You have dreamed so long about this moment when you will walk around with a magnificent round belly, look at her with great longing and imagine how your inside will come out and join the family.

Not all women feel comfortable in pregnancy, beyond the physical and hormonal changes due to the fact that a baby has grown up within you, there are some side effects that the body develops and not so much about. So let’s put things on the table!

You may fatigue, heaviness, nausea, vomiting, which has stretch marks on your stomach, but you may not some of the following changes:

Gases in pregnancy

Due to the hormonal changes that the body undergoes and the later stage when the baby presses all the internal organs, the activity of the digestive system is slowed down, causing a side effect of gases with an amazing odor.
And because the control of the ring muscles is weakened pregnancy, you may not be able to keep them to yourself and if this happens in the company of people it .. um .. unpleasant ..

Following the weakening of the sphincters Another common phenomenon is heartburn during pregnancy and the best solution for it cold water is cold with ice or eating Popsicle.

You probably will not be able to control these things until the end of your pregnancy, but with slight changes in your diet and more physical activity,  your digestive system will work better and you’ll be able to reduce the chance of it.
It is also recommended to reduce dairy products, which also stimulate the digestive system and cause gas, you should find other foods that are rich in calcium.

You should also take Magnesium tablets, which have very good qualities in maintaining healthy body cells functionality during pregnancy.


Hemorrhoids in pregnancy and birth

If you ask a woman who passed birth on hemorrhoids, she probably has something to tell, even though most will prefer to keep the embarrassing stories to themselves.

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that are pushed out during a stress-relieving effort when a great deal of pressure is exerted on the anal area following constipation, which is another of the common symptoms of pregnancy following a slowing down of the digestive system.
Hemorrhoids are like small jellies that appear in the anus. Sometimes they are large, painful and pesky, and sometimes they are small and unnoticeable.

There are a variety of preparations for hemorrhoids today, but the best tip is to try less, to maintain a balanced diet of fiber and vegetables to create proper digestive activity and avoid constipation.

Hemorrhoids can also occur at the time of birth, due to pressure at the time of contractions on the whole area. What is encouraging is that they eventually pass.


Urinary incontinence and lack of control over the pregnant sphincters

You must have heard of women sneezing and running away.
As the baby grows and the uterus becomes heavier, the pressure on the bladder becomes more difficult to control.

In the early stages of my pregnancy with the twins, I remember that every sneeze was accompanied by a few drops and many times when I wanted to pee, I had to lift my stomach to release the bladder so that the activity would go smoothly.

If you feel a leak of urine – it can be a few drops or even more – it is recommended to use an absorbent bandage, there are bandages that are suitable for urinary incontinence.

I came to the hospital several times for the pregnancy of the twins with suspicion of leakage of , which was eventually discovered as spontaneous urinary incontinence (twin pregnancy with many side effects).

Some women who have a bladder problem after their pregnancy do not come back and after a few years, they need surgery to lift the bladder.

Surgery is not too complicated but can change the quality of life.


Excessive rate of hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is known that there is a hormonal disruption that can cause wild hair growth.
In some women, it also happens disproportionately in areas such as the face, chest, hands, and abdomen that suddenly have large, thick hair follicles.

Do not panic, it goes after your pregnancy and your body will return to itself but in the meantime, it can be treated with wax.

It is recommended that you do not perform laser treatments during pregnancy because of skin changes you may find yourself with scars and pigmentation stains that will not pass.


Changes in hair during pregnancy

Following hormonal changes, you may also notice changes in the texture of your hair. Some women attest that their normal hair is very disorganized and bouncy suddenly gets along and looks great and there are women whose hair goes through BAD HAIR DAY for 9 months and loses its flexibility and shine. Do not worry, that too will pass.


Acne and pimples – pimples during pregnancy

Usually, during the first trimester, the appearance of facial pimples is a common occurrence and also caused by hormonal changes.

There are women whose skin suddenly becomes part, and there are women who fill up. By the way, during the three pregnancies, the pimples appeared during the first trimester, large and ugly ones out of nowhere, but they passed in about two months.

It is recommended to use mild soap before the face and avoid too strong preparations that may enter the bloodstream.


Smells sensitivity and sensitivity to odors in pregnancy

It is a known fact that hormonal changes also cause changes in the sense of smell.
Many women find themselves at the beginning of pregnancy with high sensitivity to smells.

From the inability to tolerate the smells of foods, perfumes, cosmetic preparations and even the smell of your partner’s soap (happened to me).

In the pregnancy of my twins the sense of smell freaked out completely, I could not smell meat, my husband had to shower with soap and a really weak smell so I could be next to him in the room.

It’s a mink, and there’s no logical explanation, but somehow he accepted it with understanding.

And another category of smells in pregnancy – body odor  – is something that can also change.

Suddenly your sweat gets a really unpleasant smell and vaginal secretion often accompanied by unpleasant smell along with multiple secretions. In such cases, it is recommended to check that no fungus has developed in the area.

It is recommended to use deodorant and be more hygienic.


 ADHD & Pregnancy – Deficit Hyperactivity

If you are one of those who suffers from ADHD, you will not have an easy time.

The hormonal changes have a significant effect on women with attention deficit disorder and may also be seen in the days before menstruation.

As a result, it is very difficult to concentrate, the dispersion and the volatile moods are increasing and this is not an easy period.

Ritalin and Pregnancy – For those who take Ritalin, Ritalin can be taken during the second trimester and up to two months before the date of birth.

The Technological Institute and research around the world have not reached an unequivocal conclusion, but in cases where it affects the mother’s quality of life and sanity, Ritalin can be taken at low doses.

During the pregnancy with the twins I felt that I was really lost and after consulting doctors and reading research and articles, I occasionally took the days when I needed concentration, a 10-mg pill.

The girls came out okay, and they’re pretty developed and smart, so I think we will not do them too much damage.

Ritalin also helped to balance my extreme moods.

With regard to psychiatric drugs, it is to consult with the attending physician, and to check with the teratological institute that there are doctors specializing in the subject.

Do not see this as a medical recommendation; this is my opinion.


“Pregnancy stupidity”

“I do not have any logical way to explain this hallucinatory phenomenon that causes some of the cells in our brain to fog and not functions properly.

I had a variety of hallucinatory things like trying to open the door of the house with the car’s remote, putting a TV remote in the fridge, getting into the car next to the driver and waiting for the car to go (when I was alone) and bumping into countless other stories.

And girls, it’s not funny when the keys get lost or when you forget them in the spice cabinet when you have to go quickly to work

So pay attention and check yourself a few times.

You are invited to add reactions that you experience during pregnancy.

Good luck!