Advertising and working with social network influencers and web influencers can have great when it comes to exposure to a large audience from a specific niche. This is in light of the fact that network influencers have many followers and organic promotion ability.

However, from time to time you can see posts  on Facebook or other social networks from business owners who feel there are bloggers looking to exploit them, so especially for you, business owners and public relations people, here is a short to working with bloggers and influencers that will save everyone a lot of aggravation and let you know how to work .

Written by Helie Gursoy, a blogger and influencer with over 12 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing.

What does web influencers mean?

Let’s make a moment of order.

Network influencers are divided into 2 – bloggers and influencers.

What is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes a blog – a web log – it can be on a standalone site or a platform of blogs such as WordPress, blogger, or any other platform.

Although Blogger allows creating a blog that is supposedly independent its design options are more limited.

When you work with bloggers for advertising purposes or with marketing content, it is best to work with those who have an independent blog because in this way Google will generally promote them better as a niche blog if they have several dozen or hundreds of articles that deal with a specific topic.

Also, if bloggers write on blogs platforms, publishers may have an interest not to promote free marketing content and to make links to your site become a “no follow” – which means that Google will not consider them as a promotion tool for your site, Where you did not really get a lot of profit from the level of organic promotion, which is why we actually gathered.

Also, on various platforms, including a blogger, it is difficult to see statistics and data accurately and in detail and it is hard to see the source of the traffic, so you can not always know that the data are real.

When working with bloggers who have an independent blog, they can do whatever they want to blog, post, write, promote, put links, and no one tells them what and how to do.

Of course, it is important to choose active blogs with at least two years of seniority and ask to see screenshots of statistics from Google Analytics, but we will immediately get to how to work correctly with bloggers.

Because of the unbearable ease with which anyone can open a blog, in recent years every second person has developed a blog that on the one hand is blessed because it is a great way of expression and a wonderful way to promote self-employed and business. But on the other hand, there are now thousands of bloggers and how a business owner who wants to work with a blogger can know That it really was a man to bring results?

What is Web influencers?

Network influencers are people who do not necessarily run a blog, but they have a lot of friends and followers and they know how to generate a lot of buzz around each post and their status.

These are people who are usually interesting people, intelligent people and an interesting life that makes people follow them and want to consume more of the things they share.

Sometimes these are people who happen to find people interesting.

There are also network influences that are all sorts of Slavs that the paparazzi enjoy watching and they create interest for the public, all sorts of actors, models and reality TV refugees.

I personally think of my place as a mother who preferred brands to choose someone who speaks to them, although it has been proven in the past that sand brands that gave carts or carts to the Slavs to appear in the paparazzi pictures (plus a significant amount of payment) have increased brand popularity and increased sales.

However, when you choose the Slavs, the payment will usually be very high, and with the exception of limited and limited exposure, the exposure will not last long because you received one picture in the newspaper or on the internet.

Also, the problem with the Slavs is that the press and the gossip columns make sure to perpetuate them on every pip, so you would not want your expensive brand to be with a celebrity who might have opened her mouth with a status or an unflattering article and created a bad name for herself in the market. A certain person and does not hesitate to take things out of context and in the future it may take revenge on you.

On the other hand, when working with bloggers, if they have a good blog with a lot of content then they will also appear in Google organic search every time someone searches for your product or something close to the same target audience and then the exposure options are much larger and through the right content can also produce More value around your product or brand and not just the “shoes that model is superior to” ..

Also, most of the active bloggers manage to quickly create an Instagram account, a Facebook followers community, some of them with pages and groups and a respectable mailing list.

In the end, they do it much better, but there are quite a few veteran bloggers in our country who have turned blogging into their work and they just work at it and manage to get a lot of exposure.

So how do you choose who to work with? How do you know if a blogger is influencing? Or if an influencer impact will bring you results?

You can work with bloggers or influencers by contacting them directly or by working with organizations that connect you to influencers such as public relations offices.

When working with an influencer with an intermediary, it will probably cost you more, but they do all the work for you.

You can contact leading and connected bloggers and ask them to do it for you for a small fee, including the right people, creating a follow-up, and follow-up polyp during and work, including collecting and submitting data.

This can save you significant costs and they will also know which people to contact to generate as much exposure as you want.

You may meet PR agencies that promise you millions or hundreds of thousands of exposures to distribute a product worth several dollars, but keep in mind that the leading bloggers and big bloggers who know how to produce traffic will want to be paid for exposure.

Note that many of the articles on “cheap” consumer goods on consumer blogs include the same content that was copied from a commune sent to a blogger because no one actually spent two hours on a two-dollar product.

Unless the same blogger received an appropriate reward for the article, and I can testify that I was invited to the events where they gave a respectable gift for writing about this or that product, and sometimes I just feel like praising the product I loved, even if it does not cost a few hundred shekels.

