are happiness , are a blessing, but what to do, sometimes with , there can also be limitations in employment.

Those who are looking for a job for a while, have certainly noticed the multiplicity of full-time jobs and the fact that there are fewer jobs for mothers or jobs that are flexible in terms of timing, and then the demand for flexible jobs for mothers is very high, creating high competition and a difficult job market.

Especially if you have only half a day off and small kids to take care of them and if you prefer to be available to your kids, so mothers like us, are not so attractive to many employers, unfortunately, especially mothers of small children or mothers of more than 3 kids.
And if you are a divorced mom with little kids  – You’re on the black list..

Also, If you are pregnant and can not find work or you are pregnant and can not continue to work, there are a variety of suggestions for things you can do.

Just before you give up on an ongoing job search, we have collected 28 for jobs from home that can be suitable for parents, mothers or fathers who choose to be a bit more at home for the kids.

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Writing articles work from home

If you are one of those who likes to write or write on any topic, you should consider giving writing services.

There are many groups of Facebook business owners looking for content writers and content editors.
All you need to do is set up a Facebook business page, write what you are offering and you should add links to the articles you have written.
You can open a blog with several articles so that people can be impressed by your writing skills.

In terms of prices – since there is a very large supply of professional bloggers and content writers, the market with very variable prices, so the cost of writing an article can range from 5$ (on Fiverr)up to  1,000$, depending on the writer and the of knowledge and professionalism and pricing.

I can say that customers will usually prefer to pay less, and there are sites that offer content writing services at relatively low prices ranging from 5$ for a 00-word article like Fiverr and etc.

You can request to join the website staff or offer your services as freelancers.

Translate Articles work from home

If your English is of a high standard, and you got some other language in very high level, you can offer your services as a translator.
The payment here is a bit higher and varies depending on the type of article and interests.
On academic articles or studies, or professional articles, people will pay more.

You can shorten processes by translating with Google Translate, and then do proofreading and editing to tailor the content to your language.


As with translation of articles, you can also offer translation services.

This means that you will need to see the movie and work with a system in which you translate every sentence or phrase into other language or into english.

If you have the patience and you love to see the newest movies before everyone else, it can be a nice option to create additional income in your spare time.

Manage Facebook pages

If you are a social animal or a mother visiting on facebook groups and very active,  if you have or have had a business that you managed for yourself or if you had a little knowledge with Facebook page management, and if you do not, but you love the network and connect to it, you can learn from a variety of articles, videos and courses online how to do it.

And if your English is good then choose the option Youtube, there is a lot of free professional information on articles and tutorials on the web.

On Facebook page management for a small business, you can receive between 50-200$ for a month, which includes posting 2-3 posts per week, regular maintenance to meet and respond to customer inquiries.
Managing Facebook pages for medium and large businesses can already require higher amounts.

There are also many companies promoting websites and businesses, you can turn to offer your services as freelancers.

Responding to online surveys and participating in focus groups

Today there are a number of Internet companies that give you money to answer surveys.
Payment is made in accordance with the accumulation of points, usually through the conversion of points to purchase coupons.

All that it takes you is a few minutes every now and then, there are times when you get 2-3 surveys per day and less busy periods. In any case, you have nothing to lose.

Also, there are companies that do focus groups around the country – you arrive for an hour or two of meeting with a few more people to your opinion about products or services before being marketed to the general public.
This is a nice bonus, look for them online.

Open a Shop on eBay or Amazon and sell products

I guess you’ve heard of those people who started a business on eBay or Amazon.

You can start your own business and sell products on Ebay and get them money.

Whether it’s clothes, CDs, toys, or small or large ornaments.

You can also do Dropshipping, which means that you are contacting a vendor, offering to sell his products and selling with you, when he is responsible for all the related operation and you only cut a coupon on the deal.

I did this for a period of time and you can make good money and build an independent business within a few months.

Of course, it is recommended to take a professional and comprehensive course in order to know the rules and how it works and get close supervision so that they will not shut down the store because of mistakes by trainees.

It is to emphasize that this requires an initial investment of time and costs for the course and perseverance over time, but if you work correctly, you can stabilize yourself financially within a few months.

Update content on websites

If you have some technical knowledge, you can work as a content updater or content editor on websites or as part-time editors for large, medium or small websites.

There are many small business owners with websites that do not have the time, patience or knowledge to operate and maintain them, upload and edit content.


Babysitting is a great way to make money with fun, especially if you have a spouse who can be with the kids in the evening, you go to a people’s house to keep their kids, and you get money for it.

You can get a babysitter for between 10-30$ for an hour, depending on where you live, but between us, this is the easiest job especially if the children sleep, you see TV or readers and get paid for it. perfect.

And yes, it’s relevant even if you’re 30-40 years old and your high school days are long gone.

I know many parents who would prefer that a mother with children give them a babysitter for their children because, with all due respect to 18-year-old girls, it is not about the experience that a responsible and devoted mother brings with her.

