve them, we had to use tactical aids (ie screwdriver/knife/ pen).
Most accidents are said to be happening at or near the home, I’m sure it’s worth spending a few more bucks to create a safer environment for our children.
It is recommended to have this kit for the age of six months, just before our cute babies start to be active and crawl and just to protect the house.
I remember seeing an interview with a baby safety expert who recommended a parent to sit on the floor, or crawl six around the house and pay attention to all the things that are available to him from such a position that can be attractive enough for a child.
When Yuval began to crawl and quickly settle down and deal with things that were within his grasp, we had to change our open television stand in a massive wooden television cabinet with drawers and doors that were very quickly protected by an irritating screws.
Around the age of 1 and 3 my genius had already surpassed the patent, I myself would have gotten complicated with this mechanism.
Since we moved an apartment a few months ago, we found good uses for valuables at home.
Although he is already two years old, his curiosity has remained very well developed. In conclusion, say that there are things that are not saved, it is important to protect all cabinets with cleaning products, to raise the glasses and plates from the bottom cabinets to the top and leave down pots and plastics and things that babies will not be able to do more damage with them.
Keep knives away from the lower drawers or anything sharp that can harm your baby.
Crawling babies are very curious and want to discover the world and explore everything that comes their way. An estimate of 10-15$ can be found at Amazon