The prevailing view is that a miscarriage occurs due to abnormal development of the and the body simply rejects it out.

The first trimester of is the most prone to miscarriage to such a point that a woman can abort without knowing that she was . The bleeding would look to her like a blemish, settling in time or out of time.

Many women do not reveal their pregnancy in public, a practice that exists in many traditional societies.

There is also a tendency to save more at this time:
not to perform difficult and stressful activities, not to lift heavy things, not to perform physical activities of various kinds, etc.

2 out of every 10 women will notice the first few weeks of pregnancy, but only 1 of them will really drop, so if bleeding does occur, it does not mean that there has been an abortion.

Abortion really occurs when the bleeding is accompanied by blood clots and subsequent contractions and passes at a uniform rate accompanied by the opening of the cervix.

It is completed when both the fetus and the placenta emerge from the womb without residue and the uterus remains empty.

There are cases in which parts of the placenta remain in the uterus and need to be removed artificially so that infections do not develop.

A woman who has had an abortion needs a lot of physical and mental support, especially since the hormonal changes in her bodywork just like in pregnancy and she will need help to make the transition from being pregnant to being pregnant.

Missed abortion

There are cases of missed abortion in which the fetus dies and remains in the womb until several weeks after death.
Sometimes there will be no of miscarriage and the woman will not know.
The uterus stops growing and is even smaller in size, and other signs of pregnancy in the body (breast growth, for example) also stop.

There can be a dark brown affair, but there will still be no cycle.

Usually, in this situation, the fetus spontaneously exits.

Some women have a tendency toward miscarriage and have several abortions in a row.

These women should be really relaxed with themselves during pregnancy and may even wait until the next time they try to get pregnant, to allow the body to reset itself, the of hemoglobin to rise, etc.

It is recommended to be supported by nutritional, Chinese, etc.

The common reasons for miscarriage are:

  • Ova or damaged sperm
  • Fertilization performed on the site is not good in the reproductive system
  • Failure of embryonic cells to divide and specialize properly
  • Hormonal production failure
  • Functional failure to feed or produce hormones
  • Infections that can be a , such as: hypertension, thyroid imbalance, lack of vitamins, malnutrition, diabetes and more
  • Uterine malformations, such as a double womb, scar tissue, various types of tumors,
  • A problem in the cervix
  • Exposure to toxic substances from the environment
  • And more.

of abortion and treatment:

According to conventional medicine, a woman with a tendency to discriminate from the past should be extremely careful during her first period of pregnancy and certainly avoid any task that burdens her body.

This includes physical activity, shopping, levels (even of other children) etc.

It is a good idea to take a good rest and a healthy and nutritious diet, as well as help at home for this period until you know for sure that the pregnancy has been absorbed.

In addition, there are cases in which it is best to avoid sex until reaching a relatively safe state.

Even after the first trimester, there may still be a risk of miscarriage, but it diminishes over time, and the woman can gradually and according to her condition, and the doctor’s assessment of a return to normal activity.

Chinese medicine looks at abortions as an inability to continue and “pay” the necessary price throughout the pregnancy and childbirth process and in some cases even in the process of raising the children.

Emotionally, you have to check the mother’s condition.

What is the situation between the couple?
Is there any acceptance of the process, acceptance? Are there feelings of guilt? Relationship problems? Did the mother succeed in grieving? and so’.

As far as Chinese diet is concerned, it is recommended that raspberry leaves, known as shrubs, be stopped and therefore stop bleeding due to lack of energy and prevent the risk of miscarriage.

Eating eggs can strengthen pregnant women against miscarriage and soothe the fetus because of its ability to move energy upward.

Coffee can cause damage, such as increased risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and birth defects.

This is also due to the process of its growth and production, in which dangerous chemicals, herbicides, and capillaries are used and the caffeine is extracted using fuel-based solvents.
It also removes calcium from the body and should be careful with it.

The importance of vitamin B-12 and Magnezium for the prevention of repeated miscarriages and is .

Folic acid supplementation and vitamin B-6 were also effective against repeated miscarriages.

All these are related to the homocysteine factor, if it is at a high level it creates many problems such as atherosclerosis and miscarriages.

In addition, caffeine consumption may cause miscarriage in pregnant women, so discontinue consumption and / or strengthen the body with strong antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E, beta carotene, selenium, essential fatty acids, etc.


Can you strengthen your body with appropriate nutritional support, acupuncture, touch therapy and emotional work? Support the process of mourning and liberation.

Here is an example of a nutritional recommendation I gave in the case of postpartum rehabilitation:
Recommends hot and cooked foods that will help build blood (according to Chinese medicine) quickly and in quality.
With an emphasis, of course, on whole foods: whole grains, legumes, meat-chicken-fish.

Many green leaves and sprouts of various types: all the baby salad, parsley, dill and coriander, alfalfa sprouts and broccoli and much more.

Nuts and roasted seeds provide good nourishment. So are sesame seeds filled with minced ground and ground.
It is not advisable to increase the amounts of flour and flour, to place more emphasis on cooking.