Do you dream of a holiday which involves staying in a tropics country, encompassed by blue waters, full of lush rain forests and adventure?

Then, Rica might be the perfect tourist place to go for individuals from all over the globe.

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Costa Rica – a holiday of natural wonders
A vacation in Costa Rica is a bit different from vacations in any other coastal area since Costa Rica goes a lot in the forests, beaches and nature reserves.
Costa Rica is your home for the countless beaches that offer a dreamy landscape and animals that travel among the tourists and you can experience the ocean and enjoy a warm and pleasant sun or surf in one of the best-surfing sites in the world.

It is recommended to go to Chirrip Hill, visit the rainforests of Monte Verde where there are trees that rise to a height of 20-30 meters on various excursion trails, rappelling or omega in the forests, enjoy a variety of water sports activities and more.

Moreover, one gets endless opportunities to see the sea creatures, with the presence of the Pacific Ocean in the western region and the Caribbean in eastern Costa Rica.

Alligators in costa rica

Sometimes, visitors show great interest in participating in various eco-tourism projects, including creating forests and maintaining trails in the rainforest, excavating an archaeological site, or helping protect sea turtles during the littering season at the beaches.



You may also want to explore volcanic mountains during your holiday in Costa Rica.
San Jose is surrounded by mountain peaks, some of which are active volcanic mountains, an hour or two drive from the city center.
It is an amazing experience to stand in the mouth of a volcano such as Arenal volcano or Ariseo and see craters with water, or get to one of the active volcanoes during a calm eruption and be above the height of the clouds and enjoy amazing cranes that you will not see anywhere else!

The helicopter tour guides take tourists into the base of your cone-shaped Arenal, where one can see the angry rumbling giant volcano. Imagine, how will you feel whenever you see several columns of smoke and ash exploit its highest point.

Therefore, overlooking your Arenal Volcano makes an impressive show.

If you get a possibility to overview your volcano on a starry night, you may see a large number of rocks bright orange lava, jumping out from your cavity, and hitting your sides of Arenal, exploding your rocks in hundreds of pieces.

Costa Rica is one of the more diverse destinations offered by wild nature with crocodile rivers, or beaches with pampering hotels or hotels within the rainforest.
At breakfast, you meet all kinds of animals, birds and even monkeys who walk around freely.

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is a nature reserve that contains a forest, special beaches and lots of animals. This is a tourist attraction from all over the world who come to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and how beautiful they are in the pictures, they are much more beautiful in reality!

Hot springs in Costa Rica

Many hot springs seep out of the many volcanoes in Costa Rica and have become a favorite attraction for tourists.
It is simply amazing to see the streams of hot water that create pools of streams, waterfalls, and a variety of national parks.

Traveling with kids in Costa Rica – a family holiday in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most suitable destinations for families with children. It offers amusement parks, water parks, lakes, reserves, nature and forest tours, a beautiful zoo in San Jose and many child-friendly restaurants.
You can rent a car and travel with the children to an unforgettable experience in the national parks outside of San Jose such as Manuel Antonio and in fact, on any trip in the woods you will encounter a variety of animals that will delight the children!

The food is in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers plenty of small local restaurants called “SODA” and offers delicious and inexpensive local cuisine.

Galo pinto – Costa Rican breakfast

The empty Costa Rican food is mostly vegetarian and part of it also contains meat, but vegetarians and vegans will celebrate with a variety of vegetables and fruits grown in Costa Rica.
Also in San Jose, you will find a variety of modern restaurants and fast food chains such as KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and American diners alongside Italian restaurants, and any style possible.

Transportation in Costa Rica

Transportation in San Jose is quite challenging in terms of public transport and also in terms of driving quite dangerous to drive it since there is not so much traffic laws or adequate enforcement.
There are plenty of beggars on the roads and within San Jose, you are better off traveling with UBER or taxis, and when you leave the city you will be more comfortable renting a car and enjoying the green and colorful mountain scenery, reaching magical corners and visiting the villages.

Do not miss a trip to Cartago, which is about an hour away from San Jose, there are a nature reserve and a fantastic lake and excellent local restaurants.

Beware of snipers and thieves in San Jose, especially in crowded places.

Overall Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in the world attracting tourists throughout the year and is suitable for young people, families or anyone looking to relax in front of the wonderful work of nature with a pristine mountain landscape and beaches defined as paradise ..

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for airline tickets to Costa Rica and if you need help, please send me a message below.