Many parents want to know what product they buy, they buy a seat with a booster or two separate products?

When you arrive at a that specializes in safety seats, you discover a whole world.

There are many items to choose from.

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, so the confusion is great and many parents find it difficult to make a decision.

What is a Booster Integrated Safety Seat?

The Booster Seat is a multi-stage seat suitable for of all age groups and for any weight.

In other words, it is possible to purchase a suitable product from , when the child is saddled against the direction of the trip.

Raising until the child no longer needed a seat.
In other words, they invest in only one product and receive a response to all stages of the child’s development without having to purchase two different seats.

What are the advantages of purchasing a Booster integrated seat?

The main advantage of purchasing a Booster seat is undoubtedly the economic issue.
There is no need to change the seat every few years, purchasing a suitable seat from birth to the stage the child no longer needs a booster.

All-In-One Safety Seat In most cases, the All In One seat is suitable for use as a child safety chair from birth weight to a weight of 18 kg.

In this situation, the baby should be placed against the direction of travel, according to the regulations set forth in the law.

It weighs 9 kg to 18 kg. Turn the seat so that the child sits in the direction of the trip.

When the time to seat the child in the booster, the seat becomes a dedicated booster suitable for the weight of 15 kg or more.

Beyond the financial advantage, there are other advantages to a combined safety seat.

For example, the seat can be moved from the child who grows up and needs a booster for the baby joining the family.

In addition, most models of child seats with booster are wider and may be more comfortable for and . Keep in mind that the seat is wider since it should also be used as a poster.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing a Booster integrated seat?

On the face of it, the purchase of a Booster integrated safety seat seems preferable because of the financial savings and since there is no need to purchase two products separately.

However, the reality is that most parents will buy a booster anyway since the seats have an expiration date, and by the time they reach the booster the item has expired and it is recommended not to use it.

It is to know that most of the models of seat booster seats are manufactured in the United States.

They are also suitable for American children, mainly for cars sold in the US, ie large and spacious vehicles compared with the more compact vehicles sold in the world.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the seat of the Booster is wide and occupies a large area in the rear seat, and if you plan to expand the family, the seat is too large and two children cannot be comfortably saddled in safety seats and another child is in Booster.

When purchasing a Booster Safety Seat it is important to understand that certain elements must be compromised, such as a less comfortable lying position for the baby in the first stage when the toddler is seated against the direction of the trip.

In addition, a Booster Safety Seat can not receive high marks in the crash tests in all situations. Therefore, the seat may receive a high score in the crash tests in the direction of the trip and the low score in the booster mode.

Some parents are quick to purchase a safety seat combined with a booster believing that the product will serve them for many years and that they will be able to move the seat from one child to another.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that all seats have an expiry date.

In order to protect the child and maintain his safety and life, the product should not be used expiry.
Therefore, in most cases, the parents will purchase two products. In fact, And then a booster.

One of the reasons some experts argue that it is better to purchase two products separately is the high weight of a combined seat booster.

In the event of an accident, the high weight may put heavy pressure on the child’s back and cause a more serious injury.
In addition, it is important to remember that companies that develop and manufacture safety seats market new and safer models every year, when it is calculated that the baby is sitting in the seat from the birth stage until the stage reaches the buster.

The model is already obsolete and is considered less safe than the new models.

New and higher quality, and not take unnecessary risks.

Tips for purchasing a car seat for baby

Installing a booster seat is considered more complicated than installing a standard seat or a booster, but most parents do not properly install the seat. Therefore, their children are exposed to a real danger, and most parents do not pay attention to the issue of the expiration of the session.

It is recommended that you go to the Baby store, which specializes in safety seats, so you can get professional advice and choose the product that is best suited to your child’s characteristics, vehicle characteristics, and budget limitations.

In addition, there are experts in the branches of the chain to install safety seats in vehicles that have been trained to install safety chairs.

They also receive service and professional advice, as well as proper installation and training in how to install the seat according to manufacturer’s instructions and binding devices.