In the of 2017, there was one attraction that captivated with its uniqueness and originality – the monster’s , an unusual exhibition that attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.

In light of the great success, they gave decided to raise the exhibition of the Monster Garden this year at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

When will the exhibition take place?

“The Monster’s Garden” – the exhibition

Bitan 2, Exhibition Grounds, Tel Aviv, 13.07-31.08.2018   Throughout the summer holidays,

Monster garden Exhibition Hours:
Sunday – Thursday + Saturday – 09: 00-21: 00
Fridays from 09:00 to 15:00

What is the monster garden?

The Monster Garden is a special wonder garden with dozens of scary, funny, disgusting monsters who sing, talk, tell and surprise!

The pair of artists, Yossi Abulafia and Ephraim Sidon, who have given us many ’s books, decided to set up a huge venture, the first of its kind in the world – an exhibition that is full of magic, laughter and excitement.

For two years, the artist Yossi Abulafia created and designed dozens of colorful and spectacular monsters, to which the esteemed author Ephraim Sidon adapted texts and created a special performance of poetry and story and surprises for each of the monsters.

A large team of actors, singers, sculptors, composers, musicians, painters, designers and technicians participated in the creation of the giant statues of the monsters and in the preparation of the recordings and the rich soundtrack that accompanies them. For those who missed and those who did not have time –

The Monster Garden Exhibition is the first exhibition of its kind in the world, and you can not remain indifferent to it. It is located in a large and spacious complex and is suitable for the whole family and for all ages. You can spend a few hours having fun with the children and this is an experience that is a shame and not be missed !!


The monsters of the monster garden show Israel

Every monster in the monster garden has its own name, character, function, and characteristics: it with fears, angers, loves, laughs and joys , with a playful wink with a session, interaction with the audience and a variety of sounds and sounds that make the monster human.

The children will be fascinated by the visit to the exhibition and the interaction with the monsters.

In the exhibition you will find a special activity area for children that includes:

A space for painting monsters
Activity area for children
Wall Salafi Monsters
The throne of the king of monsters
Computer game positions of the monsters and more ..

Initiator and artistic director: Tzachi Becker Direction and musical direction: Sharon Cohen


Monsters garden tickets price:

Full price – 109 NIS
Sale Price – 99 NIS
Price of family card
( people, 2 adults + 2 children up to 13 years old) – 280 NIS

Purchase of tickets via eVentes * 9066 and at the link:

The monster park performs 1 + 1 on the credit card companies at a cost of NIS 109

Exclusive Benefit for Ofer Shopping Malls – A ticket for 49 NIS

And other benefits at all workers’ committees

Benefit for Digit card holders – residents of Tel Aviv 1 + 1 in 89