When a blogger to work with, you should think ahead.

Not just the 1000 or 2000 views we’ll get now, but the fact that he has a site that can attract users from Google without the blogger doing anything in the future.

When there is a site with thousands of content articles, it will be promoted organic (free of charge) on Google, which means that when your target audience searches for Your product or things that are relevant to them, they will come to an article about your product, or an article that mentions it with marketing content wrapped in content with value.

This means that your article will continue to receive Traffic even after six months, a year or two.

And there is a quality link that leads to your site from a large and powerful site and it’s a gentleman, worth quite a bit.

Beware of counterfeiters or how to locate good bloggers?

it’s simple.

You can find bloggers in groups of bloggers on Facebook, just search for the word blog or blogger and ask to join groups where most bloggers are active. There are several such groups.

After you have found the group, you can upload a status where you are looking for bloggers who are covering a particular area and send you details with exposure data and statistics to email.

After you have received dozens of requests, we will begin the process of sifting.

First of all, to find the people that fit your niche, you can do a Google search on similar products from the same category, for example if you are marketing baby products or pregnancy products, search for different phrases such as: baby equipment list, For Kids Find out how to choose a bike and next to the big sites see what articles appear in the first 2-3 pages.

Do that for any subject.

When bloggers proactively turn to business owners

There’s a lot of community criticism about bloggers asking business owners to cover a product or service at no cost, or “free”, but I do not find it wrong and sometimes do it.

As I wrote, in good cooperation, both sides are supposed to profit.

For example, if I want to go with my children to a certain place like an amusement park that costs a few hundred shekels, I will offer the business owner exposure in exchange for advertising, and usually, they agree and are even happy when they receive an organized presentation of the site and its exposure. Instead of spending an advertising budget, they get it for free.

I personally try to be fair and give full value and accurate , but unfortunately, there are those who exploit the situation in the industry.

If a blogger approached you, adjust expectations about the value of the benefit/product/service or meal,

Indicate what you in return – a Facebook post + a blog post, and then distribution in groups and Facebook pages to a product worth a few hundred shekels. This is acceptable after you have observed statistics.

It’s all right and absolutely legitimate, and you can also give your comments about that blogger’s article.

What happens when a blogger is dissatisfied with the product or service?

There are also cases where, when a blogger you have invited or given a product to experience is dissatisfied.

And yes, I came across such situations.

What I do in this case is to share my feelings with the business owner, and if I find the product unsuitable for recommendation or as contrary to my agenda, if it is expensive, I will suggest writing a sponsorship article with advertising content on it and if the product is not too high , Tells the client that I prefer not to write and give my opinion and to explain to him the reasons for this.

Google Analytics

You may wish to request Google Analytics screenshots for the site.
From the analytics data you can learn a lot about the site’s surfers, you can know who the audience is, what interests them, what pages are popular and whether you want to work with the same blogger or not.

However, I can give a personal example from my site, I have more than 3,500 pages of content on the site over 10 years.

You will find quite a few words and articles that do not appear in the first places, but looking at the content that has been published in the last few months, when the site is already based on Google in terms of organic promotion and when you know that at least 80% of the traffic comes organically, you can conclude that this site has a reasonable chance to promote your product to the first places Size of this kind, can actually promote any subject.

But what do we do when we have bloggers with 10-20 or 50,000 hits a month?

First of all, ask to see screenshots for statistics.

A blogger who refuses or gives excuses should turn on a red light.

  • Look for marketing content that a blogger wrote on Google.
  • Did you receive statistics and are not sure that they are accurate? Look for a SIMILAR WEB site that can give a diagnosis that is often inaccurate, with deviations that are mostly down, but if a blogger claims to have 20-30,000 hits a month, you can see at least 10-15 thousand hits.
    And if you’re a blogger who has a freelance site, we suggest that you will update your information so that your data is in sync with Google Analytics, so that business owners looking for similar sites can also reach your site.
    There is nothing to hide or lie that can eventually verify all this information. To Similar Web, click here.
  • Check the Bounce Rate – percentage of abandonment of the site. The lower it is the better.
    This actually means that the people who came to the site entered, found what they needed and even stayed on additional pages.
    At the same time, there are sites that have an abandonment rate of 70-80 per cent, but they are leaders in their field.
    A veteran and leading site has a good chance of having a 40-50% abandonment rate if it has relevant content articles.
  •  Time spent on the site is less relevant when it comes to large sites with thousands of pages. It’s important that you ask to see data for specific articles that are relevant to your business.
  • The source of the traffic – As we have said before, it is important to see the main source of traffic to ensure that the entrances are indeed reliable and true.
  •  Ability to influence – Check with the blogger how many followers and friends he has on social networks, check interactions on Facebook posts of marketing content and in general. If there are at least two or three times a week in a post with a few dozen leeks, one can conclude that the person has a viral influence and ability on the net. Also, check with the person in which groups he is active, and what his or her ability to reach a large audience.

