Pregnancy miscarriage – if you also fell on the statistics of those who have had an , whether it is a miscarriage or or quiet birth, pregnancy can still succeed.

I know that. I’ve been there few times, and today I’m a proud mother of 3 amazing kids.

When I had an abortion years ago because my had stopped developing, I felt that my world had broken apart.

Although the actual abortion surgery went on for week 11, still, I mourned as if it were a living baby I had lost even though it stopped developing somewhere around the 7th week, but it didn’t happen.

I remember the old days and how hard it was, and how sad I was and how I lost faith in my body, the world, and slowly this fear began to creep up that maybe I will not be able to again or succeed in having a baby and perhaps the phenomenon will come back.

So after I allowed myself to sink a little and mourn, I decided that I was gathering myself together and moving on.

The doctors’ recommendations were divided – some claimed that it would be best to wait at least a month or two until trying to conceive again,  and some said there was no impediment.

Since patience is not my strong point in after that, we started trying to get it again.

I have conceived naturally Again, but the pregnancy fell after about two weeks.

Then again we tried to score ovulation – still streaks, and again, after three weeks the pregnancy week fell alone.


We knew that I had clotting problems, so I was sent for a comprehensive examination, and the doctor decided I would take injections of blood thinners  – Clexane injections, and progesterone support.

That month, I was so stressed and nauseated, and I remember that I did not feel like sex at all, but I tried to schedule it ovulation (or when I thought there was ovulation).

Because I took progesterone support, it interfered with the results of the ovulation test on the stick, and I also measured the morning heat that went awry because of the increase in progesterone levels, so I only had to conclude that my ovulation would normally come after 20 days or more and “work” these days.

After 32 days when the cycle did not arrive, I did a negative pregnancy test, and here I broke down and sank into despair.

I remember that after two days my husband at the time told me to stop being desperate and that sometimes we were allowed to have sex that was not just for the pregnancy and that eventually, it would arrive.

After all, I have already had one pregnancy in peace, and my body knows how to conceive and knows how to raise a fetus.

So I let go and had sex after a week that we had not done at all and make the matter of pregnancy and let go of knowing that when the time came right, it would happen.

After two weeks or so, my period did not come, and I continued to measure the dawn heat, but I realized that the progesterone was interfering with the heat of the body.

I started to swell, and the body became nervous, and two people asked if my luck was good and my husband asked what was happening with my period because I became unbearable and sensitive and cried a lot.

I just did not get involved in it, and I put myself at work.

On the morning of a new week, I got up and was about to take Ritalin to tap a job and then noticed that I had little .

I did a test with a simple Chinese stick for the pregnancy test that I had at home, and suddenly I see two stripes.

I ran to the clinic to do a blood test and 2 hours later the result of 50 ml HCG beta has arrived.

Still, I was very pessimistic, and today this beta is sweet and beautiful twins who celebrated not long ago five years .14106faf-70bd-43f4-a452-085d12a06776

So what I want to say here – your body knows how to conceive.

Trust him. Love him. Respect him.

Trust that everything at the right time and that every soul chooses its time to arrive and everything is accurate at the end.
The trick is to learn the lesson.

I look back today and know that everything is accurate.

When the twins were born I could spend almost a year with them at home, our financial situation has improved since then, and I received two magical gifts instead of one.


When you have an abortion, you can assume that the body is fertile, that it knows how to get pregnant and that is great.

A moment after a miscarriage, the body is still saturated with hormones and high progesterone levels that can allow a fertile environment for the absorption of a new pregnancy.
If you have been scrapped, some doctors claim that the uterine muscle is not thick enough in the next ovulation, but I know a lot of women who got pregnant a moment after scraping, a moment after birth and a moment after quiet birth.

At the same time, it is essential to take the time to release the fetus and separate it and let yourself feel the pain and the difficulty and be a bit of mourning,

Otherwise, it may remain below the surface and interfere or float in less suitable time.
For you to make room for your next pregnancy, you should meditate and imagine the fetus, talk to him, send him light and love, thank him for you and release him with love.

I’m doing theta healing and know how important it is to make this energy separation.


Why is abortion happening?

There can be a variety of factors, the most common being progesterone deficiency.
If you are absorbed, you will be asked, together with the beta, to check the levels of progesterone in your body and if they are low, you will be asked immediately to add support to the body.

Especially if there are bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy is usually one of the signs that the body lacks progesterone.

Another common cause is coagulation problems that can be detected by genetic tests that are slightly more comprehensive, but it is known that when there are coagulation problems, there is sometimes a higher incidence of miscarriages.

This can be treated with calcium, aspirin, and thinners.

Most doctors will not send you for comprehensive tests unless you have had at least three abortions. Please note this and consult your doctor.

You should also consume , which helps the body react better to the pregnancy.

If you are after a miscarriage and have difficulty in reconceiving, it is recommended to follow up with the dawn heat or to check ovulation for ovulation.
This can significantly increase your of fertilization when you are on the right days.

To be successful, you are invited to write to me and share comments here or personally.