You can upgrade the babysitter and offer a laundry fold and increase the hourly rate.

Taking Care for a baby or toddler

If you are a mother and baby and choose to continue your maternity leave and extend it and be with your baby at home, you can take another baby or two-time twins or a full-time job and get money for it.

Of course, it depends very much on whether you enjoy mothering, being patient, relaxed and experienced and capable of coping, but think that you can earn an additional income per child or two when you are at home.

Of course, this will require extensive insurance for you and your home, social security, equipping a twins cart , and the big advantage is that your baby will not grow alone and that they will reach a few months of age.

They will start communicating and employing each other, – Raising my daughters together was in some cases more than simply raising my son as a single baby.

Household work \ house arrangement

If you are one of those who have a love for order and organization or bordering on OCD, you should consider household chores.
The payment is great, and if you like to clean up and have impressive organizational abilities at the level that all the cabinets in your home are sampled, this can be a great job for you to allow you financial freedom.
The payment for household jobs usually high, you can increase the profit by adding ironing jobs, cooking or arranging closets on the way.

A little physical but it’s excellent money.

I know quite a few of my friends that as soon as they became mothers after an orderly career, they chose to stay home with the children.
They are educated and high-quality women and when they agreed to make the switch, they found that they could enjoy the mothers and also be with the children at home comfortably and earn a decent salary.

Even if you have children at home, it pays to leave them with a babysitter or if you have a free grandmother, and go out to work for a few hours and generate more income.

as an undercover client

This is one of the nicest jobs you can do if you’re a mother looking for work from home.
There are now a variety of companies that offer hidden customer services – they send representatives to businesses, equipped with a microphone and usually a camera, and check the quality of service that customers receive, and then fill out a report and submit it to a company that analyzes the data and presents it to the customer.

Payment is usually for the time being and includes travel expenses, sometimes there are customers from restaurants or fashion so you also receive additional benefits.

There are hidden customer companies that also offer hidden customer services to call centers so you sit in your home, call the call center and talk to representatives when the call is recorded and forwarded afterward.

Opening a small afternoon babysitting service at home

If you have small children returning home at midday, you can offer private afternoon services for a few more children. It does not have to be a big afternoon, and 3-5 children can provide extra nice income and it will help you pass the time with the children in the af ements in advance and add insurance to your home and to you, but assuming you have a few hundred shekels for each child for two to three hours, you can generate additional income.

private lessons

Weather you are a class junkie or not, you can give private lessons in math, language, or English to elementary or high school children,If you have professional knowledge in other areas, you can offer private lessons for children in your home or home. Per hour.

Graphic Designer

If you connect to the field of graphic design and if you have a good eye and you like to be creative or like to draw, consider learning graphic design that is an area that can express your creativity.

It is to do a professional course and change a profession, and you can learn from YouTube videos how to design your own banners and offer basic banner design packages to customers using tools that are not Photoshop and start from there .

Cooking for people

If you have a talent in the kitchen and you enjoy cooking and everyone tells you that you must go to the Master Chef program, consider cooking for other people.

There are quite a few people who do it.
They arrive at the client’s house with groceries, a menu, and cook meals for the whole week for all members of the household.

In the age of today’s careerist parents, many parents will prefer to pay someone to cook tasty and nutritious food for them and their children instead of eating more junk food.

You can also offer your service as a private cooker – there are lots of gardens that keep a few hours cooking, cook, and go home.

Telemarketing from home

You can find a variety of telemarketing jobs or outgoing calls to customers who are work from home and can generate a pretty good income.

Virtual secretary – secretary from home

There are now companies that offer virtual secretary or secretary services for rent for companies and organizations as a supplemental or replacement equipment and especially for independent businesses.

This usually includes answering the phone to customers, taking messages, sometimes providing answering tasks for e-mails, and a variety of temporary or one-time administrative activities.

You can search for such companies online and offer your services.

Blogging – Making money from a blog

Did you know? You can make money from blogging.

Although you have to invest a lot and write and persevere over time, an active blog after a period of time, when you are careful to write between 3-7 posts per week, can provide you with extra income.

Beyond the great therapeutic abilities of free writing from the gut, it will improve your writing skills and if you persist over time, there is a good chance that you can gain a loyal following audience, brand yourself and become a leading blogger over the years.

You can open a blog about anything that interests you – a food blog, a fashion blog, a blog about shopping, kids, a field of interest you love, and anything that inspires you, enough to write about it with enthusiasm and gut.

I started blogging 12 years ago as blogs “I’ve taken inspiration from the blogging mothers in the sand who have already shown the world that blog is a media and business channel that advertisers should work with, and to my joy over the years, even in Little , blogs have become something that can contribute a lot.

Personal stylist

If everyone tells you that you just know how to dress and that companies ask you for tips on what to buy, what to wear and how, why not turn your love into a profession?

You can offer women a service that includes a tour of the mall in clothing stores, advice and show the customer what suits her and body structure, skin tone, hair, and even advise on making a makeover.

