Flying with children is not a simple project, especially when it to long flights, even though short flights can be challenging.

For us, as adults, it is difficult to sit there for a long time and our children even more.

, the Turkish airline, sees the families as a preferred audience, taking into account the needs of small travelers while preserving the environment and education to protect endangered wildlife.

Turkish Airlines will launch a series of toys from materials that will be distributed as a kit for all the young passengers aged 3 to 12 on company flights to a variety of destinations around the world.

The toys in the series include cotton fur dolls, pilots’ hat, airplane models, animals and other wooden figures, in accordance with the rules of sustainability established by the International Council for Forest Use (FSC).

The new toy set, designed exclusively for Turkish Airlines and Turkey Wildlife Foundation, is designed to provide employment and fun for young passengers on the flight, exposing the children to various endangered animals.

The choice to avoid plastic toys also stems from the company’s recognition of its damage and as part of its environmentally friendly policy.

Turkish Airlines was established in 1993 with a fleet of 5 aircraft and today the fleet counts 329 passengers and cargo aircraft.

The company is meticulous in its service and if you fly with Turkish Airlines, you have noticed that other airlines, especially Low-Cost airlines such as EasyJet, Transavia, Egean Airlines and others like them, are often quite the same but the flight experience is quite different.

First of all, the seats on the Turkish Airlines are relatively spacious, even in the foot space in the seat in front of you.

There are video screens with movie screenings, flight attendants, and excellent service, and for me, the bonus is a tasty and luxurious meal as part of the flight price.

The meal includes a carbohydrate ration – vegetarian or meat, small salad, bread, spread, and dessert.

Being on a plane for a few hours is not a simple task, even if it is a 3-4 hour flight and the portion of the meal and small snacks along with a variety of soft and hot beverages, definitely upgrade the flight experience, pass the time and burn you in silence for at least half an hour.

I recently flew with Turkish Airlines to Europe – a three-hour flight, a two-hour Connection wait and an hour and a half to . It’s true that it’s a bit more time, but with respect to my round trip that was direct with another Low-Cost company, there’s no comparison to the experience.

I landed in Israel freshly and calmly after a small trip to the airport in Istanbul, a good meal and then home.

Turkish Airlines prices are definitely competing in the cost of the Low Cost, and as an experienced travel agent in the past, it is better to fly with major and leading airlines rather than with Low-Cost companies because the of getting a higher of service are higher.

Still, most of us fly a few times a year, especially when flying with children, and the experience of flying is as as the experience of staying at hotels or places you visit.

An airline that sees and takes care of the needs of small children and their parents is certainly worthy of praise for its high service awareness to its customers.