If you are looking for a way to increase your income and work from home, and you speak English at a high level that allows you to have a regular conversation, we have an amazing offer for you!

Hello ping pongHello ping pong is an overseas company that offers brands and a variety of marketers the possibility to receive opinion polls, personally and focused through personal interviews in video chat.

Recently they began to receive requests from researchers all over the world and they asked me to bring them with people  who are interested in making some in their free time – about £ 50 for coverage for an hour.

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How It Works?

You sign up for the free service here at the link, fill out personal information name on Skype, interests, age and demographics.

If you have a survey that meets its parameters, you will receive a call from the site where you will be asked to specify times when you are available to have a conversation about a product or service directly with the product manager at the company.

you set a date that is acceptable to both parties, you will need to turn yourself half an hour or an hour when you sit in front of a computer with a camera and microphone, send you links to or services and ask you to express your opinion about the product, service, user experience.

It is very to be verbal, to be willing to participate in the survey and to have a real opinion, not just for the money.

Product managers want to know what you really think and would be happy to receive negative feedback, positive or neutral.

The conversation takes place in English, so it is important that you know how to express yourself well enough by heart.

The better and more professional you are in your opinion, the more your rankings will be able to receive more inquiries and surveys and make more money.

Payment for reviews:

Payment for reviews is done via PayPal transfer.

From what I have examined in the company’s network, it seems reliable and active and has good reviews.

Disclaimer – I am not active on behalf of the company, I only give my recommendation and participation is according to your free will and personal discretion only!

Attached is an explanatory video in English about the company and the service and how it works.

At the moment, as I wrote, there is a demand for reviewers from many countries, so hurry up to register, you have nothing to lose!

To join the service click here >>

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