New York is among the world’s most thrilling and most visited destinations.

It’s a center for culture, media, fashion, art and the home of top-notch museums, luxury and lots of other attractions for tourist.

NY attracts leisure and business visitors from all around the world.

The hotel isn’t just a place where you go for stay, in an actual hotel is more than just accommodation.
In a good hotel, you may do party, celebrate your any special day, go for dinner, or coffee, and shopping.

Surprise thing is that you may get a discount in all mentioned categories.
Yes, it’s true, from time to time hotels offers a discount on various services such as room rents, discount in food, discount in taxes and several others.

The major hotels give the major discount rates offer especially during a festival season like Christmas.

Hotels offer varieties of discount rates like discount in room rent, discount rates in meals, discount in-room services, etc.

When is the best time to book a hotel in New York?

NY hotel accommodation rates are quite high and as there’s much to do within the city a trip to NY can cost quite a bit.

So when planning a holiday to NY, it’s better to take saving tips into account.

Winter is the optimum time, especially January to March, to find the best deals as the rates are lower than other seasons.

While Christmas in NY is an idyllic way to spend the holidays, hotel prices can skyrocket if you wait until the last minute to book, to avoid this try booking your hotel well in advance.

Summer is a good time to visit NY, with lower rates, with the month of Nov, just before the Christmas rush.

Christmas is the most expensive and busiest season in NY.

Another saving money tip is, to avoid midtown and if possible stay at another location, as midtown hotels are less affordable than other areas in Manhattan.

In case you’ve time to travel, this is the ideal way to save some money for the alternative activities NY has on offer.

Staying outside the theater district, where real New Yorkers live in the residential neighborhood, like Chelsea, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, and Murray Hill will be the best value for your money.


Hotel discount in New York

Some big hotels in New York offer big discount rates during special occasions.

Even sometimes they provide free stay or major discount in a stay at there hotels, but for that, you need to participate particularly competition, which usually organized by the hotel itself.

You can know about these discount rates, on the official website at the respective hotels and according to your spending budget can choose a hotel for your stay.

Before booking NY hotels, it’s best to search for discount rates and special rates.

Many hotels have different promotions every once in a while. Consequently before actually committing to a hotel or agent ask for discount rates or search for promotions.

Traveling with kids to New York hotels

In case you travel with kids, search for kids to stay for free hotels, as there are many hotels that offer kids a free stay or special rates.

How to avoid extra payment on New York hotels

Be smart to avoid hidden costs and additional charges and take measures to avoid them.

Before using the hotel phone, check whether it’s included in your room rate or if it carries an additional charge.

Do the same check before using any one of the extras like Parking, Water, Soda, Snacksand avoid a big bill towards the end of your stay.

It’s also better to be up to date on the service rates and local taxes. As opposed to other destinations NY is, in fact, cheaper throughout the weekends.

Most business hotels are empty on the weekends and offer low rates, Sunday night being very cheap.

Some hotels have special promotions for weekends, in order that could be the ideal time to plan your stay and thus conserve money.

Now you can find the best rates online while comparing the rates from many companies at the same time.

So next time whenever you’ll make a plan to order a hotel in NY, get the full info regarding the available discount.   You can search for hotels at and get a great discount here: