Sightseeing in is likely to be an integral part of every visit to this city and there are definitely many typically German for tourist to savor.

Taking a bus tour of Berlin is an excellent way to start and with multilingual commentary, you’ll also learn a little about the main attractions as you drive around.

should definitely look out for the Brandenburg Gate, which became one of the city’s most recognizable and photographed attractions, and also the Story of Berlin Exhibition, the trendy Potsdamer Platz and the hard-to-miss Television Tower.

Another sight to behold is the spectacular Schloss Charlottenburg, the city’s largest and most impressive palace, famed for its elaborate Rococo and baroque late-seventeenth century architecture.

Berlin welcome card

Of note, the Berlin Welcome Card provides large discount rates of up to 50% on museum and attraction admissions, as well as free inner city transport on trains and buses.

They provide an easy way of sightseeing and with daily hop on/off tickets, they are also a very useful way to travel as you can leave the bus to explore and get back on when you are ready.

Most run from the center of West Berlin to the East, traveling throughout the Tiergarten and after that passing by the Reichstag.

Other – In the summer there are many boat which are available, which can be an intriguing way to see some of the city.

Walking tours in Berlin

Walking tours also become popular and the routes take in a lot of the neighborhoods, architecture and some of the more unusual cultural institutions.

There are a number of themed walking tours that concentrate on specific regions of the city, like Jew life and popular artists.

Brandenburg Gate – Address: Unter den Linden, Berlin – Commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1700 to represent peace, the Brandenburg Gate is nothing short of an iconic symbol of the city.

Originally built as a traditions post, the gate was a necessary part of the Berlin Wall and remained locked for the length of the Communist rule.

Berlin Wall

When the wall which was once the line between East and West Berlin was knocked down, the gate became an essential symbol of German reunification and it’s the only one out of 18 such gates that now remains.

Built-in 1791 by Carl Gotthard Langhans, a detailed sculpture of the beautiful goddess Victory resides on top of the structure.

When Napoleon occupied Berlin in 1806 he stole this statue and took it back to Paris, however it was returned to its rightful house again in 1814.

When the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 the tor became a symbol of the division and once the wall was finally destroyed in 1989, Berlin held its main celebrations around the building.

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