Congratulations. You have a baby.

You came home with a little baby or even two or three from the maternity hospital and now, what do you do with it? Where are the operating instructions?

Many parents find themselves stressed and anxious about SIDS.

A baby who has only arrived in the world is still in a state in which his body systems adjust to the world, including the respiratory system and the digestive system.

Especially in babies born prematurely but not only, sometimes the lung function is not completely normal and sometimes there can be a state of cessation of that can lead to death – hence the phenomenon of death in the crib.

In order for you, the parents, to be calm while your baby is asleep, it is recommended to put the baby sensor in the cradle or in bed.

This is a device that monitors the baby’s breathing and movement.

In case of stopping breathing, God forbid, he hoots and wakes the baby and the parents.

When my were born 10 years ago to the eldest and 5.5 years ago to the twins, we used an old-age Babysense breathing monitoring device.

Why an old generation?

Babysense devices sold to date have plates placed on the baby’s bed and with a fairly high of accuracy but not 100 percent and each time you have to disconnect the device when lifting the baby and when doing it in the middle of the sleep is usually frightening and stressful and it happened to me Dozens of times with my three children.

Introducing Pico SNUZA – a new generation baby monitor

PICO The world’s most advanced infant monitoring device, distributed in 62 countries around the world and You can find it on Amazon – Buy Pico Snuza

PICO SNUZA, arrived in through the company, the next generation of the SNUZA Hero MD device.

The device is wireless and operates without wires or cables that could endanger the baby or break away.

Pico’s developers understood that in order to really monitor the baby’s breathing more precisely because sometimes the baby moves in bed or turns around and is not on the plates and also because, as I mentioned, the use of the Babysense device is a bit cumbersome, so they developed a baby monitor in small dimensions – only 40 mm, A device that attaches to the baby’s diaper and accurately and reliably monitors the baby’s breathing.

In this way, the device can remain on the baby even when awake and when lifted and its great advantage is that in the case of cessation of breathing God forbid, it can certainly save life and warn in time.

How does Pico Monitor work?

Pico, as I mentioned, is a small device that is worn on the baby diaper and is attached to his body without interruption. It weighs only about 40 grams and is powered by a battery that can work 40 hours continuously.

Once the baby is awake in your hands, you can put the device in charge and continue to use it afterward.

In addition, it is a smart device connected to an application on a smartphone that updates you, the parents, about the baby’s condition at any given moment, even when you are not in the room with him.

In addition to monitoring the breath, the device monitors the baby’s body temperature, his movements, if he, heaven forbid, has turned over or fallen.

As soon as the baby stops breathing, the device will activate a vibration 15 seconds to wake the baby, and if 20 seconds the baby will not wake up and move, the device will activate an alarm that will also be activated on your smartphone.

Pico Snoza allows parents to be more relaxed when the baby sleeps and know his or her indicators during the day. This way you can also tell if your baby is too cold or hot, whether it has been overturned or on the stomach or back.

The Pico device connects to the application using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and alerts when the parent moves away from the child – can help prevent infant recalls.

If my twins had Pico, it would solve a lot of problems because they liked to sleep together in the first few weeks and we could not always operate a monitor – it would just reassure them after they spent nine months pressed together in the stomach, it was natural for them to feel each other outside And calm down like that. The device is also adjusted if the baby sleeps with you in bed and not just in his bed.

Buy Pico Snuza

The cost of the device is 999 NIS and can be purchased at baby stores or directly from the importer’s website – Tzutzik.

To purchase the device click here
Although its price is twice that of traditional Baby devices, believe me, as a mother who has the usual babysensor with 3 children, it is much more successful and easy to use.

Attached is a short video about Pico:

Buy Pico Snuza