with chilling – the guide for the lazy and spoiled traveler or parents who want to escape for the weekend to ventilate and fill batteries in the Netherlands.

If you are planning to fly to Amsterdam, here are some tips that I would be happy to share with you from my experience visiting Amsterdam twice.

I am a of three children and already twice when I had a few days alone, I packed a bag after none of my friends was spontaneous enough, and I just flew alone. on my own.

I have good friends in the city center who hosted me with them, but even if not, here is a guide that will help you save a lot of money and enjoy the wonderful city that never rest.

Typical street in Amsterdam

We’ll start with booking flights to Amsterdam

Most people, like to order hotel and flight packages together.
When it to Amsterdam, in most cases it is more profitable to book a separate flight and hotel.

There are all kinds of accommodation in Amsterdam, which we will immediately review, but first, let’s move on to the issue of cheap flights to Amsterdam.

After you’ve checked out a package that includes a flight and a hotel, you may want to do a separate search.


Flights to Amsterdam – Where do you find cheap flights to Amsterdam?

Today there are a variety of sites where you can find cheap flights to Amsterdam and Europe.

One of the most accurate sites in terms of my results at least to date achieved the best prices in several flights in the past year, is Sky Scanner, which offers a superior search engine from dozens of sites and airlines.
To search for flights with the Sky Scanner website click here>>

After comparing a variety of flights, it is sometimes worth being flexible with the dates and trying to check the day forward or backward, sometimes it can affect the price significantly and save you sometimes another $ 100-300.

Flights to Amsterdam with a connection or without?

A direct flight to Amsterdam from Israel takes about 5 hours. From the states it might take 7-12 hours.

In most cases direct flights are a bit more expensive, but if you have a short weekend or a short trip of 3-4 days and you are limited in time, you may want to pay a little more for a direct flight and fly quickly.

Take into account another 3 hours or so in the airport in each direction and the exhaustion that follows. Especially if you return straight to workday.
If you do choose a connection flight, make sure it’s about 2-3 hours and not more.

Flying with Turkish Airlines

I got to fly with Turkish Airlines on 2 of the 4 flights I made to Amsterdam with a two-hour deal in Istanbul and in relation to the direct flight in Easy Jet that is like sitting on a bus for five hours without moving in an uncomfortable chair without the possibility of leaning the seats.

Easy Jet seats – Not comfortable at all!


At Turkish Airlines, I enjoyed modern airplanes with a personal multimedia screen, movie screening, a hot meal and a snack, on a two-hour flight to and from Istanbul.

The building in Istanbul was quite nice, and at the airport people were hurrying and busy and no one really had time to be interested in me being an Israeli and I personally had Turkish roots and most Israelis and Turks looked pretty similar, so you could say I did not feel intimidated in the field.

Turkish delicacies at the airport in Istanbul

And yet, I came after the concrete in Turkey more calm and relaxed and less tired than the direct flight with EasyJet.

And finally the flight with Turkish cost me the same. So if possible an airline rather than a low-cost company, it’s definitely better.

Lunch on a Turkish Airlines plane. Does not look amazing but tasty

suitcases. Let’s talk about this for a moment.

One of the advantages of low cost flights is that you actually save money and in most cases you fly with a small trolley suitcase and even if you are traveling in the summer and do not intend to carry much with you, the standards of the Low Cost companies like Easy Jet are very strict and if you exceed the centimeter you will have to send the suitcase to the stomach of the plane And pay another extras – between 6 and 60 euros, depending on the day the stewardess took care of you.

Luckily, I only paid  6 Euro , but there were people who just paid 60 euros before boarding the plane because they managed to get rid of a bag or two at check-in. not recommended.

Or if in advance you know you’re coming with a border suitcase, pay in advance the extra 40 euros on the Low Cost website and sometimes it’s only 10 euros or something like that, but it’s worth it.

And no, do not build on to hold a bag with things, it does not go there.

It is better to pay a little more in advance. Listen to me.

The last time I flew my suitcase was an empty quarter, but on the way back it filled with chocolates and gifts for the children.

It is recommended to take a small side bag with you for the flight and the passport and the money that you will have all the time, note that it is closed and face and not backwards. Still, there are lots of pickpockets hanging around the airports.

Hotel reservation in Amsterdam – Accommodation in Amsterdam – AIR BNB or even – free accommodation in Amsterdam Couch Surfing

If you have friends living in Amsterdam, they will recommend you to check out the AIR BNB instead of a hotel.

The cost of a hotel for a double room in Amsterdam starts around 150 euros per night and there are all kinds of hostels that offer a bed in a room of 4,6 or 10 people at a cost of 50-100 euros per night.
Mad, but it’s like a hostel with bunk beds in some cases, so if you find a real deal equal to a hotel in Amsterdam, read carefully to figure out whether it’s a private room or not.

AIR BNB in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, as in other European countries, it is customary to rent the house to foreigners who come to stay in it just like a hotel, and it costs you around 50-200 Euro per night depending on the size of the apartment. Some people rent a room in their apartment.

Also here, pay attention to who you communicate with, ask for feedback or recommendations and be careful.

To the AIRBNB International website click here >>

Couch Surfing in Amsterdam

One of the hallucinatory phenomena I encountered before my last visit to Amsterdam was the subject of Couch Surfing – people who invite people to stay at home for free.

In some cases you will receive a private room, in other cases you will receive a sofa in the living room or a pull-out bed in the same room with the host and some offer shared bed accommodation.

Some people do it out of ideological motives, some seek to get to know a partner and get a night out like that, and some people just live alone and feel lonely and happy to meet people from all over the world and learn from them other things.

There is a Couch Surfing  website that you can simply subscribe to, get to know people through whether you can travel around the city, find a place to sleep, or enjoy free organized tours that are famous in many European cities, and where you are.

To Couch Surfing website>>

Of course, if you chose to do couch surfing, you should choose a partner of your sex and talk to Skype or video call before, see that there is a connection, coordinate expectations for both sides, and be sure to back up if it does not work out.

I read quite a few wonderful reviews on the subject and people who were stuck from the moment to relax without a place to sleep and prices of in the sky.

Sometimes the hosts expect to have sex, and once they realized it’s not going to happen they refused for the hosting.

 Hotels in Amsterdam

Still, it is recommended to compare the package of tourist companies that includes hotel and accommodation and see what is more profitable and according to your budget and pocket.

Usually for a two-night package for 3 nights to Amsterdam you will pay between $ 700-1000 per person, when you can find flights around $ 300 and accommodation around $ 100 a night in a private apartment, and you saved a decent amount.

If you’re still looking for a hotel, check out the Booking.com they have the most up-to-date and great hotel offerings and what I like most about you is that you have real reviews with pictures taken by surfers so you can get a real and objective opinion about the hotels.

Click here to BOOKING to compare hotel prices>>

Transportation from the airport to Amsterdam center and back – transportation in the Netherlands

In terms of transportation, Amsterdam is one of the most convenient cities in the world to reach point to point around the clock.

You have a fast suburban train, metro, tram and buses, as well as the UBER service, which is a sort of taxi, allowing you to travel around the city and conveniently from the airport.

They have an app, and it’s quite a convenient service, I used it last time on the way to the field before I discovered how convenient buses and public transport are.

Important!! – Payment for tickets for the train and means of transport in Amsterdam is done by credit cards and a loaded travel ticket !!!
So make sure you have a credit card with a secret pin code that will ask you to type it anywhere.

Maddam toussoued Museum


When I finally arrived at the Amsterdam airport, I planned to take a bus to take me to the house where I was staying with friends, but I was told that it was impossible to buy a ticket in cash and only by credit card or cash at Amsterdam’s central train station.

A totally idiotic section especially when I was with a new card and no secret code.

In the end, I managed to buy a ticket for the express train in cash, and from there I arrived at Amsterdam Central Station.

From there, I still did not fully understand the subject of the buses and I looked for a place to buy a ticket. But it was already late and the cash registers were closed so I just went up to Tram – a kind of light train and told the driver that I would be happy to pay with cash and showed him that I had money and that I only arrived after a long flight, Regular to such cases and told me no problem, go up free of charge.

The Dutch are sometimes nice. 

The next day I went to the central bus station in the morning and bought me a loaded ticket, which was in fact valid for all Amsterdam’s transport – train, metro, tram and bus. I charged him for 25 euros and that was enough for me for 4 days of many trips in the city.

Every trip costs between 2-6 euros on average, and I have traveled quite a lot.

Important !!! When you are traveling by train or bus with the card that is loaded, it must be delivered at the entrance and exit, otherwise it will continue to charge you and finish your budget. So pay attention to this.

You can also book the UBER service from the airport to the city center at a cost of 30-40 Euros per trip, but it depends on the area where you stay. If you arrive until the afternoon, it is best to take one of the other options and save a lot of money.

