Checklist – file – what to take to room

The ninth month is just around the corner and statistics show that delivery can happen sometime between week 36 and week 42 of your pregnancy.

It’s hard to predict when the body will decide that the moment has arrived, and your baby is ready to go outside.

Therefore, it is best in the 33 weeks of pregnancy to take care of a bag ready for delivery with all that is necessary.

If you are traveling by car on a daily basis, make sure it is with you. So when the moment of truth , you’ll be calm and ready, and you won’t be concerned of what you forgot to take or if your partner will find the things to bring for you to the hospital.


What to pack for you – delivery room

Medical documents – Coordinate all the follow-up from the pregnancy in an orderly folder, so that if you are painful, the medical staff will be able to examine everything by themselves without questioning you with a lot of questions.

Birth Plan – Sit down as soon as possible and write about what ideal birth looks like to you – painkillers, active labor, what happens birth, etc.

Pajamas – It is preferable to have a long, comfortable tunic or pajamas. You should also take a pair of maternity pants and a wide blouse to make it pleasant for you to move around in your clothes the day after you give birth.

Dressing – Be sure to have a significant, comfortable robe that you can wear when you are in the ward or if guests come to you.

Breastfeeding – A nursing bra and undershirts that you will find comfortable to breastfeed.

Toiletries and toothbrush



Makeup Tools – On the second day, get up in the morning, wash, makeup and dress in your clothes.
You will be surprised to find out how much it will restore your of sanity and feel lighter and healthier. Do it even if you are in pain, it will help!

Clothes for the returning home.


Hot socks

Sleep grooms – if you plan to breastfeed, so you can put pads in them to absorb the milk.

Breastfeeding pump – If you intend to breastfeed, be sure to pre-model the breast pump you want to purchase and the postpartum lactation. Usually, for the first day or two, there are pumps for babies you can use.

phone charger

Hair bands

Snacks for you or your partner for the time of birth and subsequent hospitalization.
Especially if you are breastfeeding, your appetite will , and after breastfeeding you will usually feel hungry, so you will have something to eat after breastfeeding at .

Baby bag – You can a bag in advance in the house so that your partner, friend or family member will bring with him when he comes to release you to your home.

What to put on baby bag

Body Cloths

Two pants

Two shirts

Be sure to buy NB clothing – the smallest.

Tetra diapers and flannel diapers – 2 – for emissions/ cart/bucket

A summer cotton blanket or a brass blanket for the winter

Top hat

Socks – 2 pairs (dress on  baby legs)

wet wipes

Two bottles if you use

Two pacifiers

Distributes dishes

Seat for vehicle mobility



How to choose a baby bag

When you select a baby bag on the way, there are a few points to pay attention to,

To purchase a bag that will be used over time and will be practical and easy to use.

Do not be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on a luxury bag designed for a baby,

You can find a large selection of baby bags at prices ranging from 10-20$ in stores.

Straps – a bag with straps for your back will make you more comfortable to use.

Cell division – Try to choose a case with multiple cell division and one large cell.

Bottle compartment – It is recommended to choose a bag with at least two cells for bottles, preferably external

Zippers – a zipper bag is better than a bag with scoops if you go around Crowded places. Be sure to put your wallet in the big inside of the bag under the clothes.

Size-Choose a bag that has about 30 liters of volume so that you can enjoy the bag even in the winter, And when your baby grows up and also his clothes.

That’s all for now; You may add your things in the comments below, don’t forget to share!