One of the biggest changes in the field of tourism in recent years is the issue of booking cheap flights  or in its familiar name .

Competition in the airline industry is only growing, which is good for us, the citizens, and is causing cheap flights to cheap prices that start with dozens of dollars per flight according to specific destinations, regions and dates.

Before you organize your travel abroad, you should first consider the option of separating the flight and the hotel, since this can save you hundreds of dollars, especially when it to Israeli tourism companies.

At the same time, it is to make sure that you also pay the airport, hotel, accommodation, and sometimes the cost, but usually not.

Things to know about low cost flights  or how to avoid mishaps and unnecessary expenses at the airport

Low cost flights are cheap flights and in fact are a type of air bus.
This means that you can expect the minimum in airlines such as EasyJet, Ryan Air or Weather Air, and do not be surprised if the service you receive is also the price.

Or as I asked the stewardess on a flight from Amsterdam to Israel if a glass of water is included in the price, she replied with a sting – “we are a Low Cost company, you do not get anything here for free“.

Although I made my second flight with Turkish Airlines with a ticket that cost me the same price, I got a drink, a hot meal, video and multimedia screens on the flight and a wonderful attitude. So that’s about what you’re supposed to expect.

Luggage on a Low Cost flight

Most airlines with low cost tickets will allow you to board a flight with one suitcase or one size bag which is usually 25355 cm for a trolley suitcase, but it is important to check with your airline about the size of the suitcase.

If you got 2 bags , or an extra bag, two will require you to pay extra or send the suitcase to the belly of the plane and then pay extra.

If you know in advance that your suitcase is not up to size or if you travel in the winter with bigger coats and clothes or a long trip and you know that Trolley suitcase will not be enough for you, you should pay a little more on a larger suitcase or on another bag,  just before the flight.

No, heartbreaking stories will not help you.

In addition, as for bags from the dummy, there is some conjecture that you can come up with a bag for flying. In most airlines this will not work for you.

So, save yourself in advance.

The weight of the suitcase on the flight – take into account that especially on low cost flights you may pay more for exceeding the weight of the cargo so if there is a chance to exceed, make sure to pay for it in advance on the company’s website.

Seats on a Low Cost Flight

If you want to choose your seat on the flight, you will have to pay around $ 10 per seat.

This option is necessary if you are flying with or with another person, you should not take the risk especially with .

However, if you fly alone, you can get anywhere on the flight, it does not really matter, but on long flights, for example, you should make sure you have a comfortable flight.

What is the best place on the flight?

According to the recommendations of aviation personnel, the quietest place on the flight is the front areas of the plane, in the middle rows.

A seat by the window may give you a spectacular view, but it has several levels of decibels above places in the middle area of ​​the plane.
Especially when it comes to long flights, you will be tired and exhausted more than sitting in a quite place.

The seats on the back of the plane are a bit louder because the engines are actually aiming at them, but in the case of God forbid, a plane crash says that the chances of survival are higher. True.

So your choice.

However, if you are a few hours ahead of time, you should use this wonderful site,  Seat Guru, which contains information about almost all existing flights, types of planes and recommendations where to sit and where not, and which chairs may be more or less problematic.

Seat Guru website >>

Example of a fuselage on an American Airlines flight from the Seat Guru site, the problematic locations are marked in red or yellow:



Low Cost meals on the flight

As I said earlier, a Low-Cost flight in most cases is like an air bus, which means you can not enjoy free food, drink or refreshments on the flight.

Between us, they will charge you a poor and not so attractive sandwich for 6-8 dollars, and you’d better buy a proper meal at that airport, get a bottle beforehand and even buy snacks or a sandwich for the flight and save.

This is the way low-cost companies increase revenues. The tickets are supposedly cheap, but add more extras to at least half of the passengers on the flight and they balance very slowly. So if you really want to save, that’s the way.

So how do you find cheap flights? Get to know Sky Scanner

First, do not compromise on ordering on the first website you find, it is always recommended to search at at least 10 different sites for the flights you are looking for. Sky scanner usually got great deals and in most cases they offer the cheapest deals and best combinations.

Click here for Sky Scanner >>

If you have a specific goal but the date is flexible, you can do a search through the Sky Scanner website and set on the search date Cheapest Month or a specific month.

If you do not have a specific destination you can choose the Everywhere option and then you will get a list of a variety of destinations at very low prices, so if you are flexible you will find the best deals there are and save hundreds of dollars in booking a vacation.

Here’s an example of searching Sky Scanner Mobile for cheap destinations and cheap dates. You can see flight prices from $ 21 to Bulgaria, $ 24 to Cyprus, $ 27 to Poland and more cheap options:

For example, search results for the cheapest dates for a flight from Tel Aviv Israel to Madrid in Spain, you can see on the calendar (we did not set a date but asked for the cheapest), that in January 2019 there are cheap and convenient prices on specific dates and they start from 130 dollars for a flight to Spain ).


And if you choose one of the dates, you can get the flight results, from $ 259 in two directions from Tel Aviv to Madrid back and forth.

So I guess you understand how to search the Sky Scanner app and checking there, you should go directly to the websites of the airlines you received in the results and do the same search on the same dates, sometimes you will find gaps in the tens of dollars because someone cuts a coupon in the middle, . In many cases it saved me quite a bit of money.

Other sites to book flights that you should check:

Cheap airlines you better check:



Sometimes some of these companies will include a connection in their destination country, but in the case of distant destinations like the United States, Asia or South America, it can save hundreds of dollars on airfare.

So, do not just rely on the search engines for flights, and after you’re done with them, check these airlines.

Another important thing – on low cost flights, make sure you have at least 3 hours of contact between flight and flight, although it lengthens the runway time and can be exhausting but in case of delay in takeoff that can take an average of half an hour to an hour and very common, you do not want to be in a panic or risk losing The connecting flight. Even if it will cost a little more, it is better to be on the safe side and book a flight that you are more likely to stick to.

Should you book flights in advance or at the last minute?

hen it comes to booking flights, it is always better to book a few months in advance, but most of us are spontaneous and if you decide a week or two before the flight, it is best to book as many as possible ahead of time.

Sometimes there are deals and deals of airlines stuck with stock of vacant seats on the flight and then prices may go down but there is no legality.

You should also search for two or three days forward or backward and see if there is a date where the cost of the flight will be lower if you are not locked on a specific date.

For example, most Israelis usually come back from overseas weekends on Sunday, but if you check, you will find that returning on Monday can be cheaper because there are more flight options and then the prices change accordingly. Supply and demand, this is the secret.

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