Rembrandt square, bars and restaurants

Also, in any bus, train or tram, you will find an electronic screen that shows the current station and the following stations. In cases where I was not sure I would run Google Maps and see exactly where I was and where I should be and if I turned it on for navigating before I got on the tram, it would sync with the trip and times and so I knew when and where I should get off. And if you’re not sure, ask the Dutch. They will be happy to help.

A ticket is loaded for transportation in Amsterdam

You also have the option to buy a daily pass card, for a day or two or three days.

They all buy at the central train station in the center of the city, but in my opinion it is more worthwhile to take one ticket and recharge it according to use.

Sometimes you will find that you only travel twice a day and then it does not pay to buy the daily bus. Enter the station and go left to the end to the customer service department.



And like everything in the Netherlands – ask. The Dutch are courteous and will be happy to help. They are already used to tourists.

I got along very well with the Google Maps app that helped me plan my routes with minute accuracy for bus, tram, and train times, an accurate time-to-walk estimate from where I am to the station.

 The Dutch are at times !!!

In terms of transportation lines, they are very effective and you have bus lines at night that are indeed a picket, but will save you a lot of money in your stay.

Amsterdam metro station

I went back with friends at 2 pm by bus within 20 minutes from the city center to the accommodation and pay only 2 and a half euros for the trip.
Worth most.
Even my return, the flight was at 7 am and I took the bus to the field in half an hour, was really comfortable.

The Dutch are neat, civilized people, some half-robots. for better and for worse.

Bicycle rentals in Amsterdam

One of the first things you will notice when you arrive in the city is the crazy amount of bikes there.
On each pillar or street corner you will find long lines of bicycles of all kinds, colors and species.

Some are not even locked because you are in the Netherlands and not in Israel.

There are entire parking lots for bicycles and most of the city’s residents have bicycles and not a car because the maintenance of a car in Amsterdam is quite expensive and there are quite a few taxes and parking to pay and between us, when there is such good public transport, you do not really need a vehicle.

Parking lot for bicycles

You can rent a bike around 15 euros a day, just ask where you can rent and evacuate you.

On the city’s roads there is a special path for bicycles, as well as on some sidewalks.
So I, who used to go and dream and with severe attention deficit disorder, was hit several times by cyclists who politely reminded me that I was walking on the bicycle path.

The chance of being hanged in Amsterdam from a bicycle complex is higher than the road accident. Because there are not many cars.

It is amusing to see a Dutch woman on heels and mini skirts riding a bicycle on the way to a bar.

Getting to know Amsterdam – what to do in Amsterdam

After you’ve reached Holland, and settled down, download the Trip Adviser application, and look for the attractions you’re interested in seeing.

There are of course a variety of museums, and Dam Square which is the city’s chin.

My recommendation? Leave you to check out museums and the places everyone goes to.

Equipped with a pair of comfortable sneakers, head to the Central Station and stroll away to Dam Square and take a long walk through the alleyways around.

Walk through the streets, rivers, and simply catch the atmosphere of Amsterdam. It’s the best head cleaning there is.

Leave your high heels at home and take your snickers

You should stop at the wonderful bakeries that are located in every corner with a variety of Belgian waffle, fruits and whipped cream, and simply enjoy the many street stalls that are there in the city, with a variety of delicacies from all the nations.

Delicacies in a pastry shop in the Netherlands


In terms of food, you have nothing to worry about in Amsterdam, whether you are vegans, vegetarians or carnivores. There is everything from everything and there are also some places for vegan.

Street food in amsterdam

You can simply search Google Maps for example – a Thai restaurant Amsterdam, then you will get a list of restaurants in your surroundings on the map with a rating for each restaurant and reviews. Read them.

It is recommended to visit the Hard Rock Cafe in the city center, where there is tasty and varied food.

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe on the River –

If you are a beer lover you may want to go through the Heineken Museum, and see the beer production process.

If you have beer then Heineken

Attractions and places to see in Amsterdam

As I wrote before – check out the Trip Adviser what’s close to you and walk around without planning too much.

Keep in mind that for most attractions in the city, it is best to book tickets in advance at least one day before the internet, so you will pay less and ensure your place.

It’s not like in a country where you buy a ticket for a certain day, in the Netherlands you buy a ticket for an exact day and hour at intervals of fifteen minutes.

