Traveling overseas with the troop?

Try these packing tips about for size, and you will never have to struggle with bulky luggage again!

 Packing for a holiday

Some say the packaging for a family vacation is the most stressful part of traveling, and in lots of ways, they are right.

Some of us have a tendency to bring everything including the kitchen sink, while others, who’re blessed with the light gene, somehow know just how to keep it simple.

Here are our top tips to pack for the family vacation abroad.

  • Choose the size of your bag wisely. One always fills the space one has, so be cruel to yourself to be kind and pick a bag a bit smaller compared to the one you’d ideally have. This may automatically assist you to pack lighter. Less space = less stuff.
  • Roll stuff. A classic trick. Somehow rolling your garments reduces their volume. Jeans and t-shirts are ideal candidates, as are children garments and accessories like scarves or belts. Use ribbon or rubber bands to keep them in place or put each 3-4 items rolled into a ziplock food bag.
    Yes. it’s small, but you’ll be surprised how tiny clothes can be once they are rolled and squizzed into these bags. Thank me later!
  • Ditch the beach towels. They take way too much space. You may either buy some on the spot as a souvenir or the place you’re going to will provide them.
  • Stuff every teeny tiniest corner in your suitcase. Don’t leave any corner unused. Shoes are ideal hideaways for underwear or socks.
  • Forget liquids and toiletries. If you’re traveling with hand luggage only, you’ll be knowledgeable as to the constraints on liquids. Regardless, if you’re checking the luggage in, you should be aware that those bottles of conditioner and shampoo are worth their weight in gold. buy them on convenience store wherever you go, save the space and throw what’s left later. some on the spot, use the hotel services or decant into smaller bottles, but do not lug around products which will likely come back with you.
  • Check the wrinkle factor. Some fabrics travel better than others. Linen is lovely and light-weight but doesn’t fare well in a scrunched up suitcase. Check your fabrics before you pack so you do not end up with unnecessary items on arrival!
  • Go barefoot. Well, perhaps pack flip flops? Shoes are bulky and heavy, which makes them a double disaster in the packing stakes. Be realistic about which shoes you’re actually going to wear. Party shoes are a good idea but think about the weight/space/to wear ratio and it will all make sense. While traveling with kids, it’s better to have trainers, flats, and flip-flops, since your beautiful heels won’t be useful.
  • Regardless if you would like to bring along a little detergent powder, to act as an extra water-proof barrier for your decanted cream container, or if you wish to keep juniors socks together or everyday baby outfits so it’s all to hand
  • Color code. When picking garments, stick to one range of colors.
  • Bring basic clothes items you can combine with each other – While on holiday, each one of the family members can wear the same pants for 2-3 days, which includes 1 pair of Jeans, 2 short pants, and one long cotton pants or training pants if it will be cold at night. Try to choose natural colors that go well with a nice Jacket.
  • Don’t pack the whole closet – You can always buy clothes and do laundry on your hotel.
  • Use a big travel backpack instead of a regular suitcase – These bags can sometimes contain up to 100 liters and Usually, it will be easier to get them as a carry on to the airplane since you can squeeze them to fit the right size if you packed and rolled all of your stuff.
  • Drugs and medications – Especially when you travel with kids to a foreign country, make sure to have Antibiotic, fever relief, bandages – small and big ones, Citronella oil or gel for mosquitos and bugs, anti-diarrhea medication and something for nausea or stomach pain. If there’s any other medical situation, pack things for a few more extra days.
  • Plan your trip. Limit your daily walk up to 5 kilometers. Your kids want to enjoy too. Also remind yourself that with kids everything can happen – They can wake up with a fever or get sick, so be flexible and try to make the best of the holiday and make a plan B for “Weak days” which can be in some indoor place.
  • Traveling with babies – if you travel with babies, take 1 can of their food and for the flight get a Thermus with hot water and 2 meal containers. You can buy diapers everywhere, make sure you got enough only for the first day. Don’t waste precious packing place on your suitcase!
  • Traveling with a baby stroller – If you got an expensive heavy stroller, get yourself a light stroller for the trip, and it’s better if it’s folding to fit airplane cabin to take with you to the plane.  It will make your whole trip more convenient, making it easy while using public transportations and taxies, and if you got to get one of those tiny fold strollers you can carry like a bag, you got a winner!
  • Bring a baby carrier! If your kid is up to 2 years old, you might find it easier to walk around with baby carrier. Lilly baby has a great baby carrier, which fits up to 3o kilo’s and is very comfortable.
  • Bring entertainment to the flight – A tablet with movies or offline games will do the work. Don’t trust the entertainment on the flight!
  • Bring nose drops – sailing water tubes, and put 1-2 drops on each one of the family members noses, to keep it hydrated and wet during the flight and don’t get dry. Save the blocked nose for the next two days after the flight.
  • Bring food, snacks, and treats for the flight – don’t count on the airline to supply good meals. Make sure to have a good carbs meal before boarding to the flight and pack sandwiches for everybody. Flights can have delays, and you never know when you gonna meet a good place to eat, and when it comes to tired and hungry kids – the fun is gone!
  • Bring warm fleece jackets for the flight – Airline companies like to freeze the passenger’s cabin during flights, so make sure to bring light warm jackets such as fleece jackets which can be useful during your trip.
  • If you are pregnant, make sure to bring medical documents regarding your pregnancy, your condition, and a letter from your doctor in English that everything is good and you can fly.
  • Make sure to have medical travel insurance for the whole family, once you booked your flights, even if it’s a few months in advance. Once you’re doing the insurance, your’s covered. Make sure to add an option for cancellation refund, and add few more dollars for lost luggage, for your laptop and smartphone. Get yourself covered for any case.
  • If you’re traveling with baby, make sure to bring a clean sheet for him and duvet cover, don’t trust the sheets on the hotel, you can never know when they were washed, keep your baby safe.
  • Bring socks! Even if you’re going for a summer holiday, it can get cold on the flight and once you’re in the hotel it’s better for the kids to wear socks and not walk naked on the carpets.
  • Remind yourself to breathe. Set with the kids a daily prize if they will behave well, and take them to some convenience store every morning if they behave well the day before. From my experience with my own 3 kids, it works great and motivates them to be relaxed and control their behavior.
  • Pay for seats on the plane – Especially if you booked a low-cost flight, make sure to pick your seats for the whole family together in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute on the airport and take the chance that the flight will be full and you will be separated, just pay those few extra dollars on seating together.
  • Get to the airport on time and at least 2 hours before and if you’re in the airport in big cities, be there 3 hours before. You can have many delays with kids, don’t take the chance to miss your flight.
  • Remind your self that this holiday should be fun!

If you got an additional tip, please write them in the comments down below.

Good luck!