, which is the capital city of Netherlands, is regarded as among the best tourist spots in Europe.

The city is also regarded as the cultural and financial capital of the country.

Due to its numerous attractions for tourist, it figures to be probably the most famous cities among tourists from various corners of the world.

In fact, it ranks 5th among the top destinations for tourist all around the world.

It’s no wonder therefore that there are a lot of hotels within the city that offer the people coming within the country a very comfortable stay.

Them who want to have a great experience touring the city can avail among the numerous Amsterdam vacation packages which are offered by various tour operators.

There are very different packages that provide the tourists with a big choice of hotels that may wish to stay in.

There are several Amsterdam vacation packages that may arrange accommodations in probably the most expensive hotels while others permit the tourists to stay in hotels which are much cheaper.

Almost all these vacation packages may also organize the facilities along with other services the tourist might want to avail while staying within the country.

Amsterdam has a lot of intriguing places to offer to everybody, and fortunately, numerous of them are already included in your vacation packages.

For one, you can drop by the museum that contains various works of the legendary and famous artist Van Gogh.

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

There are also tours to Anne Frank House.

Based in the center of the city, this once-secret annex used to be the hideaway of Anne Frank and her Jew family.

She became well-known and changed the views of the world during the Holocaust with her diaries.

She, along with her sister, died in a Nazi concentration camp.

The city also has a large network of canals, which conquered Amsterdam the moniker Venice of the North.

Aboard a small boat, you can watch the city and its people with great peace and comfort.

You might also wish to never miss out the nightlife at Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Coffee Shops – Cannabis

Aside from the usual bars and pubs that populate the well-known business and shopping districts of the city, there’s also what is called a cannabis coffee shop, a store which offers cannabis to all of their guests.

Though this plant is regarded as illegal in some nations, it is well utilized in Amsterdam.

Obviously, you may always go for something more traditional, like lunch at Calverton, which may also give you a fantastic view of the city.

At the morning, you may take a walk down to the Flower Market located in Singel, or in Waterloopein.

You might also wish to try their native alcoholic drinks, like the gin and the brandy.

Cheap flights to Amsterdam

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