There are city tour buses, there are culinary tours and all sorts of attractions that I will spare you from right now.

Albert KauP Market Amsterdam

It is also recommended to go to the Albertkop market on Albert Kauf Street. There are a lot of cheeses, street foods – poffertis – which is like pancakes, a great Vietnamese restaurant, and this is also the place to buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

Seafood market Albert Kauf in Amsterdam

Stop at the STROOP WAFFEL – which is like a waffle of ice cream that is prepared on the spot and spread caramel spread over it and then close it with another waffle, which is simply a delicacy.

Red Lights Street – it’s just a special section, after a window or two you understand the piece. Women sitting in windows saw white or naked women and displayed their wares to passers-by to find customers who would pay to spend with them. A lot of people are excited about it, I personally do not. But this is another of the places of experience.

Storks in Amsterdam Albert Kauf Market

Just do not get too excited because the majority there is expensive. A simple T-shirt costs an average of 15-20 euros, and you have to look for the equivalent.

My recommendation – If you want to buy sweets, chocolates or gifts for children, go to the giant supermarkets scattered all over the city, there are lots of chocolates and snacks at a quarter of the duty free or the stores in the city. I bought from there a full of treats for my children

Do not forget to also make a round in the local flower market, which is in the area of Rembrandt Square. You will see a name full of varieties of flowers, beautiful tulips and enjoy some special atmosphere.

Amsterdam flowers market

Israelis and Arabs in the Amsterdam

Since Israel is a “popular” country the countries of the world, and since there are many who do not really like us, try to avoid talking in the street in Hebrew or walking around with a bag or clothes with Hebrew writing or anything that could indicate that you are Israeli.

The Dutch are less excited than we are, but there are a lot of Muslims in the city and at times when I was told that there was a demonstration against Israel in the wake of the riots in Gaza with several thousand people in Dam Square.

I took the train with Muslims who looked at me strangely, but then I just picked up the phone and dialed a friend and talked in English. Try the conversations with home to do in a private place, though. Sensitive period.

At the same time, I felt pretty safe most of the time and with my friends I spoke in English on the street as we walked together. Do not attract unnecessary attention.

Try to behave respectably and not draw too much attention.

Gouda cheeses in Amsterdam

If you are also addicted to hard cheeses like me, the Netherlands is the capital of the Gouda cheese – a kind of yellow cheese rich in fat and strong taste. You can also buy them here in Israel, but it is much fresher there. You can go to any cheese shop, taste, be impressed, just behave respectfully.

A typical cheese shop in the Netherlands

If you want to buy Gouda cheese as a souvenir, you should do it at the Super Market at the airport, it will cost you less, I bought a Baby Gauda ball for 5 euros per unit when the city ran double in most places.

In general, one of the experiences in Amsterdam is simply to go into the local supermarket and local shops, buy special things cheaply and feel the atmosphere of this city.

The weather in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a winter country. If you visit our winter months, November to April, consider temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to 0 degrees.

For Israelis it’s cold. Especially when you meet the 0 but on my visit in February I also enjoyed some snow when I arrived.

In the few days when there is a temperature of less than 0 and there is a bit of sunshine (by the way, the locals are very excited about it, and we, the Israelis, do not get excited), you can find in the cafes near the canals a drink called “Glue Wine” which is actually a kind of alcoholic punch based on wine Red, serve it hot with a waffle waffle and enjoy an hour or two of sun with a picturesque view of the canal.

Glue Wine – Amsterdam – Punch with Stroop Waffle

When I was back in May, it was more pleasant. The temperature on the day is 15 degrees and on the third day the temperature rose to 20 degrees, which the Dutch define as “summer.”
You could see people walking around in undershirts and shorts and boats in the river. People sunbanned in bathing suits as if the temperature was 35 degrees. That’s how Holland is.
Lee, who comes from a tropical country full of sunshine, with an average temperature of 25 degrees, can only be entertained.

It is recommended to bring with you clothes in layers that you can peel, a jacket or a coat and take as little as possible, a pity to pay extra for a suitcase.

Women – Leave your heels at home. In Amsterdam they walk a lot. On my first day I arrived with quite comfortable boots, but I took a walk and walked about 10 kilometers and at the end of the day my legs were swollen, painful and with warts.

The next day I understood the matter and turned around with sneakers all day and evening when we went out to the pub. No one really looks at your shoes and half of the people are stoned or drunk, and nobody really knows you so who cares?

