The hormone beta HCG is a hormone created in the body the fertilized egg has taken root in the uterus and begins to .

Most find that they are pregnant after their period of menstruation when there is a delay of two to three days Usually,
when there is a delay of two to three days of menstruation,
on 1-18 ovulation, usually, result in several hundred units of beta hormone HCG.

However, there are many cases in which the woman is being monitored for ovulation and knows the exact date of ovulation and checks 10-12 days after ovulation.

If there is indeed a pregnancy, the result will usually be the result of a few units up to dozens.

In general, beta begins at 0 from the moment of implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterus, which usually takes place 5-9 days after the ovulation,
and in exceptional cases, the implantation occurs later.

After rooting the beta starts from 0 and on average doubles itself every two days.

In some cases, it multiplies by one and a half or four times,
it is also normal, as long as there is a trend of doubling and continuous .

In cases the doubling is double, twins are likely to have a pregnancy, but not necessarily.

If the implantation takes place on the 8th day of ovulation,
on 12-14 the result may be only 10 beta units and therefore it can be treated as a positive result.

It is recommended to wait 3-4 days and repeat the blood test to verify doubling and that the pregnancy does develop properly.

In most cases of beta over 5-8, the result can be treated as positive,
but there are cases where a chemical pregnancy occurs, that is,
when a fertilized ovum has reached the cervix,
it has taken root and the process has not been successful for one reason or another.

There are times when the beta begins to rise and then it decreases and an miscarriage occurs.

In many cases, the woman is not even aware that she is pregnant and it passes alone like any cycle if she did not immediately examine the day of delay.

Most pregnancy in the beta of 50 and above.

Home-sensitive with a high sensitivity of beta of 10-15 are Pharma Medic, Clear Blue, and other tests.

In any case, we recommend waiting two days after the delay to get a higher beta score and be sure that there is a pregnancy that develops before the test.