– Gaza – My kids on the beach.Imagine that a missle can fall from the sky..

My name is Helie. I’m 32 years old, I’m a mother for 3 little children and I’m a , I also live in Israel which is right now in the middle of a war with Gaza & Hamas people.

I’m not going to repeat what you hear in the news, because there are enough news channels and newspapers. I wish to tell you what it’s like from my point of view, as a mother.

We live in Beer Yaakov, which is a small town in the central area of Israel. So far we had quite most of the time and the cities in the southern area of Israel have been taking heavy fire and missiles in their everyday routine.

And the world, and even most of the people in Israel ignored it and got used to it and the people from the south got used to it.

Can you Imagine what it’s like to have a normal day at home or at work and suddenly hear an alarm and to know that within 90 seconds a missile is going to fall from the sky and might hurt you or your house, or worse, on your children? Which are now away from you?

Now, there are thousands of people that lived like this for the past years when armed missiles and rockets were thrown over from Gaza by Hamas without any specific reason.

I’ve been there too for the last two weeks. Suddenly there are fire alarms, there is a sound of far bombs even now, as I’m sitting in my living room and we already had two missile alarms today, when my kids were at the kindergarten.

My situation is quite good comparing to other people in Israel, because we got “Mamad” which is a safe room in my house. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people in Israel who don’t have a safe room in the house or in the building and they need to run away really quickly to a public shelter. They probably won’t get there on time so they will have to stay on the stairs and hope and pray that the missile won’t hurt them.

Can you imagine that missiles are falling from the sky and your children’s are not next to you? And you have to stop everything you do and to run and take them after 10 minutes of hiding in a secure space because missile parts might fall on you and risk you.

The alarms and the shooting of the missiles can happen at any hour of the day, or night.

The kids are frightened and having nightmares. My 2 years old twin girls are crying and scared on each alarm.

We got thousands of young teens that have been sent to the war in Gaza. They are not there to fight. They were sent to protect. To destroy the Hamas missiles and launch devices which located in residential places, in houses, hospitals and schools. Inside, under and around them.

Hamas is using the Palestinians as a Human shield. They are shooting missiles on Israel were children’s are playing and they know that once they are shooting a missile, the Israeli air force will destroy immediately the launch device.
they are well aware to the fact that these children are in danger and still, they are doing it. and later on they are complaining that the IDF is killing innoccent kids. Hamas is killing these kids. By placing missles in theire houses and school and launch from the play ground.

The news around the world is showing a misleading wrong picture of things that not really going on.
Hamas is taking fake pictures from the internet, and said that israel is hurting the palestinians kids. Israel is risking her kids in order to avoid citizens getting killed when Hamas is triyng to kill us.

IDF is very strong and got advanced technology. If Israel hasn’t been so humanitarian, trust me, it would have been a lot easier to throw few bombs on Gaza and finish the story, in order to defend ourselves.

Instead, we send our kids, our husbands and our daughters to the war to fight. To protect our country from people who can’t remember what they are fighting for. They got many Arabian countries to go to and they are shooting on us in order to kill.

They are shooting missiles, more than 1500 missiles in the past two weeks on Israel. They are shooting on city centers, in order to hurt people and children, in order to kill.

Israel is only defending herself.

We don’t have other option.

The Hamas is spending millions of dollars on tunnels that will help the terrorists hurt Israel, hide missiles and bombs against the Israeli population.

They are building tunnels under people houses and shooting missiles out of there . they are spending millions, while most of the people in Gaza are starving and live in a very poor way. Most of them don’t work and Hamas is holding them as hostages.

They don’t really got a choice. They are part of this conflict and got dragged to it because of a bunch of terrorists that got killing Israeli people as their main goal.

So seeing all the reporters from around the world saying that Israel is evil and not fair, is truly annoying and wrong.

Do you think that Obama will agree that one missile will fall on the USA? Do you see Tony Blair allowing any terrorist to hurt the UK?

So that’s what Benjamin Netanyahu is doing, that’s what the Israeli defense force are doing.

They are protecting us.

Right now, thousands of soldiers are in Gaza, taking heavy fire from Hamas in order to defense.

They are risking their life. We got many injuries and 13 people, have died today with a reason, to protect their country.

Some of them have left wives and kids.

We are angry. We are hurting. Each Israeli today has cried for these people. And instead of hitting Gaza harder for that, the IDF has made a truce and hold the fire for two hours for humanitarian help for the wounded people in Gaza from the Palestinian side.

And still, in all the truce that we (Israel) gave the Palestinian side, they didn’t stop shooting missiles on us.

They are kidnapping soldiers and teens in order to free suicide bombers and terrorists.

Can you tell me now how do you still think that Israel is the bad guy?

We must stop these terrorists. Israel needs the support of the world.

If not the Iron defense the military has developed, 1500 missiles would have fall on residential area and Couse a lot of killing and injuries.

Stop the killing circle.

Stop Hamas from killing more people.