After you find bloggers for cooperation, how do you define cooperation, do you have to pay for bloggers?

Cooperation in my eyes is a cooperation in which both sides benefit. In other words, the blogger receives adequate compensation in exchange for the exposure he gives.

Appropriate compensation can be a product or service of variable value.

The advantage of business owners is that they can offer bloggers products, services or even restaurant or hotel accommodations to get an article on the site, but for that, it is really important to choose the ones you think can provide the right value after everything we wrote here.

High-quality bloggers with a blog that has tens or hundreds of thousands of hits per month, will usually require payment for site exposure and rightly so.

Sometimes it is better to take a budget that you pay to a public relations person in the amount of several thousand shekels and to pay the bloggers even at the level of 200-400 shekels for the article and you can get very responsive and motivated cooperation from the blogger who would prefer to invest efforts because it has a real value here.

You can also offer bloggers products in return for advertising. For example, if you want to promote a game for children for 30-50$ cost, offer the blogger a package of products worth 70-100$, and you can receive coverage without spending money.

Today, there are hundreds of blogs, many of which do not reach the 10,000 visitors per month, without organic promotion capabilities, and those who manage these blogs will be happy to receive anything and any product, but it will not necessarily promote your business.

As well as public relations professionals who offer you exposure and advertising in dozens of blogs, check the blogs in question, do a little research, and know that your investment will bear fruit and that you will receive respectful exposure to the product or service you want to promote.

Another thing – if you’re working with public relations agencies, especially the biggest ones, ask them to verify with the bloggers before distributing the products that they really want the product and intend to upload an article.

I can testify that for me, for example, there are many “super products” in the $ 1-5 that are sent home all the time without asking and with all due respect, I will not sit writing a content report for every toothbrush or deodorant that I send without asking when the client came up with the mission and the product and the PR , But in the end it does not bring results to the customer. And so are many of my friends.

Personally, I have asked the public relations offices to coordinate with me before sending any product, and for the most part I mention the fact that advertising has cost me money and most of them prefer to give up the matter, but some pass it on to the customer.

So if you’re working with public relations offices, ask for control and monitoring of the content that came up.

Bloggers Events? This is so 80’s

I remember that when we started the subject of bloggers’ events in a few years ago, we were all very excited and even organized and produced a few of these events myself.

Today, there are dozens of events per month and frankly, I personally would prefer not to waste my precious time and my client’s time while inviting me to a dinner or a pampering breakfast to get a product and spend tens of thousands of shekels.

My colleagues and I are good bloggers with big blogs. We would prefer to be sent the product with Brief, call us on the phone or attach a video that explains all the advantages of the product and we will write about it. Without wasting a few precious hours of work and then spending another two or three hours writing a quality article.

High-quality bloggers will be able to produce a good marketing article with content that contains value for each product and topic.

So if you have a budget of 5,000$ or 20,000 $ to shed on an event, instead you can pay each blogger 70-150$ for their writing and exposure and time and believe me that with a nominal fee for every article blogger you will see far better results!

Want really good results for a campaign with bloggers?

Ask the bloggers and the influencers to upload a video on Facebook with the product. Or live broadcast. And then share it in groups, it will result in a very large exposure of thousands of people. And the video can then be incorporated into the blog post (embed it).

How do you measure the success of bloggers or influencers?

Over the years I have come across clients who expect that a minute and a half after their article has been published, they will see thousands of entries.

So sometimes it happens and sometimes it takes time.

I usually commit my clients to at least 500 hits in a month’s time. If you want to work correctly, you need to change your perspective and understand a quality blog post, take time to get involved with Google, get exposure on social networks and in the long term, you will enjoy continuous exposure to your article if you choose to work with the right bloggers.

Keep in mind, be patient. You will wait 30 days from the date of the article.

Coordinate expectations with the blogger about when the article will be published and do not harass it every two days when the article is uploaded.

The average range for an increase in an article is around the week-a-week, especially during busy periods. Especially if you’ve turned to a blogger to influence and lead.

Take that into account and be patient.

In conclusion,

Blogger Relationships – Brands can be fertile ground for success or disappointment, and it is important to do so wisely.

The advantages of advertising on blogs are many – they are cheap, Google loves content on blogs, there are lots of quality blogs with fascinating content that have a community of followers and readers and before you run to throw money on sponsored promotion, SEO or advertising on expensive media channels, A strong network in Israel that can reach the same exposure of the big sites in a quarter of the campaign degrees and reach a segmented and accurate audience in a short time.

You are welcome to leave any comments or .

The writer is Helie Bilu (Gursoy), director of the parent portal & and a specialist in the field of digital blogs and content.
For more information and questions, please send me an email