If you are a Chinese shopping enthusiast, you know about the biggest sale of the year at the Chinese shopping giant Aliexpress, which annually celebrates Chinese singles day on November 11.

On the Chinese singles day, you can find a variety of discount ranging from 30% to 90%.

Pre-Sale – Exposing offers Aliexpress sale 11/11

Usually a week before the sale starts, you will find a show of the deals that will be in the sale, and when you look for specific you can find the price of the 11.11 Sale on a small cube.

In this situation you will know what product is most worthwhile for you to order, so just add it to your shopping cart and wait for the day to order.

Usually in the week before the sale, there are many promos and promotion pages for different brands that makes reductions on their products, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the deals that are expected to appear.

What to buy at Singles Day?

In Singles Day you will find a variety of products in various categories:

  • Electronics – computers, electrical appliances, gadgets, projectors, smart home accessories and more – discounts ranging from. 50-70%
    Link to Electronics category

  • Smartphones and tablets – discounts on leading brands such as Xioami, OnePlus, HTC and other leading brands, at a 50-90% discount.
    In the category of smartphones you can enjoy flash sales for fixed periods and there is a whole category of deals every hour with prices very pay for a limited amount of products.
    Link to smartphones and tablets category
  • Clothing and fashion – fashion for adults or children, discounts of 30-90%.
    Link to the clothing and fashion category
    Link to women’s shoes and boots category

  • Children’s toys – up to 70% off usually. Especially on the big items.
    Link to children’s toys category

  • Mother & Baby Products – At Aliexpress you will find a great selection of baby products, from baby equipment, strollers, bottles, development games, maternity clothes, nursing clothes, nursing bras and whatever you need at a quarter of the price in regular stores.
    Link to Baby Products category

  • Home decor, home design, etc. – In the category of home design and furniture you can find a lot of designed products such as textiles, curtains, bedding, decorative accessories, living room covers, design accessories and more.
    Link to the Home Products category
    Link to home and garden furniture categories

  • Beauty products in the category of beauty, beauty products, makeup products, wellness products, sex products, hair extensions and more. You will find quality products at very cheap prices.
    Link to the Health and Beauty category

  • Sports and bicycle riding products – Whether you are dealing with running, cycling, sportswear, sports equipment, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in sports equipment, and in the sports category you can find huge discounts when in the initial situation the price is cheaper than the country.
    Link to the Sports Goods category
    Link to category cycling equipment

  • Ski equipment on sale at Aliexpress
    If you are a ski enthusiast, you can save thousands of dollars by purchasing quality ski equipment directly from the manufacturers. Everything you need for your next ski vacation, at a much lower price 
    Link to the Ski Products category

  • Kitchen products Aliexpress – when it to kitchen products, baking products, baking and cooking utensils, kitchen gadgets at really low prices – the cost of an average dollar for products that cost 5-6$.
    Link to the Kitchen Products category

  • Products for cars and motorcycles – spare parts, accessories and more
    One of the categories that has undoubtedly undergone impressive development in Alixpress in the last year is the automotive category. You will find spare parts, accessories, additives, media systems and everything you need to equip your car at very affordable prices.
    Link to the category of car and motorcycle products

  • Animal Products / Pet Accessories – Another category you can save quite a bit – whether it’s live toys, pillows or house animals, straps and equipment – you can find them at the best prices and delivery that comes within a week and a half or two . For example, I bought a set of toys for my cat that includes about 16 items at $ 4.
    Link to the Pet Products category

Halloween Costumes at Aliexpress

The 11/11 Sale takes place a week and a half the Halloween ends in the United States, which means that many stores are stuck with costumes, and it’s a great time for us  to order costumes for Purim or for the next Halloween at really low prices!

I usually order them costumes for me and the children and the goods are usually quite qualitative, but it is important to check the reactions and feedback of other buyers about the products and look for pictures that buyers have uploaded.

 I have ordered my daughters a costume for Moana for $ 10 when in they ran for the same costume for about 50$ s, and a costume of Princess Elena for $ 7, including a delivery. I also ordered for them bodysuits to keep them cold and tights.
Link to costume category

Promotions Category – Flash Deals on Aliexpress

One of the best features on the 11.1 sale is the Flash Deals – targeted deals for only one hour with a limited amount of products, most of which are offered at discounts ranging from 50% to 90% such as smartphones or tablets at 10-20$ instead of $ 200.

Please note that these condoms end very quickly, and the stock is hijacked within a few minutes especially when the requested products, but it is worth to enter the morning and keep up with the expected excuses for the day, set a timer for the time of the products you want and invite!

I managed to buy a camera for $ 5 instead of $ 45 and a big Bluetooth speaker for $ 12 instead of $ 70.

To the “Flash Deals” category that was valid throughout the year!

Just before you run to buy in the Sale of the Singles Day – Traps on Aliexpress

Take into consideration that the competition in the days of the sale, which usually lasts for two days at most suppliers, is high and the site is packed with Buyers and Suppliers.

However, some sellers take advantage of this fact and offer prices that are sometimes higher than the regular price even after a discount.

Therefore, it is recommended to enter a few days before, check the products and if you find a product that seems to you at a really affordable discount, look for it in search, and you will see that it is not at other suppliers at a lower price.

Shipments from Ali Express – how long it takes

Most items offered at AliExpress are offered with free shipping.

However, it’s important to order with the option of tracking the shipment, even if it costs you another dollar, two or five, especially when shopping for items worth $ 10-15 or more. Keep in mind that Israel Post is bombarded with packages after the Singles Day and if you have a tracking number, it will be easier for you to locate the package.
Also, please note that you are registering a correct phone number, postal code and address so that the mail can locate you, send you a message to collect the package, and make the package reach you as soon as possible.

Have a fun shopping holiday, You are welcome to share this article!