When can the fetus’s sex be identified? the sex of the fetus in a week – a test to identify the fetus’s sex in an week

Fetal sex is definitely known only towards the 14th-15th week, in most cases the extended review.

The fetal sex is determined at the time of fertilization of the egg when a specific sperm fertilizes a particular egg.

Each egg contains one X chromosome so that the sex of the embryo depends on the sex chromosome found within the fertilizing sperm.

If the egg is fertilized by an X chromosome, this will result in the birth of an XX daughter.
If the egg is fertilized by a Y chromosome, this will lead to the birth of XY.

The number of male and female sperm cells within the scrotum is usually equal to that of 50-50.
However, there are several methods and versions that the of a baby of one kind or another and the most prominent is the proximity to .

Because male sperm is less resistant, if ovulation occurs only two or three days sex, the female is more likely to have a daughter.

In terms of the fetus’s genitals, they begin to get their final shape and form for about week 12, in many cases the fetal sex can be seen during the examination of the occipital transparency that usually occurs between week 11-13.

However, in many cases, because the genitals are still very , it is not always clear and most doctors will not be quick to commit to sex this week.

It is very common to discover one species of transparency and then after 3 in the extended review find out that you have a baby of the opposite sex.

Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the 14th to 15th week before determining the sex of the fetus in order to obtain a more and safer answer.

Tests for fetal sex detection

It is now possible to order home-based fetal sex tests, which cost from $ 10 and can be ordered through Amazon.

Most of the responses say that this is accurate and should be taken with limited liability since there are sometimes mistakes.

We have attached a link to a number of popular tests that you can order to check fetal sex – a home test for fetus sex:

A link to a home inspection to identify the sex of the fetus

This test can be done from week 6 to , and through Amazon it takes about a week or two to order.

And yet, son or daughter, what does it matter, each baby has its own happiness and luck, and each baby opens a special place in our heart.

As a mother of two daughters and a son, I can say that I love all three of them equally, they bring me a lot of happiness for life and unconditional love.