One of the dilemmas of any couple that is found before purchasing a baby is the question of the importance of a rotating .

I remember that when we started to look at baby , it was clear to me that I was buying a cart with a moving handle because it was the most comfortable.

I even went on two carts with a revolving handle.

I was sure that the most thing in the cart was a handle that would turn over and that the baby would be facing me at every stage.

We became interested in friends with babies around us, and they all claimed that in the initial period, the baby be welcoming us but it is not critical.

the period of the stroller, everyone told us that it really does not matter the baby turns that what interests him is seeing the world and seeing what’s outside and a less interesting (without insulting).

In addition, there are 2 problems that are repeated in carts with a revolving handle – the erosion of the reversion mechanism and the cart when the baby is facing you is usually not very successful, the legs get stuck in the wheels and this is not the most practical solution.

From experience with 3 and strollers, in the end, the cart is the easiest, easy to fold, with high offenses, a big lower basket and comfort for the child won.

These were strollers with a face-to-face face that did not allow me to be with my child and then with his twin sisters, but the children were happy to leave the house with them was not too cumbersome and I enjoyed the use of the cart.

If it is important to see the baby, many carts on the market today have the option of a vehicle upside down, so that the stroller seat can be assembled wherever you choose – face towards the or outward.

Buggy carts, SURF, Peg Switch, Inglesina zippy, JOOLZ, Chico Trio for Me / Living, ABC, and most of the high-tech premium car models.

In any case, we recommend that you read the article on how to choose a baby carriage, consult with friends, search on Google, and think carefully what your needs are from a baby stroller.