If you are flying in the winter, it is highly recommended to take with you a warmer scarf or a big one because when your neck is warm then you will have a warm body with the icy chill of Amsterdam. It is also important to take thermal pants or thermal tights, a wool or brass cap and gloves.

How to Dress Up in Amsterdam in Winter


Believe me that when you are cold at minus 2 degrees, the last thing you will be interested in is how you look and only want to have a warm and pleasant body. Because we are not accustomed to these temperatures in the country.

One good thing that happened after Amsterdam, when I returned from a source of 0 degrees to Israel, suddenly 14 degrees felt like a pleasant spring day ..

It is also winter. Supposedly.

Traveling with kids in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is big, quite friendly for tourists whether you are alone or with children.

The streets are arranged, there is also convenient transportation with carts and the Dutch are courteous and nice.
There is something to eat everywhere and there are many families in the city.

The park in amsterdam


Please note that if you come with a stroller and take an apartment for staying, you have  to make sure that there is an elevator.

most of the buildings in Amsterdam do not have an elevator, and they include steep, narrow stairs.

So you should take a folding cart to a bag if that’s the case, for example, aPali stroler  weighing less than 7 pounds and folded into a small bag and you can load it on the plane.

Live concert in the park in amsterdam

Compact folding strollers on Amazon for travel>>

I saw quite a few families walking with children in the city and overall it is quite comfortable and I think the children will also enjoy walking around the streets.

Just keep them well because sometimes it is very crowded and crowded in some areas.

Amsterdam offers a zoo, a variety of parks, a canal cruise and a variety of activities to do with children.

And now – to the most interesting subject, marijuana in Amsterdam


I personally am not a fan of Grass and the various nests and for those who live, Amsterdam is a kind of paradise.

The truth is that you do not really have to smoke there, just walk through the streets of the restaurants or sit in a cafe or bar and you’ll get better from the air you breathe.

Cannabis Candies


Also, every corner of the street you will find a “candy store” with grass in any way possible – candy, chewing gum, cookies, and a host of other snacks and this is if you are in it.

There are also cafes – COFFEE SHOPS where there is a real menu with a selection of ready-made joints for any purpose – up, down, Stella and whatever you want.

If you are not really experienced, try to avoid. For you.

It is not always possible to know what you are being given to the Joint in order for you to receive it. And it is not always natural.

The smoking of marijuana in Amsterdam is legal to a certain extent and you can purchase joints in a variety of places in the city.

Nightlife in Amsterdam


In general, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there are most parties in the city. You may want to ask locals, but most bars start dancing parties at some point, and you can enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks and in more active places there are people from all over the world that are pretty cool.

Services at a bar in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a tourist city with about two million tourists a month, which means it’s never boring there.

If you are looking to get to know people to hang out with them, you can find COUCH SURFING’s website, simply write down the dates when you arrive in the city and you are looking for entertainment partners and you may find.

Chocolate and evening beer in Amsterdam

In addition, bachelors have the Tinder application that is very active in the Netherlands , and you can find a partner for entertainment, a trip or anything else ..

Before you go out late, make sure you have public transport to where you are staying, and it’s a good idea to check with the Google app how you get home since after midnight the traffic is limited to buses on specific lines and to uber, which is a bit more expensive.

In conclusion ,

If you feel like cleaning your head, you have to have a battery-free vacation, whether you’re alone, in a couple, or divorced or divorced without children.

Amsterdam is full of tourists. I have friends there, but I flew twice alone and I just found myself busy and got to know people and tourists from all over the world and this is one of the coolest cities in the world.

There’s everything there, it’s not cheap, a meal at the restaurant will cost you between $ 5-15, from junk food to a half-luxury restaurant.

I personally am a fan of fast food. But still, there is the travel and the cost of admission to museums and attractions ranges from 10 to 20 euros per person, add to that meals, gifts, etc., and easily can be separated from 50 euros a day ..

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and I’ll be back again and again. There is something in this Dutch tranquility, something in the air that makes you feel like life, compared to the way we live here in Israel, under pressure, tension. impatient.

You will not hear car horns and when Amos Street is quite quiet.

Amsterdam’s highest cost is for accommodation but as you can see there are quite a few options for it.

This is the city where you can get lost and find yourself again, meet people from all over the world and just enjoy some change in the atmosphere.

Amsterdam. 7 am.


If you have any further please feel free to email me at 2bmommyblog@gmail.com or just leave comments.

Have a nice trip,