Meet , the American carrier brand that is considered one of the leading carriers in the United States (at least from Amazon sales data).

This is a highly practical ergonomic baby carrier that offers 6 different carrying options from weight to a weight of 20 kilos.


Apart from all its advantages, it will be offered to the Israeli consumer at the same price of sand, at an economical and cost-effective price for a top quality product.

Parents looking for a baby carrier focus on several parameters:

  •     Baby comfort from age 0 as much as
  •     A variety of carrying options
  •     A sweaty cloth
  •     Easy support for the parent’s back
  •     High quality and durable fabric
  •     An ergonomic carrier that meets safety and fitness standards for the baby’s hip joint
  •     Attractive price
  •     Option for breastfeeding in the carrier

If you are about to purchase a baby carrier, you should know the advantages of Lillebaby carrier, which definitely offers a good alternative at almost half the price of the familiar carriers selling all over the world.

Benefits of Lillebaby Carrier

Lillebaby is one of the leading carriers because it has a range of carrying positions suitable for any age – 6 different bearing positions to be exact.

Carrying positions from Lillebaby carrier

In Lillebaby carrier you can carry the baby in the following ways due to its adjustable structure:

  •     Newborn – fetal frog position with face to parent weight of 2.3 pounds (plus a diaper rolled under the feet of the baby)
  •     A face position towards the parent with a wide punctuation adapted to the first few months
  •     Face position towards the parent with a narrow punctuation suitable for the continuation months
  •     Face position outward
  •     Carrying position on the side
  •     Carrying position on the back

Usually, between the Newborn stage and the six-year stage, there is a point where the baby can not find a comfortable position and therefore the frog position is very much liked by babies and comfortable for them.

Also, the Lillebaby carrier has the possibility of narrow or wide punctuation depending on the child’s age, with buttons matching. Enabling more functionality.

Lille Baby  carrier is an ergonomic carrier that allows the baby to sit in a carrier with a C-shaped back, a baby-friendly posture, and a healthy back.
The Lilly Baby carrier has hip dysplasia certification and a US and European standard + JPMA

Carrying weight of LILLEE BABY carrier

Lillebaby carrier is suitable for babies weighing from 2.3 kilograms to 20 kilos.
Unlike other carriers, many parents say it is convenient for toddlers and 3-4-year-olds, because of its wide structure that can support toddlers of various sizes.

In other carriers, most parents indicate that around the age of one and a half years, or if the child is tall or full, the carrier begins to become crowded and uncomfortable.

Lilleebaby VS Ergobaby carrier

You can see here a demo of a mother with 3 of different ages up to age 6 shows how the carrier suitable for any age with great comfort compared to carrier Ergo Baby competing with him in the same category but at almost double:

Comfort Carrying of the Lillebaby Carrier

The Lille Baby carrier has long, padded straps that provide very good support for the parent’s back.
One of its biggest benefits is a cushioned pad of support for the lower back, an area that usually suffers from postpartum pains because the spine is pulled toward the abdomen due to fetal weight.

Many women suffer from pain in the first few months birth.

Lillebaby carrier to address exactly this point, with maximum back support.

In addition, the straps of the carrier are long and can be adjusted to parents with large body dimensions.

The carrier has a thick, padded waistband that provides maximum support for the parent’s back when using the carrier.

The belt is closed with a strong, safety clip that keeps the carrier firmly in the parent’s body and carries the baby properly, as opposed to carriers that are closed with a velcro in the waist belt.

Back support in the LILLEE BABY carrier

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Lillebaby  air Flow – Lily Baby – Lillebaby All Seasons

Baby Lilly is made of high-quality durable cotton fabric and comes in 2 models to choose from.

The baby lanyard wrap wraps most of the baby’s or toddler’s body and gives him a feeling of security and envelops him on cold days.

It consists of layers of mesh and cotton combined with a sweat-swab fabric that allows ventilation for the baby and the parent.

In the Lillebaby Airflow carrier, the carrier is made of aerodynamic mesh fabric and has a broad covering capability for the baby’s body.

Lilly Baby Complete All Seasons – The carrier is made of cotton fabric with a zipper open window in the back of the baby, where the fabric has a mesh of sweat to allow the baby to feel the fan on hot days.

Also, a small storage pocket carrier with a zipper.

The fabrics in Lilly’s baby wear come in colours and fashionable designs that will make parents enjoy walking with the carrier and the baby to enjoy the comfort of carrying it with the parent.

Support the baby’s back

The LilleeBaby carrier comes with an ergonomic structure that fully supports the baby’s back and is developed in conjunction with specialist orthopedists and with the approval of the hip joints association.

Lilly Baby’s carrier meets the strictest standards for carrying babies and international safety standards.

In addition, the Lilly Baby carrier comes with especially high support for the baby’s head and neck especially the New Born era, when the baby still does not know how to hold the head upright and gives the parent free hands.

Breastfeeding in a Lilleebaby carrier

Baby Lilly baby carrier is one of the most comfortable carriers in the market when it comes to breastfeeding, due to its great adjustment ability, the extra cloth that allows the mother to enjoy privacy while breastfeeding, even in the case of toddlers or larger babies or large breasts, While moving.

The carrier has a protective hood that can be folded and it covers the baby’s head with a shoulder strap, so the mother enjoys discretion while breastfeeding.

Below is a video of how to breastfeed in Lilleebaby baby carrier:

Price LilleBaby carrier

Lily Baby is one of the best carriers in the market and therefore is also one of the popular carriers in the sand, Amazon and eBay, with a variety of advantages compared to other carriers in the category.

Its price abroad ranges from $ 130-150 and you can order it on Amazon in a variety of models and colours

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