On the occasion of Pride Month, I would like to introduce to you Amit Tzuk – mother, lecturer, CEO, information systems analyst and businesswoman who was born as a man and now lives as a woman in every way as a .

I knew Amit Tzuk by chance when a video of her doughter, Agam, turned on Facebook and accumulated hundreds of thousands of views in Israel.

In the video, 14-year-old Agam talks about her , who has a lesbian mother and a transgender mother, and about the attitude of the environment towards her and her , and the ignorance people have about sex and gender and how it feels like as child.












I admit that I watched the short video with bated breath and was excited by the maturity, understanding, and sensitivity of Agam, and I told myself that I had to see who her amazing parenting that had taught her and if there were many others like them in the world, he would look different.

I went to the page of Mother of a Agam, Amit Tzuk, and was inspired by her personal story.

Amit was born as a boy and lived for 40 years as a man in every way.

The Tzuk family was a normative family from Nahariya  in the north of Israel , with a mother, a father and four children, until one day Amit told Galit (Gili), then her partner, that she intended to become a woman.

Amit says that she felt differently in her childhood.
Not like boys should feel.
She was attracted to women but also felt very feminine inside and liked to wear the clothes of girls secretly.

She had a hard time with this tendency and she hoped it was temporary and would pass over the years.

At the age of 15, she met Galit, who with the years to be her wife (when she was still a man), and something there made her feel a little more comfortable and think that here she was cured of the illness of wanting to be a woman and she chose the normal path of a normal straight man who chooses to raise a family.

In order to try to fight her tendency, Amit also enlisted in the Israeli army, served as a fighter, and after she thought it was, she overcame the illness, she suffered a serious injury that disabled her with long rehabilitation, and made her feelings stronger.
Amit and Galit brought 4 lovely children, built a business and a normal family life with great love.

The years passed and Amit, who was masculine and romantic, began to find himself dressing in women’s clothes and dressing in secret when he was alone in the house until he got to the point where he felt it was stronger than he was.

This desire to be a woman all the time and feel like a woman kept growing.

He shared this with his wife Galit, and she managed to find the place to support him and accept him as he was because she loved him very much.

They shared their understanding with the children, but this led them to a number  of challenges through social and personal difficulties and taught them at a young age a lesson or two in life.

Amit Tzuk during the transformation process






Together, they began a transformation process  and decided to bring home a film crew on behalf of Yes Doco – Israeli Cables channel for documentation Movies, who documented their lives for three years and filmed them into amazing and unique documentary that gives a glimpse into family life of  a Transgender in a process that also included sex reassignment surgery after two years in Thailand.

The Tzuk family, 2016


After returning from the sex change surgery, the two performed an exciting ceremony of vows, attended by hundreds of guests.

About a month after the ceremony, Galit asked to part and go on her own journey.

Amit and Shirley

After the separation from Galit , Amit realized that she had no choice and that she chose to be happy with or without Galit.

She met Shirley, which was then single and fed up with men and decided to try something different  on a dating site.

She got to know Amit and discover her charming personality and fall in love with her against all odds and despite the resistance of the environment and her close family.

Amit and Shirley Tzuk


It turns out that in Israel there are many people with primitive thinking who treat transgender people as people with a disease or a mental disorder that is apparently contagious and so they choose to stay away.

But Shirley and Amit’s love was stronger than everything the environment would say and do and they chose to live together and get married.



Today, Amit is happily married to Shirley and Galit is in a relationship with a woman, they raise the children in a joint parenthood and both are happy.

The Family in Trance


Amit and Shirley Tzuk at the Yes Doco Festival

The film was directed by Ophir Trainin, a talented family member.

He received excellent reviews and won prizes – the best film award at the 20th Doco Aviv Festival and at the Tel Aviv 2018 International Documentary Film Festival, and these days it is distributed in different channels, privately or publicly.

In the film, you can see a glimpse into the life of the Tzuk family during the three years from the beginning of the change to its end, and see that they, too, like all of us, are ordinary and real people who deal with the same dilemmas that we face, and that Amit is an amazing person, And it’s much more important how she is from within and not from the outside.

The film and the lecture are intended for the entire population and for family members of gay, lesbian or transgender people and the whole LGTBQ community, who find it hard to understand their loved ones, find it hard to understand and accept this “curse” on their family, and I believe that the film can make a small change in the viewers’ Of us and their choices.

Anyone who knows Amit immediately sees her charm and charisma.

The movie makes important public relations for the entire LGBT community in Israel, a community that unfortunately, in the State of Israel of 2018, still suffers from discrimination and unequal rights.

Over the next few weeks, screenings will be held across the country and the world, with private screenings of organizations and workers’ committees will be available

You can contact Amit through her website for cooperation and screening this so important movie.


Family in private screening


For some reason it is difficult for people in Israel and all over the world to accept different people from the familiar and framed patterns.

People who are transgender – do not choose it. They are born with this tendency.

They are born with the feeling that they are in the wrong body .

Today, thanks to science and medicine, there is a way to change the species and abroad.

The phenomenon has been very common in recent years, while in Israel, like in Israel, we are still shuffling with prejudices and black jokes about transgenders.

Amit tzuk and her kids

The Jewish religion does not exactly support transgender or gay community members, gays and lesbians, and the heads of the rabbis in Israel incite and poison the congregation against love for the same sex.

Amit was born as a man, but she is no different from any other woman in substance, femininity, sensitivity, intellect.
The fact that she was not born a woman does not mean she is less than a woman who was born as a woman.
It is time to free all our prejudices.

Visit Amit Tzuk Website – Amit Tzuk


Amit Tsuk in the Israel morning show