Today there are quite a few mothers who took this precious talent, began small and gradually moved to stylist positions in programs or other areas.

Replacement assistant in kindergarten, afternoon, or substitute teacher

If you have the patience for small children and if you have an occasional children’s arrangement as a backup, you can find work as a replacement assistant in kindergarten or as a substitute teacher.

Simply turn to the local council or municipality and offer your services on the waiting list. There are periods, for example, in the winter when people are sick frequently, or there are crises and terror attacks, and it’s always good to have someone else to back up.

You can also advertise on local Facebook forums that offer your services as a babysitter for the days when the children get up in the morning and keep your phone for emergencies. There are quite a few career parents in demanding jobs who cannot be absent from work at all times and will be happy to know that someone is responsible and available in such cases.

A temporarily worker

If you are flexible with your kids, you should contact manpower companies and offer you as a replacement temporary employee so that you may occasionally be called upon to fill a place of workers in various fields – secretarial, manning a store and a variety of different jobs. It is recommended to contact the large placement companies, they usually like to offer diverse solutions to their customers.

Writing an Amazon Book Publishing EBOOK – Digital Book

If your English is of a high standard and you have professional knowledge on a particular topic and even knowledge from life experience, such as 30 tips for mothers of 3 children, or tips for an organized home, etc.

Think of useful guides that people will be happy to read and go for it.

EBOOK publishing – a digital book, can be any topic you choose and can be short with 10 pages or long with tens or hundreds.
There are guides on YouTube or Amazon that will tell you how to do it. Of course, you have to invest, and it’s an investment in infrastructure that can generate nice profits and additional income. But it is best to take advantage of the free time and benefit from it.

Selling pictures online

There are a number of websites abroad that allow you to sell your photos and get money for it, although it takes time to really see profits, but if you invest and upload hundreds of pictures on different topics – you can even just go out to the park and take pictures, Out of town and take dozens of photographs.

The reward is usually about 50% of the profits, but it is definitely possible that suddenly there will be a picture that people will find special and it will get a high rating and people will buy it in large quantities. Over 1 megabyte per image, see it as a long-term investment.

Here are some sites with photo repositories where you can open an account and be rewarded for them. Basic English is required:




Dog Walker – Babysitter for Dogs

If you are an animal lover, you can advertise in your neighborhood that you are providing Dog Walker services.
Even if you have a baby with you at home, you can put it in a carrier and take a dog for a walk outside, you’ll all enjoy it and the money is not bad for half an hour of outing with the dog and it can refresh your routine and make your child enjoy it.

Building websites on shopify , wordpress or wix

If you have some technical knowledge, you can do a basic course on creating WordPress sites or creating a site in wix or even online stores on Shopify platform that does not require technical knowledge, and if you have a lot of technical knowledge, you can learn how to do it from all kinds of YouTube totals.

Creating a website can create a nice extra income, especially if you are a beginner.

You can charge low prices for the market, which will make you an attractive option, build a portfolio, and if you do a good job, it will probably pass by word of mouth And make a good deal of money in your spare time, when the children are gone or asleep.

Freelance services through FIVERR

Fiber, or FIVERR, is a meeting place between thousands of service providers and potential customers from around the world.

The site started with a $ 5 concept, so until two years ago you could find a variety of services at a cost of only $ 5, such as logo design, content writing, translation, social distribution, a variety of administrative activities, Some kinds of services are delusional like people who sing or make video related to you when your name is embedded in it, but it works and works well!

At Fiverr you can offer things you know how to do, just look at dozens of categories and you will find one or two things you can offer to other people and get money for it.

It is important to note that in recent years Fiverr is offering services at $ 5 and usually, these are basic services, but I have worked with quite a few suppliers in various fields and there is a selection of good quality professionals, so you should check.

For men or women – Handiman

Nowadays there are women who know how to drill in a drill or repair things at home, but fathers sometimes fall into this area of lack of work.

If you have good hands, you will be able to offer your service as a special haven in the Tel Aviv area. These are small sorties that can generate extra nice income.

Opening a YouTube Channel – Video Blog – VLOG

If you like talking to a camera and have something to say about a particular subject, you can open a video blog where you update and upload videos on a regular basis.

You do not need a professional camera, and even a cell phone is enough. You do not even have to be photographed yourself but just shoot something static and talk in the background.

The more you score with videos on hot and interesting topics, the more likely you’ll be able to make money from your channel.

After 100,000 channel views, you can use Google ads and start to earn.

It may be small, but it can happen when a video you upload suddenly becomes viral and gets tens of thousands of views. When a few months ago there was hysteria all over the country with the scary clowns, I uploaded a five-minute video on my YouTube channel, which shows the computer screen, and I talk in the background about the phenomenon.

Within a week he had 41,000 views. Understand the direction? There are a lot of videos on the web about how to make a successful video channel on YouTube. You may be able to make a video that will be really good, build a community for you, and soon make good money.

That’s all for now, if you got some more ideas please wright them down in the comments below and share this article!