Home Pregnancy Test Before missed period – How reliable is pregnancy detection -6 days before delay as promised on the package?

Some Facts You Should Know About .

Home pregnancy tests that a delay 4-6 days before being late are, in my opinion, another source of additional income for companies that market the home tests for pregnancy.
A home test can not detect 4-6 days before being late for the simple reason.
These tests are sensitive to over a certain amount of the HCG hormone.
In my case, a pregnancy test a pregnancy on the 11th day as ovulation with HCG beta result of 15 mu/ il and there was a faint almost invisible line on the test.

I had conceiving around the 7th day for ovulation and from there the beta began to rise and every two days or so.
Since I followed ovulation with the dawn heat, I could see the exact day of ovulation by graph and temperature of body temperature.
My luteal phase (i.e., ovulation to menstruation) is ten days, whereas in most women the luteal phase is between 12-14 days so rooting usually occurs later.

Most home pregnancy tests identify pregnancy in beta over 25-50, which is beta that usually 2-3 days of menstrual delay, that is, 14-16 days ovulation in most women.

So if you checked after 10-11 days of ovulation, you are likely to get a negative answer and just throw the money in vain.
The companies that market these estimates use the pressure of women trying to conceive, and know that if you are trying to get pregnant and sometimes have strange signs, then if you pass this assessment in a supermarket that says that it recognizes pregnancy 4-6 days before the delay, You probably will buy it!
Of course, it is clear that you will be disappointed.

Therefore, these estimates are also sold in double units and are written in detail in the instructions – If you get a negative answer, try again in about three days.

Incidentally, A tip,
If you are already buying a home pregnancy test, buy from small, private pharmacies, they are much cheaper, and if you have a possibility, buy it from a pharmacy where you are a member.

When you present a membership card at the checkout, you are entitled to a 50% discount on purchasing a home check!

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At the same time, in the pregnancy of my twins and before that,
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I recognized pregnancy.

Then, to be sure, I bought  Clear blue test at the pharmacy,
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It is true that sometimes it is difficult to wait and hold back and there is not so much patience, but it is better to wait at least two days late for menstruation and blood tests will always be the most accurate.
There are abnormal tests that sometimes show a positive answer when it is negative.
It can also happen.